Battlefield America-The elite have made no secret that they wish to destroy American hegemony at all costs. America will likely be exposed to an attack so fierce that nothing will remain to rebuild

Those that are aware of the machinations unfolding in America today see a potentially deadly situation beginning to unfold. The talk of detention camps and foreign soldiers being prepositioned. The Stalinist purge of many top ranking military officers and arming of government agencies to insane levels. The slow deterioration of our industrial capability and ability of families to feed themselves. The erosion of civil liberties and government attacks on patriotic Americans. The massive spy network established to contain and control the population.

For those who think that a financial collapse causing the loss of their savings and livelihood are the worst that could happen, they might want to consider this possibility.

The global elite that have their hand on all the switches know how individualistic and enterprising many Americans are. If this country were destroyed economically and our infrastructure were destroyed we have the ability to rebuild it all over time. Many of the global players know that a small core of Americans can never be subjugated and could cause many problems for years to come if left to their own devices. In a country as big as America it would be almost impossible to round up all of them so something more drastic may be needed.

Let us not forget the goal of some to return the Earth to a population of 500 million. This means the eradication of 7,2 billion people. Why would Americans think they are exempt from this depopulation event.

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It has been said before that the goal of an economic collapse would be to not only take America down to third world levels but even lower so Americans would have no chance to rebuild and cause the globalists any serious problems in the future. Even with a collapse much of our infrastructure and knowledge and raw materials would still be available to rebuild.

The goal of Agenda 21 is to return large portions of the land to wilderness and eliminate the human element in these places. When you start to look at the things that some want to happen here a frightening picture begins to form.

– Destroy economy and peoples wealth
– Destroy infrastructure and return land to wilderness
– Destroy peoples ability to rebuild
– Destroy population to return to sustainable global levels

The only things under human control that could do all of these things is a global pandemic of biblical proportions or a major world war. Either or both could be in the works at this time.

The elite have made no secret that they wish to destroy American hegemony at all costs. A pandemic would certainly accomplish many of the goals listed but it is not guaranteed. Even some survivors would be capable of rebuilding some of the nation and that possibility is not acceptable.

The other option is a major war. As any person who knows the history of WWII and the destruction of Europe knows, destruction of people and materials through warefare is very effective. The end of WWII saw the U.S. as the most powerful nation left standing because we came out of it relatively unscathed. Our vaults were full of gold and our factories were second to none.

That cannot be allowed to happen again in America so the next war must bring total destruction to this land.

America will likely be exposed to an attack so fierce that nothing will remain to rebuild. A force that occupies the nation and systematically reduces the population through a series of initiatives from bullets to chemical weapons to starvation will help to accomplish the Agenda 21 result. If the globalists really want to reduce the world population do you really think they will leave all Americans standing?

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They will destroy or remove any and all equipment that allows people to survive and care for themselves long term. They will remove any resources that they can use and destroy the rest. Essentially a scorched earth policy will unfold in America that leaves a barren wilderness unable to sustain any large group of people. When that is accomplished the destroyers will likely go home to some large degree. The mineral resources here are well known and can be extracted any time the globalists want in the future.

When they are done all that will remain of this nation will be a vast wilderness with a few scattered people with no ability to confront the globalists. It will be much as it was when the Europeans fist set foot here.

For those willing to sacrifice and do the hard work it may still be possible to salvage the nation from this destruction. For those with the indomitable spirit to go on and rebuild it is possible for this phoenix to rise again from the ashes. But for that to happen, some things will have to be preserved from the destruction to allow a new start.

– raw materials such as scrap metal and chemicals
knowledge in the form of professionals and books
equipment for building in the form of machining equipment
basic medical equipment
– equipment for casting and refining
– equipment to make copper wire
– farm equipment and implements that can be duplicated
livestock that can be bred and expanded
seed stocks that can be grown and processed
– equipment to process fibers for cloth and rope
– electrical equipment such as generators and communications gear

No one person could store all of these things so it must fall on multiple groups with various knowledge and abilities to preserve this core of technological abilities. These items would have to be literally buried to escape detection and destruction for the duration of the event. That is possible if done in time and right now time grows short.

For many it would be easy to hide some resources for later use to rebuild and enjoy a rustic lifestyle without all of the technology. The only problem with that is eventually you may be faced with the spectre of the destroyers returning and any lone homesteads with little technological means would be easy prey for another assault. The only way to rebuild and expand with the ability to defend is to establish communities that are connected and technologically capable.

The scenario laid out here is not a happy one but it is survivable if actions are taken in time. Only the hardiest of individuals would likely live through something like this but they are the ones that history calls nation builders. To dismiss this scenario as impossible is to do so at your own peril should events come to pass. Something is impossible until it’s not.

Is starting to feel like it’s every man for himself, Is possible that right now, a global crisis is upon us, Without even knowing… And the virus may not be the biggest threat, but the crisis that follows, Everyday goods that keep us alive will be gone, I’m talking, food, fresh water, medicine, clothes, fuel…


20 thoughts on “Battlefield America-The elite have made no secret that they wish to destroy American hegemony at all costs. America will likely be exposed to an attack so fierce that nothing will remain to rebuild

  1. So you think Soldier Credentials allows you the authority to pump this fear mongering crap to the people. You’ve been in the military how long and you don’t know of some the newest weaponry available. Yeah, most world leaders are war mongers but they aren’t stupid. AND, as far as I am concerned that Georgia Guide Stone stuff is pure poppycock. No one knows what its significance is other than the words printed in multiple languages.
    We must stop playing the Arm-Chair Quarterback routine and put some trust in that things will get better as long as everyone believes in our God Given Patriotic Rights !


    1. You can call it fear mongering, you could also consider it a pragmatic analysis of America’s current trajectory under the leadership of our elected corporate shills. If Americans want their God given rights in the future they better start fighting for them now because the powers and principalities we face don’t believe in our God…


    2. I have been writing and attempting to educate people and groups on their “God Given Patriotic Rights” for several years. The vast majority want nothing to do with performing the duty the Constitution commands to protect and defend those rights. Those who claim that they are patriots know little to nothing about “unalienable” rights. I’m amazed at the level of ignorance relating to rights. I’m deeply disturbed by the outright refusal to perform the duty to preserve our “unalienable” rights, and the willingness to be led like sheep by “public officials”.


    3. That’s the problem – those God given patriotic rights are being left behind by the largest wave of anti-God people in the nation. God is not impressed and so here we are. When the wicked rule everyone groans.


    4. “…as long as everyone believes in our God Given Patriotic Rights!”

      That was a chuckle.

      Unfortunately, while Boobus AmeriKanus may believe in many things, the majority of them do not believe “in our God Given Patriotic Rights.” That includes to many Churchians.

      BTW, you think the uptick in gun sales will restore “our God Given Patriotic Rights”? Most of those guns will be used to feed their families… as in murder, and I got mine you got yours.


    5. I’ve been studying the agenda of the global elite for many years now and you couldn’t be more WRONG! You’ll be one of those caught off guard when the crap hits the fan! You think things are going to get better?!! Hahahaha You’re totally clueless!!!


  2. I really love how these articles are always written as though 100 million gun owners in America are just going to stand by and let it happen. Also, is the military just going to watch and allow enough troops to come ashore and start this exercise?


  3. We – The United States – are under attack, yes. But we are by no means defeated. We, the real American Patriots, have not even begun to fight. We certainly have the firepower. You don’t think we’ve been planning, preparing and stocking for the REAL FIGHT to come? At the moment, the local fascists ANTIFA and BLM are small-fry compared to the possible enemy armies that might lie in our future – Blue Helmet UN soldiers (remember the Kigali Principles agreed to by Obama); ISIS and Hezbollah fighters who have crossed our porous southern border; not to mention the Mexican cartels who we KNOW already have a huge presence in the U.S. (remember communist Kalifornia).

    I know a few good people live in Portland and Seattle and other liberal cities I’m sorry for them. But the federal funding in those cities will soon be withdrawn. And Barr is investigating to determine who besides George Sorros is funding the anarchists and their movements from city to city and arming them. This will all come out in the next month – before the election. We will see that Biden is being bankrolled by the Ford Foundation and other organizations that want to bring down the U.S.

    HOLD YOUR FIRE FOR NOW. Ammo is in short supply at the moment Keep an eye out in October/November for restock. Don’t waste it on ANTIFA and BLM who are just destroying liberal marxist cities, run by liberal marxist politicians. Don’t waste the ammo, don’t waste the energy, don’t waste the blood. Continue to prepare. Plan and refine your OPSEC. Get your gear ready and Start thinking outside the maze. We haven’t seen anything yet.


  4. I’m going to mostly agree with the author. This is not fear mongering. The USS Midway sits in the harbor at SanDiego and thousands of Japanese tourists visit each year. I can tell you that the world took notice of Pearl Harbor and has no plans for a repeat performance, regardless of how good America’s weapons are. So you may ask why? America has tolerated homosexuality, feminism and abortion of the little children that God says He loves. So it won’t just be other nations that are at war with America. I wish I could say otherwise, but America has had warning after warning to repent and it just isn’t happening.


  5. JACK METIR,I can tell your a good man,sadly your warning the dumbest bastards in history,and all the warnings are falling on deft ears,EVEN if you could convince them of the danger,they wouldn’t lift a finger to save themselves,THE ELITE as they like to be called, have some big surprises coming,THE bases on mars are finished,the seed vaults are in place,and NOW the sterialization of EARTH will soon begin,THE PLAN is so big everyone was fooled,THE US AIR FORCE doesn’t plan to save ANYONE,all their people are on the bases on mars and the NUCLEAR WAR will get underway shortly,every country was given nuclear weapons so they would all bomb each other till the planet becomes UNINHABITABLE,the radiation will kill everything,NO SURVIVORS,NO LIFE,a dead planet,for the next thousand years,no one could survive it…and the SADEST thing is those who live in the third world countries that were given nuclear weapons, this will be genocide to even themselves,THEY’LL BOMB each other into ash,and NO ONE in their country will survive it,not even themselves,GET CLOSE TO THE LORD JACK,YOUR ALL GOING TO MEET HIM SHORTLY,and believe me ,YOU WANT HIM TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE,call on him everyday,repent of any thing you might have done he wouldn’t like,so you can be forgiven..take care my the next five,six,seven, years,this will be all over…ITS ALMOST TIME TO GO….


  6. Arizona, you are the most HOSTILE, ARROGANT, SOB on the net. If you were my neighbor…..GOD HELP YOU!


  7. That is one scenario and seems spot on with Bible prophecy as it says the enemy will review our land and be astonished at the destruction.

    Fitting for a nation that poked the eye of God and defied Him.


  8. We must come together as a nation united we stands and disunited we will go to hell.Wake up USA the bait is given to American.s and now we take bait we messed up and if we do not > This is a coup against USA and Queen of London is on head of it. British never give us freedom.They own us!!!


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