The Warnings Continue To Go Out. The Situation Continues To Deteriorate. Get Ready America! The Elite’s Have Planned for Civil War

January 6th was heart-rending. To see people breaking into the capitol building, pilfering things there and causing both houses of Congress to be evacuated was something I never expected to see in this country. That’s the kind of thing that happens in third-world countries, usually as part of a coup of some sort. Yet it was live and in color, for all the world to see.

But it did prove one thing. That is, radical extremists on both sides can do foolish things, including engaging in violence. In fact, there have been people arrested and identified in conjunction with the capitol riot, which are from extremist groups on both sides. Nobody has a corner on foolishness.

I will have to say that the full story about that event hasn’t come out yet; and it’s quite possible that it never will. As with so many other things in the news these days, what we’re receiving is the commentary of pundits, disguised as news. Those opinions may have nothing at all to do with what actually happened, if another narrative fits their own political philosophy.

This is actually quite dangerous, as it helps to fuel those radical elements. The news media today is all about getting a reaction; how many “clicks” can you get. So they play to the more extreme elements on both sides of the political divide, and then measure their effectiveness by how big a reaction they get from those extreme elements.

That leaves you and I, as well as 99.9% of the rest of the population in the middle, where we are just trying to live our lives and make it until next payday. Even so, we need to concern ourselves with those radical groups; not so much who they are, as what they are likely to do.

As we all know, what they are likely to do is cause more trouble for everyone. Whether or not we are included in the group that they cause trouble for, is not something we get to choose. It’s a more random chance than anything else.

Nevertheless, there are things we can do to minimize the risk and to make sure that we can survive, if we somehow get in their way and become a target.

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Let’s Talk Priorities

Before talking about specific actions to take, we need to establish what our basic priorities are. Understanding those priorities is an important part of making our decisions as to what we are going to do in light of civil unrest.

  • Priority #1 : Make sure that we and our families survive the incident without becoming injured or killed
  • Priority #22: Keep our homes from becoming vandalized or destroyed
  • Priority X: There are no other priorities

The vast difference between priority #1 and priority #22 is intentional. While stated as a bit of a joke, it is intended to show the vast difference between the two. When it comes down to it, we can rebuild our homes and replace our possessions, but we can’t replace our family. Taking care of them comes first.

As for anything else, like our personal political opinion, that has to take a back seat to taking care of our families. Getting embroiled in the great political divide we have here in our country is a good way to end up becoming part of the violence, either as a rioter or as a victim. There really are no other categories.

Save your political opinion for times when it might make a difference; like voting and having a real discussion with others about the issues.

Step 1 – Avoidance

The most important thing for any of us to do is to avoid places and gatherings where riots are likely to spring up.

In today’s heated political environment, that means avoiding all of them. People are already filled to the brim with frustration due to Coronavirus lockdowns and the problems we’ve all faced throughout the last year. It doesn’t take much to make them go over the edge, which in a crowd situation, can very well mean the crowd turns into an angry mob.

So, what are these places? They can be anywhere where people gather in large numbers. But they are most likely to be in public spaces, close to seats of government. Most of the protests and riots over the last year have taken place outside of municipal government buildings. Some have also taken place in front of state capitol buildings.

Political rallies or demonstrations of any kind are the most dangerous place to be. In many cases, it’s not the people who are there for the demonstration who are the problem, but professional agitators who are brought in for the specific purpose of trying to turn that demonstration into a violent riot.

These people are trained in what they do. They know how to tap into people’s anger and frustration, turning it into something ugly.

Once they get things started, they’ll back off and sneak out of the crowd, so that they can avoid arrest and live to agitate another day.

What this means if that the violence that goes on with many demonstrations is probably not started by the demonstrators or for the purpose of the demonstrators. We’ve seen that in both the BLM demonstrations and possibly in the January 6th break-in of the Capitol building.

Saying away doesn’t mean that you have to give up your political beliefs or even that you have to forego letting our elected legislators know what you think about the issues at stake. It just means finding other ways of expressing your opinion, like calling their offices or sending them an e-mail.

If You’re Caught in a Violent Protest

Regardless of how hard you try to stay out of the fray, there’s always a chance that you might find yourself caught in an emerging mob situation. That’s obviously very dangerous. You might not even realize that there’s an event happening or the event might end up coming to where you are.

Maintaining good situational awareness can help you avoid this. If you’re constantly looking to see what dangers there might be around you, you’re likely to see an emotion-charged crowd forming. That would be a good indicator that it’s time to leave, before anything else can happen.

But even then, you might find it impossible to leave, without attracting notice. In that case, the most important thing to do is act like you’re part of the mob. Basic mob mentality is that if you’re not with them, then you’re an enemy. Since enemies get attacked, it’s much safer to act like you’re one of them, than to act any other way.

That’s not to say that you become part of the mob. Keep a clear head, so that you don’t fall into that trap. It can be very easy to become part of what you’re trying to avoid, if you let your emotions get the best of you. This is much truer in situations where you might agree with the demonstrators.

Rather, you want to work your way gradually to the edge of the crowd and then make good your escape. Don’t take a direct line for the edge, as that might make you stand out. Rather, move slowly and gradually towards the edge, all the while moving in other directions, like a sailboat tacking into the wind. Then, when you are on the edge and the opportunity presents itself, you can slip behind something that hides you from the crowd’s view and make good your escape.

The truth is we have never been more disconnected from life, from the world, from the soil, from the trees, and from our own souls.

We are straying away from our roots on a dangerous road from which there will be no turning back. And the good and bad news is that we are the last generation that can truly do something about it.

We no longer know how to live without refrigerators, without cars, without phones or without supermarkets.

What will you do tomorrow if you simply are unable to buy things?

In this short Video, I will unearth a long-forgotten secret that helped our ancestors survive famines, wars, economic crises, diseases, droughts, and anything else life threw at them… a secret that will help you do the same for your loved ones when America crumbles into the ground.

What About Weapons?

Even if you carry concealed every day, like I do, the last thing you want to do is take out your gun in this sort of situation. That goes for any other weapon as well.

There are just too many people for you to deal with, no matter how good you are.

Eventually, you’ll either run out of ammunition or strength and then the crowd will have their own way with you, probably kicking you to death.

It’s a problem of numbers. I carry a pistol with a five round magazine and two spare seven round extended magazines. So, with the round in the chamber, I have a total of 20 rounds. Even if I make a killing headshot all 20 times, I’ve done no more than scratch the surface of that mob, while enraging everyone else further. I probably won’t have to worry about my self-defense case in court, because I won’t be around to make that case.

If You’re in a Vehicle

Being in a vehicle won’t necessarily be to your benefit. While the vehicle body does offer some protection against thrown rocks and blows from baseball bats, the vehicle will suffer for it. Should things come to that, they’ll probably go for the windshield and other glass pretty quickly; none of which will withstand much abuse.

Even if they don’t break through the windshield, you may not be able to see well enough to drive safely.

Protesters who block traffic are counting on you stopping. But if you do, it makes you more vulnerable. You’re actually better off if you keep moving slowly, pushing against their bodies and forcing them to let you through. Don’t ram them and don’t try to run them over, just keep driving ahead very slowly.

This is risky for legal reasons. While it is the sort of advice that has been given for decades, the laws in most states have never addressed the issue. Some states have passed laws which allow drivers to continue driving through the mob; but even then, there’s going to be a point at which the courts say that there was intent to do serious harm, rather than just trying to get through the crowd.

Your only real defense here is to be doing it in self-defense. That means using the criteria that there is an imminent threat of life and limb.

In other words, there’s an immediate threat that the mob will either seriously hurt you or kill you. They’ve singled you out and they are taking violent action against you, such as trying to rock your vehicle to turn it over.

Without something like that, you have a hard time proving that it was self-defense, so make sure you give the protesters ample opportunity to get out of your way.

Protecting Your Home

Even if you decide to stay home and away from any place where violence might occur, there’s always the risk that the violence might come find you.

While the vast majority of these events happen nearby government buildings, it’s not all that uncommon for the riots or protests to move beyond that area and into surrounding business districts and even residential areas.

If you live in an upscale area or the city mayor lives in your housing development, their home might be targeted, putting your family at risk due to proximity.

That’s what happened in the case of the McCloskeys; the couple who were charged for defending their home in Saint Louis in June of 2020.

A Black Lives Matter protest broke into their gated community, because the mayor lived there and they were video-taped standing in front of their home, armed, protecting it.

The case became highly controversial, with the DA charging them with unlawful use of a firearm, about the lowest-level crime involving a firearm you can be charged with.

I highly recommend having firearms to protect your home; but not like the McCloskeys did. The mistake they made wasn’t in having the firearms or being ready to defend their home, it was in letting the mob know that they did. That invoked anger on the part of some demonstrators, while putting them in jeopardy of criminal charges. Oh, and by the way, they live in a state which has enacted the Castle Doctrine into law.

The secret here is to keep your defenses of your home hidden from view.

While you need to be ready to defend home and family, don’t advertise.

In other words, don’t go outside, brandishing a firearm.

If you’re going to have a firearm on your body, either have it in a holster of slung across your chest with your hands off it.

There will be plenty of time to draw your gun if it looks like the mob is going to attack your home. Then and only then should you move to take action. Let them make the first violent move and make sure that you get it on video.

Should You Flee?

Different states have different stances on the Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground laws. It would be a good idea to find out what your state says. But regardless of that, you should think through whether you’re going to abandon your home or whether you’re going to stay to defend it.

While I’m a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, carry concealed every day and go to the range regularly for tactical practice, I also recognize the inherent dangers of using a firearm to defend myself.

My basic stance is to make sure that I am as prepared as possible to defend myself and my family and then do everything possible to avoid having to. I have no problem with the old phrase, “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

In today’s political climate, the idea that you can get off scott-free from killing someone in self-defense is wearing thin. Even though we technically still have that right, there is always the chance that you will be charged, just like the McCloskeys were. Thank God they didn’t fire a shot, as that would have been worse for them.

There is nothing shameful about leaving your home when there is violence nearby and heading to a safer place.

There is no guarantee that you won’t be the one to get shot, rather than successfully defending your home.

You’re better off not taking the risk.

If You Have to Fire

Should you find yourself in a position where you have to take up arms in defense of your home, there are a few basic rules that you should endeavor to follow. First, make sure that any action you take is without a doubt action taken in self-defense. That means letting them take the first shot, even if that puts you at risk.

Secondly, get it on video. Have a family member take a video of everything that’s happening, so that you can concentrate on defending your home. That video is evidence you can use to defend your actions, especially if it shows that the mob started the violence.

If you do have to take a shot, make sure that the person you shoot at is actually a threat, taking time to aim carefully so that you don’t miss. If there are several who are a threat, try to shoot the leader, as taking out the leader will tend to demotivate others and could lead to breaking up the attack.

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8 thoughts on “The Warnings Continue To Go Out. The Situation Continues To Deteriorate. Get Ready America! The Elite’s Have Planned for Civil War

  1. Are you saying, “Stay in the system, it still works?” Are you saying, “Trust that my vote will be counted?” Survival is one thing, surviving as a slave is another.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. By today’s standard our founding fathers of this country would be considered extremists! So the question has to be asked, what would our founding fathers would have done after an election had been stolen from them? We allowed the process to play out by going to the state legislators with the evidence and nothing happened. We went to the courts, the courts refused to hear the cases and look at the evidence. None of our federal agencies investigated the fraud, which there was plenty of evidence being shown to the public. Even with all of the video evidence that was still not enough to get them to lift a finger to investigate. The media is also complicit with the theft of this election as well for their failure to report the facts. They are no better than the soviet media “Pravda” which in russian means the “The Truth”. All they spew day and night is propaganda! They do not have any journalistic integrity to report the truth! Now after the election their true colors have come out hearing them constantly say that Trump supporters, Christians, and libertarians should be sent to re-education camps “aka hiltery’s adult happy day fun camps”.

    If you remember back in 1985 the (Lindsey) Graham, Rudman, Hollins Act started BRAC which was the cover to shutdown unnecessary military bases that george h. bush signed into law. Those bases are now being utilized by the deep state to house foreign troops and equipment to take down our country. FEMA is in charge of the adult happy fun day camps. At these closed bases, active bases, and these adult happy day fun camps there are over 250,000 guillotines and over 20,000 ovens to dispose of the decapitated bodies that were purchased by the EPA under the guise of soil remediation at these EPA superfund sites located around the country. Not to mention a lot of the closed bases there are foreign troops (UN) stationed at them waiting for the go order.

    So when you say you are appalled at what happened at the State Capitol, my feelings and other peoples feelings are that the people there didn’t go far enough! In fact there was a survey conducted afterward where 53% of the people approved of it. This is our house that we pay for and we have the right to be in it to redress of our grievances with our elected employees. It was a peaceful protest that the media decided to call a violent insurrection. If it were a violent insurrection politicians would have been swinging from the street lights.

    So the question is how far are we as a people are going to allow them to get away with all of their criminal activities? How long are we going to remain peaceful to try to fix the system? Are we going to wait until they come to our houses in the middle of the night to haul us off to their adult happy day fun camps? Are we going to wait and peacefully protest all the way up to the point where they are telling us that we need to renounce our faith Lord God and Jesus Christ in front of a guillotine? Even if you do renounce your faith they will still probably decapitate you with the guillotine.

    I am not advocating for a violent revolutionary war, especially after spending 3 years in trashcanistan and seeing what I saw there. But at some point we are going to have to make that decision of what we need to do if the trajectory of our government continues to go in the direction it is going right now. Our government is now looking at passing the new 5000 page patriot act which would make anybody that doesn’t agree with them domestic terrorists! So our we going to cower in our houses when they come house to house for us or are we going to stand up against them? That is the question!


    1. To stop them from going door to door and disarming people and hauling them off to an extermination camp we need to become as organized as an army just as Washington had a Continental Army.. So if the Gestapo FBI or any other federal police force tries to haul us off to an extermination camp we have to be ready for war
      Are you? Standing alone against the Feds is suicide. Ask Randy and Vicky Weaver or Waco or even the Vegas massacre. Their are 10 stages to Genocide we are at stage 5 Biden is quickly putting us at stage 6
      if you get to stage 9 which is gun grabbing to is too late to stop the genocide. Got it!


  3. You are being told that it is a civil war however there are many USA families that had hundreds of people fighting on both sides of the War between the states. Neither group doing the fighting for the North or the South were interested in the removal of their own freedom of speech, freedom of religion, medical freedom, the right to make their own contracts, their right to a life and legal due process, freedom of self employment and the right to work, etc.

    The war is on the entire USA population, 2020 was the beginning of WWIII starting with various biological warfare along with violent attacks on the local USA population and moving into a more serious take down of communications in 2021.


  4. As if Trump was so FOOLISH to not know that the Deep State would fabricate as much as possible according to this DC event? What was the purpose of it? We can contrast the multitude of People that partook of his Inauguration against Biden’s :LACK thereof. We need no more.
    As if Trump did NOT know Hydroxychloroquine could STOP the Virus COLD, within a couple of months? Yet he continued to play and follow THEIR GAME? Allowing known Mr. “Conflict of Interest” Belial Gates and Deep State Concubine Fauci call the shots?
    It was OBVIOUS and PROVABLE the first week after the Election that it was all FRAUD, and that Foreign players took part, which made it an absolute Act of War. Yet he did not Act with the Insurrection Act. All he did was run around day after day doing Rallys, while that precious time could have been spent actually working to figure out what was going to happen and what to do about it to stop it. At this point, Trump can go FK himself, as far as I am concerned! All BS. Satan can put his preachers on the pulpit. No less a President in an Office satan controls. All for the DRAMA that there are two sides, when it is a total SHAM and Psyop. Prove otherwise. What I just laid out proves it so. Logic and reason stand above words. We have been screwed running, from the beginning. Now BLOOD WILL FLOW, due to Trump’s INACTION….By design? Media, controlled by the World Bankers, used Trump to DIVIDE the Nation even more – to lead us to Civil War and Chaos, to destroy us. That is the PLAN that has been in operation for more than 100 years. We are seeing the end game play out now. WW3 will begin soon, according to the Albert Pike/Luciferian Directive they are following. Doesn’t take an idiot or blind man to put the pieces together. Oh yes, their master they serve, Lucifer, is quite real, and the man he will possess is soon to manifest.
    3rd Seal/famine comes this year. Soon to follow, within another year, give or take, the arrival of the man of sin.
    He is NOT the rider of the White horse. The Man of sin IS the Rider of the Pale horse – Rider named Death with hell following. Get right with God – NOW.

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  5. While some of the advice has wisdom, a lot of this has the wishy-washy tone I would expect to find in the writings of MD Creekmore or similar.


    1. These sites you mentioned and many others incl. talk shows on Brighteon and other platforms are doing their thing because they are either bored or on an ego tri p. This country is gone no matter how many platforms are filled w/ talk shows and articles so why are they still online and wasting time when they could be playing golf or tennis, travelling, etc. Nothing will get fixed and politicians are scum bought by the elite to play the golbalist game plan.


  6. Yeah, that “calling and emailing” thing has worked well up to now…if this is the mindset of all Iraq War veterans, we are hopelessly screwed.

    At some point in the not-too-distant future there will be bloodshed on a massive scale, if door-to-door gun confiscation doesn’t trigger an all-out response from the vets. Does not sound like the author will be among those vets, sorry to say-


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