World War III is on the horizon? The two big wars seem inevitable. One in the South China Sea, and the other might be the Ukraine war.

While the world is suffering from a Pandemic, it is also leading toward wars. The two big wars seem inevitable. One in the South China Sea, and the other might be the Ukraine war.

As a matter of fact, The U.S. was the beneficiary of World Wars and used wars, aggressions, coercion, conspiracies, toppling Governments, and cold-war tactics to maintain its supremacy. After the recent Sini-US dialogue in Alaska, it is evident that China refused to accept American hegemony.

Principally, the U.S. should accept the ground realities and try to re-assess its strengths and then exert as a power, but, proudly after leading a unipolar world for few decades, the U.S. is not willing to surrender so easily.

After world war II, the major wars: Korean War (1950-53), Vietnam War (1960-75), Bay of Pigs Invasion (19610), Grenada (1983), U.S. Invasion of Panama (1989), Persian Gulf War (1990–1991), Intervention in Bosnia and the Herzegovina (1995–1996), Invasion of Afghanistan still continued (2001), Invasion of Iraq (2003–2011), Somalia and Northeastern Kenya (2007–present), Operation Ocean Shield (Indian Ocean) (2009–2016), Intervention in Libya (2011), Lord’s Resistance Army Uganda (2011–2017), U.S.-led Intervention in Iraq against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (2014–2017), U.S.-led intervention in Syria (2014–present), Yemeni Civil War (2015–present), and U.S. intervention in Libya (2015–present). Etc.

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The reason why you should pay attention now is that is because these techniques don’t come from books, they’re taken from actual 21st century warzones, from lawless states where social chaos is the name of the game… … and where not having enough time or money to prepare doesn’t stop real-world preppers from creating virtually impenetrable defenses for their families.

It is worth noting that all of these wars were fought in the third country, far away from American soil, where only well-armed, well-equipped troops, well-protected, were involved. The ordinary citizens were far away from war sites and were not exposed to any danger of war casualties. In all of these wars, the locals were killed, injured, made holeless, or taken as prisoners of War, etc. In comparison, the causalities on the part of America were negligibly small.

America was the beneficiary of most of these wars, like controlling the natural resources and wealth of those countries, for example controlling oil wealth from Iraq, Libya, etc. Wars were means and tools for improving the American economy. Freezing assets of foreign countyries and individuals, was a significant source of wealth for America. Sanctions were used as tools to coerce other countries. IMF and World Bank were used as a tool to dictate others.

There is a dire need for American policymakers to re-evaluate that if the U.S. is still in such a position or not. The Afghan War example, where the U.S. has spent a Trillion of dolars and could not control a small fraction of Afghan soil. Syrian War is also a lost-war for America.

American scholars, intellectuals, politicians, and policymakers, especially youth, need to think wisely and think smartly that wars will serve America anymore??? Suppose any future war is fought on American soil, what will be the consequences? Is there any guarantee that If the U.S. initiates any war, it will be limited to a particular region or spread out to be World war III or reached American soil?

Human lives are the most precious thing in this universe. Irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, or discrimination, Human Lives need to be protected. The loss of a single human life is a net loss to humanity. We must think above nationality, citizenship, religion, race, color, language, or any social discrimination. Significantly, the youth must think in a positive manner. The world belongs to the youth, and youth must think positively and should play a more critical role.

The Middle East is a live volcano and can burst at any moment. On the surface, it seems Iran, but the real danger of War is beyond Iran. The creation of a Jewish state in the middle of the Arab world was irrational and the root cause of instability and risks of wars.

Indian Ilegitimate occupation of Kashmir is another volcano, and danger of burst exists at all times. It is worth mentioning that India and Pakistan both are nuclear states and possesses enough piles of lethal weapons to eradicate each other. There is also the danger of War engulfing the neighboring countries. This part of the world’s population is almost 40% of the world population, the magnitude of crisis one can imagine.

The consequences of War in the South-China-Sea, there is a danger of involvement of all neighboring and regional countries, including India ad Australia, as a “quad alliance.” Who will be a winner in this War, or beneficiary, is rather too early to say, but the loser will be humanity. The region is full of lethal weapons, and the concentration of troops is evident for a big disaster.

Ukraine is a beautiful country, but thick clouds of War are overshadowing it. Overall, Europe is considered a stable and proper continent, but the Ukrain war poses a threat to European security and developments.

President Joe Biden was part of several Administrations under various Presidents for the last few decades and part of policymaking. Primarily, he was directly or indirectly involved in most wars. He understands well the pros and cons of the battles. He might have inherited some of his war-thinkings, but it is always possible to re-assess the changed geopolitics before making any decision. His team is also old colleagues, who have served with him in the past administrations, but it is never too late to think smartly and wisely.

The message is to protect humanity, and I believe it is the duty of the whole of Humankind. It is appealed to all peace-loving nations and individuals to do whatsoever possible to protect human lives. Youth is the hope; youth is our future.

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7 thoughts on “World War III is on the horizon? The two big wars seem inevitable. One in the South China Sea, and the other might be the Ukraine war.

  1. Not a good way to start; “While the world is suffering from a pandemic…” Really? It’s actually suffering from:
    C ontrol
    O press
    V ictimise
    I solate
    D ivide


  2. There is no doubt we are on the verge of WWIII. This time it will be at American’s front door. Every American will be on the front lines. The only good news is that the US military-industrial-intelligence complex will be entirely annihilated. Those of us left will pick up the pieces and start over. The COG cockroaches that will be hiding in their hidey holes should be gassed out like gophers and punished.


    1. Those left behind will be the COG- not YOU or ME. Which is the real point of such a war>> eradicating the billions of excess Useless Eaters. There is nothing about this war that is ‘inevitable’, just long planned to depopulate the planet


      1. OBVIOUSLY….you aren’t a Christian so you probably never have read the prophetic books of a work of art called THE HOLY BIBLE which clearly states….”Oh….YES….WW III certainly IS inevitable”.


  3. We no longer have the luxury of TIME to allow our youth to grow up and straighten up this mess. I have been calling for a military coup upon the Biden Admin and the whole of his cabinet, because there is no way in hell that our normal style of operation can bring back our country from the edge of the precipice in the time we have left such that we could show the world we got rid of the problems within our government. We only have two choices, one is civil war and the other is the coup. If we have neither then we may just get bombed back into the stone age.


  4. Early 2020 I had a bad feeling something wasn’t right, the lies from the fake MSM were coming fast and furious, Joe Biden could do no wrong and the gaslighting was intense, it’s as if there was a shift in the universe and my intuition kicked in, “We May Not Survive To See Christmas 2021” everything is a lie and make believe, rumors of wars is just par for the course.


  5. One more option is a Mutiny. The Joint Chiefs have abandoned their oath to defend America from all enemies


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