Those Who Do Not Learn History Are Doomed To Repeat It: A Horror Story From The Distant Past, About How The Worst Famine In The US History Killed 3 Out Of 4 People

For as long as there have been people, there’s been famine. Our hunter-gatherer ancestors developed agriculture because, although most people’s diets actually got worse when they started farming, it was easier to build up the stores needed to survive a future shortage. Famines still happened, though; bad weather, disease, or pests could destroy the crops, and that usually meant starvation would follow. Famines are described in the Bible and the works of Greek and Roman historians. They regularly devastated Europe through the Middle Ages and as late as the 1840s, when blight ravaged the whole continent’s potato crop (not just Ireland’s) and killed over a million people.

What fewer people know is that famine has also reared its ugly head in the USA – and reduced some of the earliest settlers to squalor, degradation and finally cannibalism. It was an episode that threatened the whole idea of European settlement in North America; it also contains a lot of lessons for preppers.

The Optimists

Settlement of North America by English speakers goes back to the Virginia Charter; issued by King James I in 1606, it authorized English subjects to set up colonies in a swathe of land up the East Coast from what’s now North Carolina to well into modern Canada. Would-be settlers didn’t waste much time; an expedition was quickly organized, and set sail from Plymouth on December 20 the same year. On May 13, 1607 they landed on the coast of Virginia, and established a settlement named in honor of their King – Jamestown.

The original group of settlers was small and all-male, comprising 104 men and boys. They were adventurous, confident people, determined to build a life for themselves in a vast new land. They were also almost completely unprepared, and lacking many of the skills and supplies they would need to survive long-term.

These colonists were setting out to live in a place they had never visited before and knew little about. Surely they would have made sure they could survive in the worst-case scenario of what they would find there? Well, no. They didn’t.

Virginia was unsettled, but not totally unknown. Explorers had sailed along its coast and even landed there. The Jamestown settlers knew the land was inhabited, and that led them to make some dangerous assumptions. In the end, those assumptions would destroy the colony.

The colonists had no plan to make themselves self-sufficient in food, which any prepper knows is a basic survival requirement. Instead, they planned to rely on trade with the indigenous people, supplemented by some farming and occasional supply ships from England. That was a mistake. To compound it, they chose a settlement location based on how easy it was to defend. That’s an important factor in choosing a settlement, but it’s not the only factor.

Jamestown was located on a small island in the James River, separated from the mainland by a narrow channel. That channel made the island easy to defend, but it also meant there wasn’t a lot of game on it; the settlers couldn’t rely on hunting as a food source. Much of the island was also tidal wetlands, which couldn’t be farmed, and it was close enough to the sea that the water in the James River was brackish and undrinkable. As a place to build a self-sufficient settlement, it couldn’t have been much worse.

Despite its faults, though, Jamestown grew steadily for the next two years. Only 38 of the original settlers survived the first winter, but another hundred men joined them in January 1608. More arrived in October, including the colony’s first two women, and another 250 through the summer and fall of 1609. It seemed that Jamestown was a success – but that was all about to change.

The Fatal Food Supply Mistakes

Jamestown was situated on land that belonged to the Powhatan tribe, and relations between Chief Powhatan – father of the famous Pocahontas – and the settlers had often been tense. However, by mid-1609 personal respect between Chief Powhatan and leading colonist Captain John Smith had brought a truce, and the Powhatan tribe was the main source of the colony’s food.

Unfortunately, in August 1609 Smith was badly injured in a gunpowder explosion, probably an assassination attempt. His wounds were too severe for the colonists to treat, so in October – with winter approaching – he left for England on one of the ships that had brought more settlers. The leadership of the colony was taken over by John Ratcliffe, who didn’t have Smith’s knack of dealing with the natives, and Chief Powhatan decided to end the truce.

Chief Powhatan’s strategy was simple. He’d been observing the settlers since they arrived, and knew how precarious their food situation was, so there was an obvious way to force them to leave and get rid of the colony on his tribe’s land – starve them out.

Supply ships from England throughout 1609 had brought several hundred new colonists, but they hadn’t brought a lot of food. Most of the rations that had left England had been on a ship which separated from the supply fleet in a storm and ended up wrecked on Bermuda. Jamestown had pinned all its hopes on buying food from the Powhatan, and now that source was suddenly cut off.

To make matters even worse, a drought in the summer had wiped out almost all the crops in Jamestown’s small farms. Granaries and root cellars were virtually empty. Now, deliveries from the Powhatan stopped and the tribe began killing any settler who ventured onto the mainland to hunt. Jamestown went into the winter of 1609/10 with close to 500 residents, but stores to feed barely a tenth of that number until spring.

The Starving Time

Most of Jamestown’s early history is well enough known; settlers kept diaries, wrote letters home and sent reports to the Virginia Company and the King. In fall of 1609, though, the historical record suddenly goes dark. There are few detailed accounts of what happened in Jamestown between Captain Smith’s departure for England on October 4 and the arrival of two ships from Bermuda on May 23, 1610. Why? Probably because nobody who lived through that winter in Jamestown wanted to talk about what they did to survive.

The accounts that do survive tell of desperate measures. A few Indians were still willing to supply small amounts of food – but only in exchange for essentials that the colonists wouldn’t normally even consider trading. In early winter, many Jamestown residents gave away the tools they needed to build, farm and work at their trades. Some even traded the weapons they needed to defend themselves. It still wasn’t enough.

For archaeologists, rubbish heaps are a gold mine of information. Plant remains and household rubbish can tell us a lot about how people lived in the past, but few things are more informative than animal bones. If your dog dies and you’re not very sentimental, you might throw its body in the trash – but you won’t joint it first. That winter, the people of Jamestown were cutting up their dogs and throwing the bones in the trash. By that point the horses had probably all been eaten, and when the dogs were gone cat and rat bones started turning up in the rubbish heaps. Unable to hunt, the colonists were eating every animal they could get their hands on. But soon the animals were all gone, too, and at that point truly horrible things began to happen in the starving settlement.

Dark rumors about the colonists’ desperation have made it into the history books. There are tales of freshly buried corpses – and there were many burials that winter – being dug up overnight and butchered for meat. A husband was supposedly burned at the stake for killing his wife and hiding her salted flesh in his house. Foraging parties came back a man short, and some of them probably weren’t killed by Indians. These were all just stories, though. Then, in 2012, proof was found that the people of Jamestown really did resort to eating each other.

A forensic facial reconstruction of the 14-year-old victim of cannibalism at Jamestown during the winter of 1609.

Cannibalism has happened often enough in human history that archaeologists are familiar with the distinctive cut marks left on the bones of victims. When the skull, jawbone and one leg of a girl aged about 14 were found in the cellar of the old Jamestown fort, where the colonists sheltered from Indian attacks that winter, archaeologists examined the remains for clues to what killed her. What they found was gruesome – she’d been butchered with an ax or cleaver, and the flesh cut from her bones with a knife.

There’s no possibility that this luckless girl was cannibalized by the Powhatan and her remains retrieved later; while the Indians pillaged parts of the settlement, the fort was held by the colonists through the winter. The girl hadn’t been given a decent burial, either. Her remains were found mixed in with a jumble of other bones, including a horse, dogs and squirrels.

Did hungry colonists kill the girl for food, or strip away her flesh after she died of some other cause? We’ll probably never know. But, once the taboo against eating human flesh has been broken and the recently dead consumed, it’s not such a big step to start wondering which of the living could be eaten next.

Being Prepared

The Starving Time of 1610 is a horror story from the distant past, but it contains lessons no prepper should forget. The colonists’ biggest mistake was not being self-sufficient in food. They survived for a while on outside sources, but when those sources were cut off by conflict with the Powhatan and winter storms in the Atlantic, starvation became inevitable. If you plan to survive long term, you need to ensure that you can feed yourself from sources you control and that you have reserves to keep you going if crops fail or you’re under siege for a while. Otherwise, you could end up as a footnote in some future archaeologist’s paper about 21st-century cannibalism.

16 Remedies for Radiation Exposure: Radioactive isotopes look like nutrients to the body, so if the body is deficient, it will grab hold of the isotope and use it in the body. You can prevent this absorption by taking extra doses of the nutrients 

Some nuclear events are survivable.

Much depends on the type of event and your proximity to ground zero. Event possibilities range from dirty bombs that may distribute radiation over a small area, to nuclear accidents and nuclear weapon detonation that create large amounts of destruction and contamination. Your first goal is to avoid nuclear fallout, so you should take shelter immediately following a nuclear event. Then, you must mitigate the exposure that you do receive. Stay informed of local recommendations for your area, but be aware that your local news reporting may be designed to prevent mass panic, rather than give the best advice.

Harmful Effects of Radiation Exposure

The harmful effects of radiation exposure are many and varied. Some effects go unnoticed, only to cause cancers months or years later.

Before exposure and immediately after exposure, you should act quickly to prevent absorption and remove radioactive substances from the body. There are a number of supplements and compounds that can help you detoxify and prevent damage. Each acts differently and some, like Iodine, are specific to only one radioisotope, so plan to use all of these methods, or as many as possible, for best results.

The Law of Selective Uptake

One important principle in protecting the body from the absorption of nuclear isotopes is the law of selective uptake. Reduced to bare bones, it means that radioactive isotopes look like nutrients to the body, so if the body is deficient, it will grab hold of the isotope and use it in the body. You can prevent this absorption by taking extra doses of the nutrients. Iodine supplements protect against iodine-131, cesium-137 mimics potassium in the body, strontium-90 mimics calcium, Plutonium-239 mimics iron, and cobalt-60 mimics vitamin B-12. Your first line of defense it to be nutritionally sound and take supplements for these minerals or vitamin when exposure is imminent or immediately following exposure.

We’ll talk about these supplements in more detail below:

#1. Iodine

A nuclear or radiological event can release large amounts of Iodine-131 into the atmosphere. This radioactive iodine is quickly absorbed by the thyroid creating problems for the body immediately or even years later.

Researchers investigating the Chernobyl nuclear accident found that potassium Iodide reduced thyroid exposure to radiation with minimal side effects. Taking a dose of potassium Iodide or nascent iodine before the event or immediately after can fill the iodine receptors on the thyroid and prevent absorption of radioactive Iodine-131. Nascent iodine is the most bioavailable form of iodine for this purpose, but potassium iodide (KI) is often recommended as well. One dose protects the body for 24 hours. If exposure is ongoing, daily doses will be needed, follow the recommendations of local authorities.

#2. Potassium

Potassium supplements protect the body from exposure to Cesium-137, another radioactive isotope that is commonly found in the environment following a nuclear event. Since cesium-137 mimics potassium in the body, immediate doses saturate the body with potassium and prevent absorption of cesium-137. Rich potassium sources in the diet is a good first line of defense, but it may not be enough. Potassium Orotate is the best form of potassium supplements to use for radiation exposure. Follow dosing guidelines on the product you choose, since too much potassium can have ill effects.

#3. Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and magnesium protect the body from absorbing Strontium-90. Supplementing with these nutrients has been proven to reduce strontium-90 absorption by up to 90 percent. As mentioned earlier strontium-90 mimics calcium, but these two minerals work together and need to be balanced, so for best results take daily supplements of both of these minerals.

#4. Iron

Some women take iron on a regular basis, but most men do not need regular supplementation. However, in a nuclear event, iron supplements can prevent the uptake of Plutonium-239. Take a daily iron supplement during exposure, but consult a physician about long term use.

#5. Vitamin B-12

A fast absorbing vitamin B-12 supplement, such as Methylcobalamin can protect the body from exposure to cobalt-60. Cobalt-60​ is a product of nuclear reactors, so exposure could come from an accident at a nuclear reactor. It is also used in radiation therapy and could come from a spill or a dirty bomb. Take vitamin B-12 daily, following the label recommendations.

#6. Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO)

Dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) is a controversial sulfur compound that has been shown to actively detoxify the body and protect against the harmful effects of radiation. Animal studies show that DMSO protects DNA from breakage due to radiation exposure and guards against cell destruction. A Japanese study showed that even low doses of DMSO provide protection against radiation damage at a cellular level and can facilitate DNA repair. More research into DMSO is needed, but so far the results are promising. The FDA has not approved it’s use except for preservation of transplant organs and for cases of interstitial cystitis. If you choose to use DMSO, look for pure sources containing no other solvents, except possibly a small amount of water.

#7. Zeolite Clay

zeolite clay radition

Zeolites clean the body of toxins and radioactive particles in the same way they clean the environment. Their porous structure and affinity for positive ions allow them to bind toxins and nuclear waste to them and remove them as they pass through the body. Zeolite Clay can be safely taken internally and was widely used for detoxification at Chernobyl. In addition to detoxifying the body, it is useful in removing nuclear contamination from the environment and can be used to mop floors and clean walls in contaminated areas.

#8. Other Clays

Bentonite, Fuller’s Earth, Kaolin, red clay, French Green Clay, and other clays are also effective at binding nuclear waste and removing it from the body.  Clay particles are negatively charged, so positively charged radioactive ions are attracted to them. They can be taken internally or used to scrub down the body to remove external contamination. Clay’s are considered safe to consume, but be sure to purchase a pure, food grade clay.

#9. Activated Charcoal

Activated-Charcoal Natural Remedy For Radiation

Activated charcoal is useful for absorbing and neutralizing a number of poisons and toxins, including radiation. Studies show that activated charcoal is able to neutralize up to 70 percent of its weight in radioactive toxins. Other uses for activated charcoal include: natural remedy for dental infections, kidneys infections, ear infections, lowers blood pressures, water purifier and many more.

#10. Papain

Papain is a natural enzyme found in papaya fruit and known for its ability to reduce toxins. Studies in mice show that it helps exposed mice survive lethal radiation doses. Early research suggests that papain reduces skin reactions and other side effects following radiation therapy.

#11. Bee Pollen

Recent studies suggest that bee pollen is effective in preventing and relieving the negative effects of radiation therapies by boosting the body’s defenses and supporting natural functions and it could provide these same benefits after a nuclear event.

#12. Beets

Beets are excellent sources of antioxidants, which can help protect the body from the stresses of radiation exposure. They also help the body rebuild hemoglobin broken down as a result of exposure. Animal studies show that rats eating a diet heavy in beets had less effects after exposure to cesium-137. They were able to absorb and detoxify up to twice the radiation dose of the control group.

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#13. Cold-pressed Organic Vegetable Oils

Olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil and other healthy oils offer some protection during and after radiation exposure. Lipids in the oils offer protection to individual cells, lining the cell membrane and binding toxins before they can cause cell damage. Animal studies show that mice fed oil are protected from doses of x-rays ranging from 300 to 2,400 roentgens and can survive lethal doses. The recommendation is to drink ½ cup of oil as soon as possible after exposure.

#14. Organic Germanium-132

Organic Germanium-132 is an ultra-modern mineral that increases oxygenation of the cells, supports the immune system and helps the body get rid of toxins, including radiation. Recent studies in the US and Japan have been experimenting with doses of 500 to 1000 mg per day for various medical conditions, but current recommendations in Japan are that exposed individuals take 100 mg daily of Organic Germanium-132.

It is important to note that only organic germanium is recommended here. Inorganic germanium is highly toxic. In minerals, the term organic has a different meaning than in food and inorganic germanium is a completely different compound.

#15. Prussian Blue

Prussian Blue, also known as ferric ferrocyanide, is useful as an antidote for Cesium-137 when the radioactive isotope has been ingested. In the Brazilian Goiânia incident, researchers found that treatment with up to 10 grams of Prussian Blue daily removed up to 70 percent of the Cesium-137 from the body and reduced it’s effects accordingly. This is an experimental antidote for use only in cases of known exposure to cesium-137.

#16. Organic Brewers Yeast

Some sources recommend organic Brewers yeast for preventing the effects of radiation and helping the body repair after exposure. Give 5 to 15 mg to children and 25 to 50 mg to adults. For cases of known exposure, this dose can be safely doubled or even tripled.

Other Recommendations

During and following a nuclear event, nutrition and general health are vitally important. Eating fruits and vegetables containing high amounts of antioxidants will help protect the body from the harmful effects of radiation. Obviously, do not consume plants that have been exposed to fallout or grown in contaminated soil, but frozen, dried, freeze-dried and safe fresh produce are healthy and give the body systems a boost.

For best results, each of these remedies should be begun immediately upon a nuclear event or exposure. Preparation is key. You should have these ingredients on hand before an event along with instructions on how to use them.

The Holodomor is Coming, and Famine is Coming With It. What Will You Do to Protect Yourself and Your Family? What Will You Do When You Cannot Get Enough Food?

by Jack Metir

In a world such as this, where every freedom is being relinquished, where every aspect of life is being controlled, where every state threat is a lie, where every truth is avoided; what will become of man? Power and control over large populations can only be achieved over time, and initially in smaller steps, but as the progression of tyranny consumes the majority, extreme force will be more easily accepted. All totalitarian systems rely on voluntary servitude in order to exist, because there are so many more of us than them. Once this state of willing cowardice and indifference claims the population like a ‘virus,’ this mass sickness of society will consume itself, and all that will remain will be a life of slavery and misery; due to dependence on the very masters who brought about the plot to control the people.

You have accepted the lies, you have accepted self-imprisonment in your own homes, you have accepted the forced loss of your jobs and sustenance, you have accepted the abandonment of family and friends, you have accepted the wearing of deadly masks, you have accepted mandates to self-mutilate with experimental bio-weapon injections, you have accepted tyranny, and you have accepted all this and more without an effective fight. Now, that same ruling class of evil monsters that have feasted on your fears, are taking away your food. They (rulers and governments) are closing off farm land, they are prosecuting fake wars that will greatly harm the food supply. They are buying farmland to leave it dormant. They are killing and starving animals meant for food, they are closing off supply lines, and they are doing these things intentionally in order to bring you to your knees. What will you do when there is no food?

Today, people are awaiting their next order, they are awaiting the next false-flag ‘emergency;’ they are awaiting permission to live free. They are doing this without much resistance, mainly because resistance requires courage and an acceptance of truth, and of course, self-responsibility for one’s own being. While this mass apathy runs rampant, the evil that is the controlling class, is plotting to build a global governing system meant to take control of every aspect of life as we know it. They have even named it the ‘New World Order,’ or now the ‘Great Reset.’ They are doing this openly, and in full view of all. The plots of the powerful, those like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, the entire Davos crowd, all the top political classes and governments, including presidents and rulers worldwide, the insanely rich whores that control banking, huge corporate entities, agriculture, medical care, pharmaceuticals, and technology, are all on board with this attempted takeover of humanity.

Of course, those who cling to the state narrative, and the state supporting ‘fact checkers’ who protect that narrative, will call foul on all those exposing truth, and given the gullibility of the masses, most will not understand what is going on until it is too late. Among all the other risks we face, and all the terror that has been especially obvious in the past two plus years, we now are facing huge food and energy shortages in the near future and beyond; food shortages that are being announced in advance by the same political class perpetrating this fraud. This purposeful attempt to outline what horrors are coming by the very perpetrators of the threat, is psychological torture meant as cover for planned nefarious deeds. The warnings are mere announcements of the state plot to destroy society.

The fabricated scam called the ‘virus pandemic,’ and the ensuing response to that false threat, were meant to stifle or destroy economic activity, eliminate freedom, harm markets, cause mass fear, and decimate supply lines. Recently, in order to bolster that criminal plot, a staged war between Russia and Ukraine was used to enhance the horrors already in place. It just so happens, another ‘coincidence’ of course, that food, energy, and fertilizer production in these areas was vital to many parts of the world. With this fake war came huge supply line disruption, monetary madness, intentional shortages of wheat, fertilizer, animal food stocks, and energy, causing all prices to escalate dramatically almost overnight. This had repercussions around the world, including the U.S., as these scheduled agendas against humanity all began to fall into place.

With supply line closures came shortages, shortages caused much more price inflation, price inflation caused more poverty and starvation, and economic harm to food producing farms and ranches that had already been decimated by the closing of all restaurants during the ‘Covid’ scam. These things and more led to the fulfilment of long planned agendas previously outlined by the ruling class. Today, so-called ‘world leaders such as Biden, Trudeau, Schwab, Johnson, and many others, are using these current events that they intentionally brought about to cause even more chaos and panic. They are announcing that food and energy will be scarce, and very hard times are coming; all this initiated by their hands alone. There are no real mass food and energy shortages yet, but there likely will be very soon, and for an extended period of time.

Shelves will be empty, but not due to any ‘virus,’ or Russian ‘war,’ because these exact scenarios have been played out and planned for at least seven years or longer. These are planned and scheduled events, and have never been natural.

“In November of 2015—as you can learn from an official press release on the Cargill website—”65 international policymakers, academics, business and thought leaders gathered at the World Wildlife Fund’s headquarters in Washington DC to game out how the world would respond to a future food crisis.” Over the course of two days, the participants in this “Food Chain Reaction” crisis simulation role played a response to a number of converging and overlapping crises in the 2020s, including “two major food crises, with prices approaching 400 percent of the long term average; a raft of climate-related extreme weather events; governments toppling in Pakistan and Ukraine; and famine and refugee crises in Bangladesh, Myanmar, Chad and Sudan.”

“Among the expected corporate platitudes and blather about “staying ahead of the curve” in order to “get it right,” the World Wildlife Fund highlights the key takeaway from this exercise: “Only by stopping agricultural expansion, augmenting agricultural production, increasing resource-use efficiency, and reducing food waste, can we provide the food and nourishment we need, while ensuring we are conserving nature for future generations.”

Yes, it all comes back to the fictitious ‘climate change’ agenda, and now food animals are being slaughtered, crops are being laid to waste, supply lines are shut down worldwide, food and energy inflation is rampant, and the planned starvation of the public is now underway; just as has been gamed for years. Millions upon millions of chickens and turkeys are being slaughtered by government decree in Iowa and the Midwest, and around the world. The same is happening in some areas with cattle, hogs, and the destruction of crops, while farmers are facing bankruptcy due to government manipulation. The results of these criminal acts will directly affect all of us.

With all this, the Biden administration’s top priorities for supply line disruptions are concentrated in 4 unrelated areas; ‘Covid-19’ response teams to manufacture many more experimental, poisonous bioweapon injections called ‘vaccines,’ the manufacture and supply chain management of semiconductor chips, the Department of Defense (DOD) ‘investment’ to mine raw materials to combat ‘climate change,’ and to improve the nation’s cyber security, another false flag opportunity coming soon; all per Executive Orders 14017 and 14028.

Hell is coming, and famine is coming with it. The same situation occurred during the Great Depression, but this time it will likely be much worse, as the takeover of society, monetary chaos and digitization, and the depopulation agenda are gaining steam daily at this point. What will you do to protect yourself and your family? What will you do when you cannot get enough food? This world is embroiled in corruption and insanity, and has become a totalitarian hell. When will you say enough is enough, and will you stand your ground, or will you do nothing until it is too late?

“If we live in a state of constant fear, can we remain human?”

The US Power Grid Under Attack: These recent attacks show us, once again, how vulnerable our power grid is and how little prepared we are to handle such scenarios

Editor’s Note – I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, “You don’t need to be a prepper to be able and protect your home and your family!”. It all comes down to common sense, and people should learn to read the signs and become proactive. Rather than blaming it on others, we should all become proactive and responsible for our future since there will be times when help won’t come.

By now, some of you may have read the news or seen the TV reports regarding the North Carolina power substation attacks. Tens of thousands of people were left without power following the incident. And not only homes went dark, but schools were closed as well, and a curfew was imposed following this act of vandalism.

What’s really going on, and why isn’t this criminal act getting more coverage?

Is this an isolated incident, or is this a new threat we should all be aware of and prepare for?

Let’s look at the facts and figure out what we can do when something similar occurs in our neighborhood. 

What Happened?

On Saturday evening, it was reported that gunfire damaged two electrical substations in Moore County, North Carolina. As a result, 100,000 residents were left without electricity, and authorities have announced a mandatory curfew.

It was established the outage began after 7 p.m. Saturday night in an area near Carthage, North Carolina, and soon after, it spread, affecting the majority of the county.

There were two separate attacks, and the scene was the same at both sites. In addition, the local authorities have found evidence that indicates the person or persons who attacked the electrical substations knew exactly what they were doing. The damage was caused by intentional gunfire, but the authorities have not yet released any other information since the investigation is far from being over.

At a Monday press conference, Gov. Roy Cooper said that this was an intentional criminal act and that “federal, state, and local law enforcement are actively working to bring those responsible to justice.” The local authorities, with the assistance of the FBI, are currently investigating the incident, and even though the intentional destruction of utility infrastructure is a serious crime, they are currently not classifying it as “domestic terrorism.”

The damage is estimated to be in the millions of dollars, but the impact on the community cannot be quantified. This selfish and cruel act left many people hurting, and those with health issues were the most affected. Such an incident can have a critical outcome for people needing medical assistance, as reported in Moore County.

In fact, authorities have urged people with medical needs and everyone dependent on electricity to seek shelter at facilities equipped with power generators. They advised even leaving the county until power can be restored.

Who is responsible?

This is currently the million-dollar question, and it seems that theories are running wild on the internet and social media. While any information about who carried it out is still to be provided, according to various sources, there was more than one person involved, and the attacks were coordinated. 

One theory spreading is that foreign agents from the Russian Federation are responsible for the attack as a test to establish the vulnerability of the United States power grid. It was reported in the past that our outdated power grid and our dependence on other countries (like China) for electrical systems parts make us vulnerable. So you can imagine that a large-scale coordinated attack on our power grid, similar to the one in North Carolina, will endanger millions of Americans.

However, another theory that is getting a lot of traction is the one involving a drag show. According to various sources, the attacks were meant to cause an intentional outage to shut down the “Downtown Divas” drag performance in Southern Pines.

The organizers said that they had been the target of protests and harassment for weeks. Far-right activists came to protest the event, and it is believed they are responsible for the attack. The police have yet to find a connection between the drag show and the attacks on the substations.

When will power be restored?

Tuesday, a spokesperson for Duke Energy said at a news conference that power would be restored by late Wednesday. However, the spokesperson said, “That will not happen all at once,” and customers will get their power back on a few thousand at a time.

The power will be restored gradually since the new equipment which was installed following the attack needs to be calibrated and tested. It needs to work in sync with the grid to prevent any issues from prolonging the power outage. 

Since there is no guarantee that all customers will have their lights back on by the end of the week, authorities recommend looking for help from neighbors and relatives or relocating to facilities that have their power restored or use electrical generators.

Is there a precedent, or is this an isolated incident?

While theories spread after the incident, the facts still remain the same. We have an old and vulnerable power grid, and there’s really no telling how and when it will lead to our demise. Even scarier is the fact that this incident is not isolated, and people fail to see a pattern developing inside our borders.

On April 16, 2013, in Coyote, California, a similar attack was carried out on the PG&E Metcalf substation. During the attack, several gunmen opened fire on 17 electrical transformers. Even if the attack had little impact on the power supplies and customers were not affected, it was reported that more than 15 million worth of equipment was damaged.

These kinds of attacks are raising a new level of threat, and many Americans are unaware of the vulnerabilities of our power grid since the media doesn’t provide enough coverage. Whether it is a natural event like the temperature drop that crippled the Texas power grid or a man-made act like the ones in California and North Carolina, one thing is certain; we should not be completely dependent on the power grid.

If we think about it, this new threat is something we should all consider, regardless of whether we are preppers. The power grid can be crippled by a rather simplistic action, like gunfire, and that’s one scary fact. Almost anyone has access to firearms in our country; unfortunately, not all those who do are “responsible” gun owners.

And to top it all, the national power grid can be exposed to more complex attacks, like detonating electromagnetic pulse (EMP) devices, and we won’t even know about it until the lights turn off. There are EMP generators that fit inside a suitcase, and if these get into the wrong hands, millions of Americans will be in danger once used. 

What can we do to protect our homes?

We’ve all seen how people react during a crisis. For example, when a hurricane warning is issued, folks rush to the hardware stores to buy any type of generator they can get their hands on, but this is only one small step we can take. In fact, most people are reactive rather than proactive, and this shows every time a natural or man-made disaster occurs.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, “You don’t need to be a prepper to be able and protect your home and your family!”. It all comes down to common sense, and people should learn to read the signs and become proactive. Rather than blaming it on others, we should all become proactive and responsible for our future since there will be times when help won’t come.

You should indeed get a generator and stockpile all the batteries you think will be needed, but you should also understand that this may not be enough. Assume it will get worse before it gets better because no one will be able to guarantee your safety. 

Ideally, you should be able to produce your own electricity and store it. This is critical preparation for people who are dependent on electricity, like people with medical issues or those with mobility problems.

I won’t go into the details on how you should cover your power needs and what you need to do to make sure the lights stay on forever. We’ve covered this topic on Survivopedia before, and there are various options available to harvest renewable energy and all sorts of DYI projects you can rely on if you work with a limited budget.

The thing I want to stress the most is that during a power outage, people with medical issues will become the most vulnerable, requiring special preparations. If they live alone, they will not be able to call for help if their condition deteriorates. If they use mobility aids, an unexpected power outage can cause various problems, and the risk of injury increases with every passing hour.

In some cases, you will need to get to them as fast as possible, and this may become a problem when a curfew is imposed. To provide them with the best care, you should delegate someone to transfer them to facilities that operate with the help of power generators. Moving them in with friends and relatives in another county would be even better until things return to normal since it will make the situation more bearable for them.

Having medicine stockpiled and other items that make life easier for those with health issues is critical. Sometimes even a simple thing like a hot meal or comfort snack can make all the difference and improve the morale of those suffering. Ask someone to look out for seniors and those in need and provide basic care if needed.


These recent attacks show us, once again, how vulnerable our power grid is and how little prepared we are to handle such scenarios. The authorities are somehow helpless when it comes to handling and managing the aftermath of these events. Even if they manage to catch the culprits and bring them to justice, that still won’t bring the power back to families for days or weeks to come. In the end, we are the ones responsible for our future, and we need to be prepared for whatever it may throw at us.

As Supply Chains Get Disrupted, Diesel Fuel Costs Rise, and Wheat-producing Countries Feel the Sting of Lost Grain Crops Due to War, Conflict, Heat, and Export Restrictions– “It’s Not That Hard to See “The S**t Hit the Fan”

As supply chains get disrupted, diesel fuel costs rise, and wheat-producing countries feel the sting of lost grain crops due to war, conflict, heat, and export restrictions– it’s not that hard to see the writing on the wall.

Countries dependent on grain imports from Russia and Ukraine might be the first to feel the effects of food insecurity caused by shortages.

However, there is some good news: the US is number four in the world in wheat production behind China, Russia, and India.

So we shouldn’t be that worried, right? Well, not exactly. As a significant player in the world market, the bulk of that wheat gets shipped to other places worldwide.

While North Americans probably won’t starve because of this shortage, they will likely see a very steep price increase and fewer baking goods or wheat-based foods in their grocery stores.

Still, since wheat and bread are so fundamentally important to humans, this could cause panic. Additionally, it’s not just wheat that’s at stake here. Many other grains and oil crops such as rye, sunflower, rapeseed, and more also see scarcity and record-high prices.

Since we all saw what happened with the great toilet paper panic of 2020 – among other strange events – one thing is clear: people tend toward irrationality when faced with scarcity.

For this reason, it would benefit us all to be as personally prepared as possible before it’s too late. Here are just a few ways you can prepare for the looming wheat and grain shortage.

Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour contains more essential vitamins and minerals than its bleached-white counterpart.

Even though whole wheat boasts high levels of calcium, vitamin D, iron, fiber, and more – it has a shorter shelf life and tends to be more difficult to keep for the long term.

Despite its superior nutrient profile compared to white flour, the downside to keeping whole wheat flour is its shorter shelf life. Under optimal conditions, you can store repackaged wheat flour in a cool, dark, dry place for around 3-6 months and up to a year.

So if you choose to stock up on whole wheat flour, you’ll want to take measures to prevent it from spoiling or use it sooner than your other flours for the best results.

The moisture content of whole wheat flour hovers around 14-15% so keeping it in a mylar bag or a food-safe air-tight container with oxygen absorbers is ideal.

All-Purpose Flour

All-purpose flour – otherwise known as refined or bleached white – is arguably the most versatile and widely used type of flour. For this reason, it will probably be easier to find compared to others when shortages or price hikes hit.

However, the process of refining flour means the bran and germ of the wheat kernel have been removed and many of its important vitamins and minerals are destroyed along with it.

Historically, this process has been done to please consumers who prefer the pure-white color.

Flour bleached in its natural state is more of a creamy off-white color. Although the nutrient profile for bleached flour isn’t as impressive as whole wheat flour, the good news is that this type of flour stores very well.

All-purpose flour can be kept for up to 5-10 years under optimal conditions. It’s important to keep in mind that the original packaging of flour isn’t meant to hold up to long-term storage.

This means that your flour could accumulate dust, insect eggs, moisture, or other contaminants over time if not repackaged. So, when storing any kind of flour for later use, you’ll want to transfer it from its original bag into a container.

For best results, store your flour in an airtight container or mylar bag in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and humidity.

Unbleached Flour

Unbleached flour is refined flour that’s been aged naturally over time rather than aged with chemicals like all-purpose or bleached.

Technically, unbleached flour is still “bleached” naturally. But the color of unbleached flour isn’t a pure bright white like bleached flour is.

As far as maintaining the nutrient profile goes, unbleached flour may not contain as many nutrients as you would think. Due to its natural aging and bleaching process, a lot of key nutrients are still lost. In fact, unbleached flour is only slightly more nutrient-rich than bleached flour.

Many people prefer unbleached flour as it has a more natural texture, taste, and hasn’t gone through a chemical wash.

However, if maintaining a good amount of extra nutrients is important to you, look for “enriched” bleached and unbleached flours. Enriching flours is the process by which the stripped nutrients are added back into the final product.

Both enriched and regular unbleached flour have a shelf life similar to that of white flour. Still, you can lengthen the shelf by keeping optimal storage conditions as you would with all-purpose flour.

Alternative Flours

Many alternative flours are made from seeds, oil grains, nuts, and other plants. These types of flours can be fun to bake with or mix in with other flours for a more nutritious blend.

However, due to the higher fat content of these flours, they tend to have a shorter shelf life.

For example, almond flour and coconut flour have a shelf life of around 3-6 months before they begin to spoil. The same can be said for nut, root, or plant-based flours.

So, when keeping these types of flour, it’s important to use them before other hardier grains. You can extend the shelf life by practicing good storage habits and keeping them away from sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Buying Wheat Berries In Bulk

When storing grains for an upcoming grain shortage, wheat berries are a great option because of their long shelf life and lower cost by weight.

Wheat berries are the edible grain kernels left over after the outer hulls are removed.

The outer shell part of the remaining kernel is known as the “bran” while the inside is made up of the germ and endosperm. There are several types of wheat berries to choose from.

However, due to their hardiness and consistency in bread making, most people choose hard red wheat, soft white wheat, or some combination of the two.

While you can soak and cook these grains for food, many folks prefer to grind their berries into flour using either a handmill or an electric mill. This allows you to harvest 2 cups of flour from about 1 cup of grains.

Buying whole wheat berries for your stockpile is a smart way to store grains for a very long time. When stored properly, wheat berries can last for 30 years or longer.

How To Store Flour And Grains

Storing your grains and flour properly will help prevent pests and moisture from spoiling your grain stash. When storing flour, there are a few tried-and-true ways of preserving it for the long term.

Of course, there’s the option of freezing it. However, there are far too many SHTF scenarios in which relying on electricity to freeze food might not be ideal.

With that in mind, the best way to store flour for long-term storage is by dry canning it. This will prevent any moisture from disturbing the quality of your flour.

If dry canning flour isn’t an option, storing it in an air-tight food-grade container lined with a mylar bag and enough oxygen absorbers will also keep your flour fresh for years past the normal shelf life.

When storing wheat berries and other whole grains, canning isn’t really necessary. Due to the density of wheat kernels and their low moisture content, the ideal storage for grains is in a 5-gallon food-grade bucket or another similar container. Keeping your grains in a cool, dry, and dark place will ensure they’ll be safe to eat when you need them the most.

Although it seems like this looming grain shortage could affect the world in a big way very soon, it’s always important to remain calm and pragmatic.

It’s good to know that even if this grain shortage doesn’t affect you as you anticipated it would, you can still learn how to stand better prepared for whatever life throws your way.

How I Am Planning To Vanish In The Next Crisis

I have been writing to preppers for almost 10 years now. Never before have we been so close to a genuine collapse of our society. Never before have we had such a level of surveillance and technological tyranny upon us. It makes many just wanna head for the hills.

Vanishing with a family of four is a tall order. It requires some serious planning and execution. I should also add that the timing of an operation like this could make or break the entire things So, with all that said I will tell you how I plan to vanish in the next crisis and how you might want to vanish, too.

We are going to assume that I will not be a specific target of any one person with excessive resources so that my vanishing will simply be a means of waiting till people forget about me.

I’ll Leave Fake Leads

As I prepare to get out of dodge, I will be very intentional about my communications with neighbors, friends, and family.

How I Am Planning To Vanish In The Next Crisis

Online communications and messaging will be another important place to leave these fake leads. This is just a matter of leaving a handful of options so that if anyone comes looking, they will have a few places to check first. Of course, none of the leads you leave are going to be remotely close to where you are actually going.

In this short VIDEO, I will unearth A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago

In the next crisis these lost skills will be more valuable than gold, food supplies and survival equipment combined. These skills have been tested and proven to work for centuries.

Here is just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in this massive 300-page sequel (in color) to The Lost Ways:

  • A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago. This mysterious dish was just recently rediscovered by NASA who has been giving away rations of it to our brave men and women in their month-long space missions. The Incas stored it in pit holes for up to 10 years, ate it year-round, and actually used it to survive a 4 year long super-drought that wiped out their southern neighbors. So, if it managed to save the Incas centuries ago and it still works for our astronauts today, you can bet your last dollar it will keep you and your family well fed in any crisis. And the best part is that you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

Sell Everything and Pay Off Debt

You cannot take everything with you. The less you can take the better!

Those expensive things hanging on walls, hidden in boxes or on shelves, all should be sold. Sell them sooner rather than later because things like entertainment could lose value depending on the nature of the next crisis.

How I Am Planning To Vanish In The Next Crisis

If rising food costs and food shortages grip the nation, then people are not gonna wanna spend money on a PlayStation 5 or a massive flat screen television. Use all of that money to pay off any debt that is clinging to you.

Creditors have lots of resources, so you want them off your back. They are likely the people that will come looking for you the hardest.

I Will Smash or Move Electronics

An important and even satisfying step will be the destruction of all your electronics that ever held any information about you or could follow you around. I know that my footprints on the internet are well documented.

How I Am Planning To Vanish In The Next Crisis

Still, destroying electronics will keep people like google from tracking your GPS locations.

If you want to get really tricky, you could tape your cellphone to the top of a freight train or trolly and let it ride around the country a bit, while you make your break for it.

You could use a panel from Powerfilm Solar and hide the phone up on a roof somewhere. It would give a great false position and the solar film would likely keep it on for weeks if not months on low power settings. Put it in a Ziploc bag so the rain doesn’t ruin it.

I’ll Change My Appearance

This might be a simple one for you or it might be one that evokes some real emotions in you. Prepare for that. The good thing is that simple changes to your appearance can radically affect how the world perceives you.

How I Am Planning To Vanish In The Next Crisis

For men it can be as simple as shaving that beard you have always worn and getting a new haircut. For women things like changing hairstyle, hair color and even changing the makeup style can make a big difference.

How you dress can be changed and unique accessories like glasses and hats can be used to give yourself a completely different look.

I use my family as a metric. How would my family do at recognizing me? That is the question you should ask yourself while planning to vanish in the next crisis.

I Will Maintain Constant Movement


The only way that a person can truly vanish in this modern age is to be consistently moving during a crisis.

This is why one of the first things we will do is buy a used camper with cash. This will allow me to move from one place to another or even spend days at a time on the move.

Settling down for long periods of time should be avoided. You can settle for a bit and make some money, but it will take a lot if you are going to lay a serious foundation and rebuild your life as someone else. Instead, remain transient in your new life.

Choose a Cash Business for Income (Or an SHTF Career)

It’s important to have an emergency fund. I think people really struggle with this prep. Saving in general is something of a struggle for many Americans. No matter how big that emergency fund is though, eventually, you are gonna run out of money.

If you go back to work with your same name and social security number, then you will be back on the map. The whole vanishing act will go up in smoke.

The better option would be to consider a kind of cash business or what I call the SHTF career. If you are choosing to vanish than I assume the world has taken an even worse turn. I have trigger points for this, and you should develop some of your own trigger points for when it’s time to get out of dodge.

Some Great SHTF Careers For Making Money After You Vanish:

• Firewood Splitter and Delivery
• Blacksmith
• Craftsman
• Handyman
• Security or Bodyguard
• Potter
• Butcher
• Farmer
• Delivery Man
• Apothecary Healer

Weather the Storm

For the person who is vanishing during a crisis the early days are going to be the hardest. There may be people who truly want to find you and those people are going to use most of their resources to do that in the early days.

Not to mention you will likely be migrating in a collapsing world. You will be trying to reestablish yourself in a world that is coming apart at the seams.

You are going to have to weather some kind of storm. It might be a good time to just stay boarded up in whatever it is you call home.

Park the camper at a state park with good views for a week or two.

The heightened surveillance state, the collapsing world, and the rise in crime all over this nation is enough to make anyone want to VANISH tomorrow. Things are getting wild out there.

While disappearing yourself in this modern age is a lot harder than it used to be, well, it’s still possible.

It’s gonna take a little extra planning but you can pull it off. There is nothing easy about this and you will likely have deep regrets at times, but it could also be your path to safety and prosperity as the world goes fallow around you.

I highly recommend this book: The Home Doctor – Practical Medicine for Every Household – is a 304 page doctor written and approved guide on how to manage most health situations when help is not on the way.

If you want to see what happens when things go south, all you have to do is look at Venezuela: no electricity, no running water, no law, no antibiotics, no painkillers, no anesthetics, no insulin or other important things.

But if you want to find out how you can still manage in a situation like this, you must also look to Venezuela and learn the ingenious ways they developed to cope.

This book is a unique guide for the layman that you can use when help is not on the way or to manage common ailments that don’t require seeing a doctor.

Let me show you just some of the things you’ll find inside the Home Doctor:

Learn More…

WE ARE HEADING TO TOTAL TYRANNY: Democide is coming, as large numbers of people will die at the hands of the controlling ‘elites’ and their pawns holding political power ‘

I once had a favorite meme I would push out as kind of a tongue-in-cheek that said “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals”. Seemed pretty funny at the time.

Today, not so funny. In fact, what we are experiencing is very real.

Let’s take a look at the definition of tyranny according to

  1. An oppressive or severe form of government
  2. An unrestrained use of authority or power
  3. A state ruled by, or government of, an absolute ruler
  4. Excessive severity
  5. Cruel and unfair treatment by someone in authority

What we lack in the world, not just the United States, is a system of checks and balances. Governments are out of control as they care very little about the laws they have established unless it relates to you the citizen, and they certainly give complete disregard for the voting system as we are finding out they have been manipulating the outcomes to meet their agenda for quite some time.

Our rights to free speech are all but gone and our ability to assemble peacefully is now seen as extremism. Think about it for a minute, when Patriots assemble to voice their concern, they have to worry that either the assembly will be infiltrated by people seeking to create a negative image of them, or those same people causing violence, thus putting Patriots front and center as targets by their own government.

By now, if you haven’t been vaccinated for Covid, then you know that the vaccine is much more dangerous than the virus. In fact, if you know anything about anything they put in vaccines today, then you know that Covid was just an excuse for ushering in communism in America, and a depopulation scheme that’s got 150 million people set up like bowling pins, getting ready for the “big knockdown.”

Most important to realize, and it’s not too late for the unvaccinated, is that the spread of fear of Covid was needed to establish government authority initially, that way they could further violate our constitutional rights and order us around — to wear masks all day, social distance, shut down our businesses and only buy products from huge corporations that fund the fake war on Covid-19.

It’s a fake war, and “they” (Democrats, CCP and Globalists running DC) want your support.

You see, governments all prefer populace support for a war, whether it’s a kinetic war, a fake war on “terror,” or a fake war against a “killer virus.” The irony of it all is that this time the enemy isn’t foreign at all; in fact, it’s every American.

There’s always a cover for the real insidious agenda. There has to be for everyone to buy in. Of course, 9/11 was cover for Halliburton’s embezzling of $5 billion and the constitution-and-privacy-crippling Patriot Act. The War in Afghanistan was cover for the US takeover of the opium trade for the heroin-based epidemic of highly-addictive, health-destroying prescription painkillers.

Now, Covid-19 and the Delta Variant are cover for a communist takeover of America and the depopulation/ sterilization campaign that can wipe out at least 50 percent of the US populace with one “booster” shot. Call it the “kill switch.”

10 Steps To Tyranny

  1. Create a new human disease (virus) that kills off the weak and immune-compromised (complete).
  2. Spread Covid-19 around the planet (complete).
  3. Create “vaccines” for that virus that cause blood clots and life-threatening myocarditis (complete).
  4. Spread so much fear about Covid that at least 70 percent of the planet (or at least the USA) gets inoculated (only at 50 percent now).
  5. Spread fear-mongering propaganda of a new “variant” (called Delta) that’s even “more deadly” and “more contagious” than the original virus (just begun).
  6. Blame all vaccine injuries and deaths on the new “Delta Variant” (just beginning).
  7. Require every vaccinated person to get their “Delta Variant” inoculation, which either instructs the recipient’s cells to produce billions of toxic protein prions that drive the patient insane and cause heart failure, or the vaccine contains the ultimate “payload” of virus-mimicking pathogenic proteins that overdose the recipients’ immune systems, killing them.
  8. A new mass event “occurs” that cripples all communication between the populace, and the Chinese Communists start “herding” in from our southern border.
  9. Another mass shooting event “occurs” that’s made to look like a Trump supporter who is “anti-vaccine” and right-wing extreme.
  10. All guns are confiscated from all remaining, unvaccinated Americans and the Republic is lost.

Communism And Depopulation In America Come Under The Guise Of Being “Patriotic” And Accepting Your Own Vax-Termination Out Of Fear Of Covid-19 And Its Variants

Getting vaccinated to death is considered “patriotic” because the country is being run by communists right now, who want to eliminate at least 3/4ths of Americans using domestic bio-terrorism (deadly vaccines) and move a billion Chinese here from China.

Just as Hitler used propaganda to sell his motives as helpful for society and Germany’s economy, the CDC and CCP are “selling” everyone on vaccines, masks, social distancing and lockdowns, in an effort to end America as we know it. That’s why Joe Biden just told everybody that Americans getting vaccinated is the most patriotic thing you can do.

“What’cha gonna do” when the trucks all stop delivering food to your local grocery store or Wal-Mart?

Life on Planet Earth will NEVER be better than it is right here, right now, today.
Don’t believe me?  Keep reading.

It’s not only about the slow-death jab causing MITOCHONDRIAL CANCER from spike protein cytokine storms and prions sucking up the last remaining molecules of oxygen from your lungs, heart and brain over an agonizing 5 [to max 10] year period from jab to grave.  

It’s not only about the mad cow prions which are going to turn quackccinated human beings into stark-raving mad lunatics on their journey through the Land of the Walking Dead Lepers, it’s quite a lot more than that…

The sabotage ransomware hack of the Colonial Pipeline is only a miniscule dress-rehearsal for what is coming.

“What’cha gonna do” when the trucks all stop delivering food to your local grocery store or Wal-Mart?

When gasoline prices are $100 a gallon because of hyper-inflation and there are no trucks to deliver the gas to your local service station even at $10,000 a gallon?

When you can’t get to your digital wallet to get to your Bitcoins or Dogecoins anywhere because the banks and brokerage houses are all shut down because of the [not-so] great reset?  

When your ATM machine starts laughing at you and giving you the finger?  

When EVERYONE is unemployed whether they have been given the death jab or however many dozens of masks you are wearing on your oxygen-deprived face because there are no jobs or money to pay you with?

What are you going to do when you no longer have electricity or gas in your home, and you are freezing to death in winter or roasting in summer? [That’s why I like Southern California suburbs even though we have had idiots running the state].

How are you going to wash your face or take a shower when the water has stopped running through your pipes months ago?  You might have started to stink by now.  A lot.

What are you going to do when the electrical grid is a fading memory, and 5G becomes radioactive?  When you can’t use your cell phone to call anyone but Ghostbusters?

Where are you going to throw out your garbage because the sanitation department hasn’t picked it up in four months and you finally just ran out of trash bags?

What are you going to wipe your ass with when you used up the very last issue of the Washington Post, since you ran out of toilet paper several seasons ago?

Tell me what happens when your neighbors break into your home at gunpoint to steal that last can of Campbell’s soup you have been hoarding under your bed for the last six months?

Are you prepared to fend off roaming gangs of Walking Dead Quackccinated Maniacs who have succeeded in cannibalizing your neighbors’ children after raping them?

Sadly, you can’t call the police or dial 911 because none of your phones work, and the police not only were all defunded, but they are the part of the same angry mob you are complaining about!

Where is your local government going to stack all the dead bodies? Oh, that’s right – there IS no local government, or any government at all.  That’s nothing more than wishful thinking while you try to survive a nightmare of life-after-COVID.

Are you that much of a progressive liberal woke-tard that honestly believes that the future is looking brighter right now?  Really?

Okay, I must admit it.  There is a bright spot on the horizon.  It isn’t all doom and gloom.

The Chinese Communist Party is very patient.  It is in their DNA.  They can easily wait 10 years.  Did any of you ever ask what percentage of the 1,330,440,000 people living there have been “vaccinated”?  Is it 40%?  30%? 20%?  Wait for it …

It’s less than 1%!  And those were the guinea pigs and lab rats experimented on by Dr. Fauci’s Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China!  [And rumor has it that they have all been “pleasantly” euthanized by now to prevent a Quackccination Outbreak there!]


I am sure Bill Gates, George Soros, Tony Fauci, and the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and Astra-Zeneca will all be enjoying their underground bunkers in Antarctica with a lifetime of food and security forces to cook penguin stew.  But if you are not one of them, then you might consider this:
If you are planning to miraculously able to survive the coming cataclysmic planned zombie apocalypse, let me give you some heartfelt advice:
Buy at least five years’ worth of deuterium-depleted water;
Buy at least three years’ worth of toilet paper and use it sparingly;
Buy lots of canned fish and vegetables and find a place to hide or bury them;
Buy flashlights, batteries, candles and matches;
Learn the art of bartering or at least read a book on it;
[Unlike me], learn how to use an automatic weapon to protect your loved ones and your property; and:
So sorry if my post ruined your day, but as they used to tell me in the Cub Scouts [before I was molested], “BE PREPARED !”

Many Economists Believe That Another Great Depression It’s Likely To Happen This Year. ‘The World Faces Unprecedented Hunger Crisis’. Millions People Will Be Pushed Into Extreme Poverty

The Great Depression of the 1930s is burned into most preppers’ minds. The horror stories from that grim time are a stark reminder of how fast things can go bad, even in a country that seems rich, strong and confident – and of how bad they can get.

As a motivation to be prepared, the Great Depression takes some beating.

But what if, as well as a reminder of why prepping is a good idea, it’s also what we need to be preparing for?

Many economists believe that another Great Depression could throw the world back into the poverty and chaos of the dustbowl era, and some think it’s likely to happen this year.

Paranoid? Alarmist? Well, they have a lot of evidence on their side – too much to just dismiss.

Technically, the Great Depression lasted for four years, from 1929 to 1933. In reality, it took until 1940 for US GDP to recover to its 1929 level, and even then unemployment was still at 15%. Only the militarization of the economy for World War II finally swept away the Great Depression’s after-effects.

Is A New Depression Coming?

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it threw the US economy into recession in a matter of days. In the second quarter of 2020, US GDP fell by 31.4% – one of the fastest and deepest falls ever.

However, according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the 2020 recession was also the shortest ever; officially, it lasted just two months. Technically it was too short to qualify as a recession at all.

This presentation PROOVES WITHOUT DOUBT that America is in for a major fight that will put you and your family in the firing line, literally… So make sure you watch this presentation while it’s still online…

The reason why you should pay attention now is that is because these techniques don’t come from books, they’re taken from actual 21st century warzones, from lawless states where social chaos is the name of the game… … and where not having enough time or money to prepare doesn’t stop real-world preppers from creating virtually impenetrable defenses for their families.

There’s a lot more to the story than that, though. Our economy has bounced back a long way from the damage lockdown did, but it’s still in deep trouble – and the government is storing up even more trouble for the future. There are a lot of pieces moving behind the scenes, and if they line up wrong a depression could hit us fast and hard.

A lot of Americans are still jobless. In June 2021 the unemployment rate stood at 5.9%. That’s a long way down from its 14.7% peak last April – but a long way up from the 3.5% we had last February. Millions of Americans who were working 18 months ago are unemployed now, and the growth in jobs seems to have slowed.

Unemployment fell by 7% in the six months after the April peak, but only 1.9% in the next nine months. The June 2021 figure was actually slightly up on May, which alarmed economists who’d been expecting another small drop.

Despite unemployment that in normal times would be a national scandal, the government is paying people to sit at home. In many states, the jobless can still claim an extra $300 a month in federal assistance. If you were in a low-paid job, regular unemployment plus an extra $300 might just be enough that you don’t really want to go back to work.

Unfortunately, businesses need low-paid employees too – and having so many of them out of work is slowing our economic recovery.

The Danger of Inflation

Of course, all that extra unemployment benefit has to be paid for, and the government is paying for it by printing money. The stimulus checks sent to every American home also had to be paid for, and the government printed the money for those too. The huge “stimulus” and “infrastructure” bills the government is enacting? A lot of that money will be printed, and the rest borrowed.

The trouble is, creating or borrowing that much new money doesn’t make the country richer; it makes each dollar less valuable. There’s a shortage of vacant homes, so people have to pay more to buy or rent one. That causes inflation and a weaker dollar.

As the dollar gets weaker, imported goods cost more. We import oil, so that means gas costs more. And that’s if you can afford a car to put the gas in, because we import a lot of cars too.

As imports get more expensive, the supply of domestic goods can’t keep up – so prices rise. Employers have to pay more for energy and raw materials, which pushes prices up more. High gas costs for transport get added to prices, which go up again. There are more dollars in the economy, but we can’t buy as much.

So, the government passes laws to raise the minimum wage – which means employers have to raise prices even more. After a certain point it all starts to feed on itself, and inflation isn’t just rising anymore; it takes off like a rocket.


Right now, our money supply is inflating by about a billion dollars every hour. Our national debt is rising so quickly that, if you look at it in real time, the last five digits are changing too fast to follow. By 2025 we’ll be spending more on debt interest than we do on defense.

Sometime beyond that, maybe in the 2030s, debt interest will match, then exceed, tax revenues. We’ll need to borrow – or print – more money just to pay the interest on what we’ve already borrowed.

But will we even make it that far? On July 28, Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell admitted that inflation is rising – and could go further than the Fed had predicted. If the government keeps pumping new money into the system inflation will spiral out of control this year. There are signs that it’s already happening.

House prices are up 23% in just one year. Used car prices are up 45%. Farmers say even the cost of a bale of hay has risen 20% in the last twelve months. That’s all pushing the inflation figures upwards, and it might already be too late for the government to push the lid back down.

Smart preppers will be ready for the next Great Depression to hit very, very soon.

How Bad Could It Be?

The original Great Depression was bad – but if one hits now it will be much, much worse. In 1929 the global economy was nowhere near as interconnected as it is today. If inflation keeps rising the weak dollar will cripple the US economy – and we can’t pay for a New Deal-style program to get it moving again.

On top of that we’re much more dependent on power and communications than our ancestors were. Can you imagine a life without electricity?

Well, if you want to survive the next depression you need to figure that in. Can you work without the internet? Can you access your bank account if your cell phone app stops working?

Final Words

Getting through the next depression is going to mean prepping for the long term. Three months’ worth of food won’t be enough, because the depression will last for years. You need to be looking at livestock, and the ability to grow your own crops.

When you look at electricity generation, consider wind, water and solar power – they don’t rely on fuel that might become unaffordable.

If we want to make it through a crash like the 1929 generation, we’ll need many of the skills and tools they had. Are you prepared for that?

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In the next crisis these lost skills will be more valuable than gold, food supplies and survival equipment combined. These skills have been tested and proven to work for centuries.

Here is just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in this massive 300-page sequel (in color) to The Lost Ways:

  • A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago. This mysterious dish was just recently rediscovered by NASA who has been giving away rations of it to our brave men and women in their month-long space missions. The Incas stored it in pit holes for up to 10 years, ate it year-round, and actually used it to survive a 4 year long super-drought that wiped out their southern neighbors. So, if it managed to save the Incas centuries ago and it still works for our astronauts today, you can bet your last dollar it will keep you and your family well fed in any crisis. And the best part is that you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

The American Descent into Madness: It seems like people don’t actually want democracy anymore, they want a dictator who agrees with them

Americans that have only known the post WWII prosperity are ill equipped and educated to deal with depression level living. Easy credit and instant gratification have created a nation of whining, self absorbed, entitlement minded people with no moral or mental toughness.

I believe we are headed for what he calls a super depression created by the ending of a debt super cycle. The bigger the debt cycle the bigger the depression that follows. That’s how reality works and most people are not prepared for reality.

When this depression, which has already started, gets momentum, it will overwhelm the plans of a society that is expecting to get things like social security, pensions and payouts from retirement plans they have paid into for many years. All of those things will disappear almost overnight and leave society gasping and stupefied over what to do. Their reactions will be to yell and scream and try to identify who to blame but the only person they should blame is the one in the mirror.

Many very smart people have raised the alarm and done their best to warn the sleeping public, but those slumbering masses have ignored the warnings and hit the snooze button one more time. The masses do not understand economics, do not want to understand economics and they will pay dearly for that ignorance in the coming days.

When the real unemployment rate becomes common knowledge as it increases substantially, people will be left to survive on what resources they have saved up outside the banking system that cannot be stolen by the politicians and bankers. That is a key point here. The assets you have outside the system that cannot be stolen from you with a few key strokes on some computer.

Those hoping for some miraculous event that will send the U.S. back to the days of manufacturing might and jobs for all will never see it happen. Those days are gone. The west line theory tells us our economy will slow down and become more modest as the shipping center of the world moves west to the next powerhouse region which is Asia. This is what history teaches us.

When people suddenly wake up one morning and they have no job, their retirement is gone and they need to care for their family, what will they do? When government services have collapsed and they suddenly realize they are now living in a third world country with few government services, what will they do? When the banks are closed and only a select few connected people have any type of money or access to goods, what will they do?

This is the reality that many people will face in the future and they have no idea how bad it can get. They refuse to contemplate the harsh reality they will be living in and take steps to mitigate the effects. To do so would be to acknowledge it could happen and they are taking personal responsibility. Personal responsibility is a dirty phrase in today’s entitlement society. To see some of the effects one only has to look at the collapse of society in Venezuela today to see what awaits.

When it happens it will all fall back to you to take responsibility for your family and take care of them for the duration. To do that you need to plan now for that eventuality and build up the resources you will need to provide food, shelter, clothing and security when the system fails to do it for you. You need to be Noah on his ark not the people watching as he floated away.

Having resources stored up is a must but it may not get you all the way through if the situation lasts for many years. That is why you need some type of plan to replace those resources as time goes by and have some way to generate some type of income or at least items to trade. Usable goods are for the short term and things like gold ,silver and production equipment are for the long term to help you get through the crisis with the least amount of pain.

Even with proper planning the days ahead will not be easy as the standard of living of society will fall substantially to levels only seen in failed third world countries or old pictures. The assets actually owned by people today is very small compared to how they live. They will default on their home loan, their car loan, and their credit card debt leaving them with very few real possessions and few ways to move what they have left even if they have some place to go. Ultimately these people will become the new serfs to the wealthy class that will take possession of anything of value. Feudalism will once again rule.

The lack of planning by society will make this a reality if it is allowed.

It seems like people don’t actually want democracy anymore, they want a dictator who agrees with them.

The choice is, do you and I consume what is here now and change the planet to something unknown and different for the next generations?

Or do you and I slow our consumption to a regenerative rate, ensuring the same planet we live on now is here for the generations to come?

This is a personal choice.

It isn’t something an outside party, such as the government is going to fix.

You and I are the consumers. You and I are the ones making the choices.

What choice will you and I make in the future? They will be governed by Climate change.

You will not find these choices in the cloud.

I believe in the next ten years, science will prove that too much technology (e.g. heads always in our phones) is actually a negative thing for the mind and longevity.

I believe we’ll be forced by climate change to find a sustainable balance between technology use and real-life experiences.

All too often, problems being solved in tech are first world problems.

Many of us forget that there are some huge global problems, particularly in the developing world, that need to be solved for the benefit of us all.

But we have to take charge soon and make it so.


Society will tear itself apart! The root causes will remain the same.

We have no clue about what we are doing, but we are the best at

telling others what to do!