All Computer Models Show Pandemics & BioWarfare Will Produce More Deaths Than Nuclear Warheads

In doing some research about influenza, I came across the great Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919. This happened during World War I and affected everyone on both sides of the ocean as well as across the world. It affected soldiers as well as citizens. It is estimated that 50 million people died during this epidemic. That is compared to the 16 million people who died during World War I.

One of the things that was missing from this epidemic was antibiotics. They simply did not exist as a medicine during this time. Antibiotics in an usable form was discovered in 1928 by Sir Alexander Fleming. However, antibiotics are rarely used for any influenza viruses. We do have some medications now that will treat influenza.

It is unlikely though that antibiotics would have been effective anyway during the epidemic of 1918. The influenza epidemic came in two phases. The first phase was less severe and most people recovered from it. It came in back a few months later and killed people within hours to a few days. Most people died from the fever and fluid filling their lungs which suffocated them. The disease affected people ages 20-40 the most.

Doctors and scientists were at a loss at how to treat this influenza. They could not control or stop the disease. Remember, there was no Center for Disease Control at the time. That was not established until 1946.

Don’t remember learning this in history class? I didn’t remember learning it either. However, what can we take away from this?

Is starting to feel like it’s every man for himself, Is possible that right now, a global crisis is upon us, Without even knowing… And the virus may not be the biggest threat, but the crisis that follows, Everyday goods that keep us alive will be gone, I’m talking, food, fresh water, medicine, clothes, fuel…


1. It was not treatable. They believe the strain during this epidemic was the H1N1. Influenza strains can be mild or develop a variant that can make them deadly. Since very little was known about influenza then, it was almost impossible to treat. Today’s influenza strains are proving harder to treat. Flu shots do not cover all strains of influenza. A strain or a variant in the strain of influenza could be strong enough to not be treatable or controllable.

2. It affected strong, healthy adults the most. The age group that was affected the most was 20-40 years old. This is a group of people who are at the peak of life in terms of health and vitality. The problem with that is this is also the group of people who would be the most social group especially in 1918. Even today, people in that age range rarely stay home. The disease would be able to spread very quickly because people are constantly going. They go to work, kids’ activities, social gatherings, and college.

3. It was not controllable. This influenza strain spread very, very quickly. People were given poor advice on how to not catch the disease and how to treat the disease. We now have the Center for Disease Control who would hopefully be on top of the disease. We also now know the best way to treat the symptoms of influenza. We also know that we need rest and to stay home to keep influenza from other people.

Do you think this could happen again? Many people do. Are you ready for the next influenza epidemic? An influenza epidemic of the proportions that occurred in 1918 would be considered a pandemic now.  We hear threats of pandemics now that could happen. How would you survive the next pandemic? What do you need to do to get ready?

1. Get a sick room ready. You should have a room, preferably a bedroom, ready to be a sick room. You should have some medical supplies ready in that room like a thermometer, ibuprofen, hot water bottle, instant cold packs, face tissues, disinfectant spray cleaner, trash bags, face masks, and disposable gloves. You may also want a pandemic flu kit in that room for the people treating the sick.

2. Have white towels, wash cloths, and white bedding ready to use. You want linens you can wash in very hot water or even put in boiling water to disinfect. You can also use bleach on white linens without issues. You want to have extra linens so you can change the sick beds quickly and wash the infected bodies without worry.

3. Have rolls of heavy plastic to cover surfaces like the bed, the floor, the windows,and the doorways. You have to think about disease control going in and out of the house. You are trying just as hard to keep the disease out as well as keeping it controlled in your home.

4. Keep some chem suits on hand. You may want to completely cover up to deal with a sick patient or having to go into infected areas. A chem suit with boots and gloves would be the ideal solution. You will also want a face mask and eye protection to keep safe.

5. Have one person who would be dedicated to taking care of the sick. The less people exposed to the sick person, the better the chances for everyone to stay healthy. Having one person designated to taking of the sick will keep everyone healthier. Having a designated respite person for the caretaker would be a good idea too.

6. Have a plan in place for death. In a pandemic, death is inevitable. What will you do if someone dies? As morbid as it seems, you may want to have a body bag on hand. You also want to have a plan for disposal of the body. Where will it be buried? Will you bury the body? Those are your decisions alone, but having a plan will make those decisions easier.

7. Do not go anywhere if you don’t have to. During a pandemic, being a homebody is your best bet for not catching the disease. Having a good food storage, water storage, and a disinfected home will be wise.

No one wants to think about getting sick much less think about a lot of people getting sick. We like to think with all the technological and medical advances we have now, another influenza pandemic will not happen again. However, new strains of diseases are being developed all the time in nature and in labs. We can not be sure this will not happen again. In fact, it is likely to happen again.

What will you do to protect yourself during a pandemic? Do you think we could have another influenza pandemic?

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12 thoughts on “All Computer Models Show Pandemics & BioWarfare Will Produce More Deaths Than Nuclear Warheads

  1. They couldn’t contain the H1N1 because it was SIX viruses tied together,IN A STATE OF THE ART LAB…the U S ARMY BIO-WARFARE CENTER at ft.detrick,maryland,and like the last one ITS A BIO-WARFARE weapon,only this time ITS “BILL GATES”.THE BIO-WARFARE CENTER,AND THE CDC in alanta,those are the guilty party,and they should be drug out of their offices and HANGED,but when your just a pussie or queers,who cares right…..


    1. Well, well, Arizona. Why don’t you must show all of us how you are NOT A PUSSY. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS, BABY TOUGH GUY.
      Please do tell us all how exactly YOU have managed to do what you want ithers to do.


      1. I would LOVE to meet you somewhere GABE,I would unscrew your head and shit down your neck,PUNK..




    Coronavirus may be hidden in bubble wrap shipments.
    But there may be other culprits hidden.

    If you happen to pop a bubble open and the room goes dark you may have just unleashed

    “most sneaky babo fart, ……………………………. not to confused with Bobafett from StarWars.

    Symptoms of the “most sneaky babo fart”:
    1) Alopecia nasal hair lost
    2) Bleeding eyes
    3) Coughing and seeing ghost like vapors coming out orally

    How to prevent the deadly “most sneaky babo fart”

    Stop popping the damn bubbles, you faka.


  4. A virologist said 2 weeks ago, “the cat is out of the bag.” I’m watching the troops deployed to NYC with
    no masks – no gloves – no 6′ distancing… Looks like the goose is well cooked. The only good news is
    the book of truth is open (Daniel 11), understandable and HIS return shortly.


  5. In the military, NBC personal are taught to have a disinfectant pan and rinse pan at an entrance, like a large flat low plastic tub filled with a solution of soap and bleach to disinfect your shoes or boots also have a long-handled brush to clean the boots while you’re wearing them. Then step out of the tub onto an absorbent surface that can be cleaned later, like a thick layer of towel. When handling the solution after use, be garbed with chemical or protective clothing and equipment to avoid being contaminated. Dispose of the cleaning solution in a sand-filled pit that can later be filled in with a couple of feet of earth, Mark the place with the international chemical biological symbol to ensure it isn’t disturbed again.


  6. There seems to be a link between ibuprofen and the severity of the illness. (Italy & China have noticed the link) A substitute needs to be found for your sick room.


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