America A Failed State, That’s The First Stage Of Collapse

The second stage the transition to becoming an authoritarian state. All that’s left now is the third and final stage of collapse: the permanent transformation from failed to authoritarian state

What’s happening to America? It’s a question that Americans — and people around the world — are asking, horrified and bewildered.

The answer to that question goes like this. America was a failed state. And now it’s becoming an authoritarian one. America is now 60 days from the final stage of social collapse — the terminal stage, the point of no return, at which a society goes full-blown authoritarian, permanently — and it’s looking increasingly likely to us survivors and scholars of authoritarianism that that final, terminal stage is going to happen. America is dying.

And yet that’s a classical, textbook, predictable sequence. Which, if you really want to prevent, you should probably understand. Let me explain.

What do you imagine a failed state is? If you’re a “real” American, you probably think it’s some distant, war-torn land. And in a sense, you’re right. But it was also America, and is.

A failed state is a place where people can no longer really obtain the basics of life, in any fair or decent or sane way. There is not enough to go around. The result is that people live under the rule of a kind of violence, in a state of chaos, in perpetual despair and rage and panic. Where will tomorrow’s water, food, medicine, the money to pay for it all, come from?

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The state’s most basic job is to organise society in such a way that people can obtain the basics of life. We all need shelter, food, water, and medicine to live. To live well, at even a minimal level, we need safety, education, income, savings. That doesn’t mean that the state has to give those things to people necessarily — but it does have to organise society in such a way that those things can be had.

And that is precisely where America failed. Americans — especially “real” ones — are used to growing up in an atmosphere of fevered propaganda, exceptionalism. But what really happened in America from 1980 to about 2015 was this.

America became a society where people couldn’t obtain the basics of life anymore. I mean that in both absolute and relative ways. Want to have a child? That’ll cost you $50,000. Want to educate one? That’ll cost you $250,000. Need a life-saving operation? Sorry, that’ll cost you $500,000. What the? Entire cities had infrastructures which simply failed, like Flint.

Society as a whole had no functioning social systems — healthcare, retirement, pensions. So Americans’ only choice was to pay the prices that their system demanded. Want a pension? Wall St will sell you a “401K” — and take a fat cut, while hedge funds raid whatever was left of your life savings. Want healthcare? Sure, that “premium” will cost you thousands a month, for a plan that provides little care or choice at all.

Americans were locked into broken, dysfunctional systems, which no longer provided them the basics of life, at prices they could afford.

The income of the average American was scarcely $50k. How were they to afford any of this? They couldn’t, quite obviously.

The result was that many Americans began to go without the basics of life. They chose between that life-saving operation, or keeping a roof over their kids’ heads. They ate cheap, industrially processed food, and grew obese and ill, because it had little nutritional value. They worked jobs that would never lead to careers or mobility desperately just to retain some access to the meagre “benefits” only jobs now provided. Young Americans found themselves crippled by educational debt, and unable to begin independent lives of their own.

See the point clearly. America could no longer provide the basics to people. It could not feed, shelter, educate, or employ its people. Not affordably, and certainly not well. The situation was so bad, for example, that Americans just gave up looking for work, in fact, reaching a point where just above half of the working age population were employed at all. That millennials became a lost generation stuck at home forever, working crap jobs. That strangers begged one another for money to pay for medicine online.

This was a Soviet society by any other name. The Soviet Union famously had breadlines, where you’d never get the bread. America had unobtainable basics, too, in even larger and more lethal ways.

What did Americans have to do to simply even attempt to afford the basics of life — medicine, education, food, water, housing? They had to go into massive debt. Today, the average American dies in debt, meaning his or her debts are unpayable. And that means that he never in net terms really owns, saves, or earns a penny.

Those are the economics of failed states. People end up broke. A society descends into mass poverty. Nobody much can afford the basics. Meanwhile, those who have monopolies over said basics become ultra, mega rich. Vast inequality sets in. An economy becomes a kind of caste society — a large pool of hopeless and powerless proles, and a tiny number of billionaires so rich and powerful they resemble feudal lords of old.

Worse, nobody much understands — because a society’s economic statistics don’t show it. In America, like in the Soviet Union, economic statistics failed to reflect any of the real pain or despair people were beginning to live in. The stock market boomed — forever. Profits rose and rose. The unemployment rate seemed suspiciously low. Things had never been better! Then why was the average American broke, dying in debt, working a go-nowhere job, descending into poverty? These two sets of facts did not comport. One had to be lying, and the other telling the truth. But America’s intellectuals and politicians were incurious, lazy. They did not seem to care that the story economics was telling didn’t seem to be telling any remotely accurate truth about people’s living standards anymore.

Now, the difference between America and classical failed states is that all this was a choiceThere was no absolute shortage of medicine or healthcare in America — what was there, was artificial scarcity. Why? To prop up the profits of mega-corporations, bank, and hedge funds. The system had turned predatory.

The situation grew so bad that something truly ominous happened. The middle class became a minority in about 2010. That should never happen. It tells us that a society’s foundations have rotted — and the house of democracy is about to come crashing down.

Is starting to feel like it’s every man for himself, Is possible that right now, a global crisis is upon us, Without even knowing… And the virus may not be the biggest threat, but the crisis that follows, Everyday goods that keep us alive will be gone, I’m talking, food, fresh water, medicine, clothes, fuel…


Literally so. What happens when people can’t get the basics of life? Exactly what you might expect. Their life expectancy begins to fall — something we should never, ever see happening in any country, ever. America’s cratered, and still is. They die in debt — as we’ve discussed above, extorted by mafias, essentially, for artificial scarcities. Their rates of suicide and depression soar, as despair becomes endemic — which is exactly what happened in America. A sense of rage and powerlessness take hold.

What does living like that do? It loosens social bonds. Groups begin to treat other with suspicion and hostility. They blame each other for a society’s growing problems, the problem of being a failed state. The sense of easy coexistence which is there in successful societies — people treating each other with kindness, fairness, dignity — ceases to exist, because gentleness is a luxury. Life becomes a bitter, brutal battle for self-preservation, and norms of peacefulness and tolerance and acceptance give way to hostility, cruelty, rage, and aggression.

And soon enough, all of that becomes hate. All that’s needed is a demagogue who can ignite the spark of fury and produce the flames of hatred.

So a failed state is a place where despair, rage, and frustration are growing, surging, about to explode, often invisibly, like magma building beneath a caldera. And that was America, in the 2000s, as people’s lives fell apart with stunning swiftness, which loosened their social bonds to the point of a cruelty which shocked the world. People were so busy trying to obtain the basics that they began to treat one another like disposable subhumans. Sorry, I can’t care about your healthcare, sorry, I don’t care if your kids are shot at school. The world was shocked. What was happening to America?

It had become a failed state, which is a place without trust, comity, optimism, people believing in and accepting each other, as life simply fell apart, and the result of all that was predictable. A demagogue arose, who blamed the problems of the “real” American on hated minorities. Just like the Nazis did, just like the Islamic World’s dictators did, just like every demagogue in history has. “They are the cause of your woes!” Trump bellowed it at rally after rally. And the people once known as America’s white middle and working class — by now, they were broken, desperate, and hopeless enough to believe him.

Enough of them, anyways, to catapult Trump into power, in a victory that shocked America’s establishment — who still thought things had never been better. Had they ever heard of Scranton? Baltimore? Detroit? Huntington — the overdose capital? Things were good for America’s elites, sure — life in the bubbles DC and Manhattan and San Francisco was booming. But they were not the majority of America. They did not reflect America as a whole even remotely.

Trump did what anyone who’s survived or studied authoritarianism expects demagogues who rise to power in the despair and rage bred by failed states to do. He incited violence and preached hate, just like an Islamic preacher. He built camps, just like a Nazi, and threw kids in cages in them. His shock troops hunted and brutalised hated untouchables in towns and cities — just like Eastern European war criminals. Trump was the real thing, a vicious, brutal, hateful authoritarian-fascist.

But even now — through his first term — the “real” American didn’t quite understand or accept it. Many of them backed Trump, and those who didn’t seemed to often think these terrible abuses of power fell short of authoritarian-fascism. One can hardly blame them: their intellectuals and pundits were failing to educate them, and they’d never lived it. So how would they know that their society was now having a very real meltdown? Where it was leading? To the final death of democracy, freedom, hope, peace?

That brings us to now.

Trump is on the verge of making America a full-blown authoritarian state. He is one small, small step away from ending democracy in America. Over the last few days alone, he’s encouraged political violence, delegitimised free and fair voting, encouraged his followers to sabotage the election, and attacked the idea of an election itself.

Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that their democracy is about to die, at the hands of a demagogue and the fanatical minority who supports him.

What should be understood, though, is this. America isn’t about to collapse. It has been collapsing. It’s closer to the end now of collapse than the beginning. Collapse is a process, much like eruption. Tensions build up, and bang! One day, all that’s left is the wreckage and ashes that once used to be a free, prosperous, thriving society.

That process begins with a society being unable to provide the basics, proceeds through impoverishment, the despair, rage, and fury it causes, which are the loosening of social bonds — and only culminates in the explosive spectacle of a democracy being laid to rest.

America was a failed state. Now it’s about to become an authoritarian one. Its transition from failed state — a place where for the last two decades, people have not been able to access the basics of life — to an authoritarian one will be complete in about 60 days. That is the same cycle of ruin so many nations have followed before it, from Soviet Russia to Weimar Germany. America’s undoing was decades in the making.

I say that so that Americans understand what they are really up against. What “this is your last chance” means. That this is it: the culmination of decades of neglect, indifference, and ruin. Americans have only one chance — one chance — left to set America back on the path of freedom, modernity, and prosperity. Will they take it? Or will they continue to stew in the boiling water of silence? When the cycle of collapse is complete, societies don’t often or easily come back. Failed states which become authoritarian ones tend to stay that way, often for lifetimes.

Let me say it again, so that the warning is stronger.

America was a failed state. That’s the first stage of collapse. It already happened, through the 200s. The second stage the transition to becoming an authoritarian state. That happened over the last four years. All that’s left now is the third and final stage of collapse: the permanent transformation from failed to authoritarian state.

A demagogue seizes power for life, captures the state’s institutions, and uses them to both enrich himself and his cronies, reward his followers, and brutalise a society with real and extreme violence. He builds Gestapos, who beat people in the streets, SS’s, which hunt down the hated, dissent is criminalized, opposition is made treason, critics and dissidents are locked up, shock troops roam the streets, thought and expression are monitored, any kind of deviation swiftly punished, an iron curtain of entrapment falls. Freedom and fairness and equality and justice all come to a certain, swift end. Society is remade in the image of the authoritarian figurehead himself: a thing pulsing with rage, trembling with hate, ever-ready to lash out in brutality.

And that third stage is looking increasingly likely to us survivors and scholars of authoritarianism.

That is what the next 60 days will decide. Does America survive? Or does it become the new Soviet Union? The new Nazi Germany? Another Iran, North Korea, Saddam’s Iraq? The latest nation that went from failed to authoritarian state?

Do not take the warning lightly. We survivors and scholars have one message for you:

It’s much worse than you believe, and it’s much later than you think.

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21 thoughts on “America A Failed State, That’s The First Stage Of Collapse

  1. Wow dude you need to study a little more history to realize that the US was not always the land of plenty, that depressions and famine were more common then you think and the government did not guarantee a thing. That life was a severe struggle for most and many died in trying to succeed.From the sea to shinning sea we fought to build a country and then entered a “golden age” where decades of struggle were rewarded and that is coming to an end,buck up buddy and realize that history goes in waves and there is nothing new under the sun.


    1. Exactly mickey. Another thing, Jack is a Trump hater. Saying he is spreading hate is a joke. Leftists have been calling conservatives and Republicans Nazis, fascists, racists; that they want dirty air and water, etc. for at least 30 years. And saying he puts kids in cages is just a lie. It has been proven that it was Obama. The pictures were from 2014.
      Who’s rioting in the streets? Tea Party people? Conservatives? They are working, don’t have time for that.
      Jack, see a shrink, you have terminal TDS.


  2. OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN ,does not interfer with countries and their squabbles,BUT WHEN A NATION BEGINS TO PREY ON THE CHILDREN.. HE WILL TAKE OVER AND BRING IT TO AN END,and when you have GOVERNMENT GANGS who love killing children,twisted as they are,and their the LOVE of the people,,our FATHER will wipe them off the map,AS HE PLANS TO END AMERICA,and NO ONE CARES,their to drunk,watching football and they’ve turned their FAT STUPID WOMEN loose on everyone,NOW YOU HAVE A DISASTER in the making,AND don’t think for one second ALL THE FOREIGN NATIONS AREN’T WATCHING..THEY ARE,and druling at the thought of coming and just taking anything they want,AND THE RUSSIANS AND CHINESE want it all,there are NO MEN any more to stop them,they believe rightly it’ll be easy to do,and their right…AND THEY”LL USE THE FILTH YOU HIRED TO PROTECT YOU TO HELP THEM…THE PEOPLE are so blind they won’t see it coming….


  3. This is one of the best articles I’ve seen on the real cause of decline in the United States (as it identified the middle class as the root cause). Many people have lost interest and respect for the Constitution and conservatism (as a viable platform), because of the neglect and disregard of so many institutions not actually benefiting the people, i.e., churches, courts, legal systems (not being able to afford attorneys, with any number of new laws being instituted daily), and so forth. They also showed no interest as the opposing side built an army (comprised of corporations, big money and funding, as people learned alternatives to social organization and capitalist usurpation).


  4. You are soooo fulll of crap. You leftist communist scum ! Do you really believe this garbage you are trying to spew ! It’s leftists like you that want to take over, and the likes of pelosi Schumer, Obama, Clinton. The ones that want to put people in “fun camps” re-education camps you are an idiot !


    1. The fall of the USA was planned long before President Trump came along. And the people who are causing it and have caused it do not appear to like President Trump.


      1. if they the groups in charge didn’t like Trump you think he would still be breathing making a fool of himself still yet today open your f****** eyes.
        Trump and his family and his cronies are all sitting ducks but the group wants them there they’re part of the plan you guys have been programmed
        Real leaders die for their country
        Not cause their country to kill each other and honor him wow those in charge take all of your money and rights
        This has been designed by outside forces and you cannot stop it Trump is the final nail in the plan

        As history always shows a true leader will come out of the ashes and bring us back to prosperity unfortunately that is years down the road and a lot of pain will occur until then

        I have lived in United States for 60 plus years and have never feel threatened today I feel threatened for life


  5. I don’t think Trump is your dictator. First of all, he’s too old to be “dictator for life”. If there is a planned dictator, it’s not Biden either, he doesn’t look like he’d last his first term. Harris? I don’t think so she is just a front. The dictator is still in the background and likely in the democratic party, not republican.


  6. He encouraged “political violence”??? What?? Excuse me, he wants to end it with troops to protect the city, to protect people, to protect businesses and out the seditionist.


  7. The one and ONLY reason you Dems blame Trump for everything is because he had the goddamned temerity to beat Hitlery in 2016. Hitlery would be a FAR worse dictator than Trump could ever HOPE to be.


  8. Jack, you say you are a survivor and a scholar. I’ll concede that, after four tours of duty in Iraq, you are a survivor; however I see no indication of your scolarship. Your credentials at the end of the essay only list your military duty. Moreover your lack of scholarship is evident in what you write. America is indeed in the midst of a major shift on all fronts, politically, economically, socially, and so on. I believe it is going to collapse and violently. But to lay it all at the feet of Donald Trump shows that you have absolutely zero understanding of history for if you did you would understand certain vital facts which set the stage for this moment in history to arrive. First, the root of the whole disaster lies with the creation of the Federal Reserve during the Presidency of Woodow Wilson (a Democrap) in 1913. Then Nixon (a Republi-con) took the US off the gold standard in 1971. Monetary policy, fiscal responsibility and economic stability are the bases of healthy societies and all were foresaken for political gain. Yes, the social rot instigated by unresolved issues stemming from slavery, Reconstruction, and so on fanned the flames of collapse. Yet, the thing I fear more than anything is not the Donald but the totaliarian globalists and their radical Liberal sentinels deeply ensconced within the Democrat Party assisted by useful idiots like yourself. Perhaps witnessing firsthand the horrors of war has made you a pacifist, as often happens with troops returning home. Indeed it has given you a unique perpective on human life. But that hardly makes you a statesman Jack. It only makes you another agent in the Matrix.


  9. Blaming Trump for what the Bankster parasites have done to us is really stupid, but common these days.

    The infection of the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” destroying any critical thinking is quite common these days’
    and it is really tragic, but obviously infected a tiny minority, with the Normal’s still functional. See the Trump rallies!

    When the Democrat party explodes into even more meaningless irrelevance after the election and the Marxist / Socialist barking Mad mob pushing the moronic INSANITY of the “Green New Deal” has to crawl back under their rock, the “Normal’s” can get back to work, and the MSM fear porn pushing of the virus response HOAX will hopefully be gone. The MSM is keeping it alive to create chaos along with the Soros et al funded riots to take Trump down by a seriously mentally impaired, Geriatric, decrepit doofus


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