BANNED DISNEY UFO DOCUMENTARY: Alien Encounters From New Tomorrowland

This film was shown only once, and with no advance notice on stations in only five US cities. The original Michael Eisner intro hit me right in the nostalgia.

Lost Walt Disney UFO Documentary, Alien Encounters: In March of 1995, Walt Disney Television aired an intriguing UFO special. This highly unusual UFO video special presents UFOs and alien visitation to our planet as a matter of fact.

At first glance, the special appears to be a promotion of the “New Tomorrowland” area, in particular the new “Alien Encounters” ride. This was in the mid 90’s. (This venture was cancelled almost immediately)

However, upon closer inspection…it is much more. The entire program, which opens with a short segment by Disney CEO Michael Eisner, does not even question the existence of UFOs and a major UFO cover-up. In fact, at times it has A Tone Of ridicule Towards Those Who Still Deny That UFO’s exist; quite unique ___
“”It’s easily located today online, but the circumstances of its production and (highly limited) distribution, and its oddly firm view of the reality of the phenomenon, make it decidedly weird and unique.””

This presentation PROOVES WITHOUT DOUBT that America is in for a major fight that will put you and your family in the firing line, literally… So make sure you watch this presentation while it’s still online…

“”If all Disney wanted to do was promote its new theme park ride with an alien theme, they needn’t have gone to nearly as much trouble. As it is, it’s almost like the ride-promo mission was used as a Trojan horse / excuse to deliver a lot more subversive and revolutionary information. Maybe this really was a disclosure exercise gone awry, maybe it was out-of-control filmmakers who produced an end product the Disney chiefs didn’t know what to make of. But it sure is fun speculating, and the show has since become a UFO conspiracy’ staple — another tantalizing hint of the truth, allegedly.””

**** This documentary was used as an promotional video for a new (shut-down before opening) feature at Disneyland, despite the format. This (promotional video) was distributed as such after a limited airing and prior to the feature’s opening. Due to the nature of the process and distribution, this video is and has been for over two decades to be reflected (across the internet in a multitude of locations) as residing within the public domain lexicon.

“Alien Encounters From New Tomorrowland” BANNED DISNEY UFO DOCUMENTARY In March of 1995, without warning, Disney aired a family special. the documentary was so controversial that it was pulled from the airwaves and banned from ever being shown again. Robert Urich, the legendary Jim Street in S.W.A.T. (1975), is the host of this voyage around the UFO’s and its mystery.

From New Tomorrowland, in Disneyland, Urich talks about UFO, contacts, evidence of it arrives, abductions, military documents, and other things that surround this controversial thematic. From the 30′s years ahead, the UFOs always have been there very close to us, every day, every time. Exist the aliens?,in truth, they come to planet Earth? Could it be a fiction created by the military?

And the last and most important question: if they exist, would they will be our friends…or our enemies? Written by Chockys

Our forefathers lost knowledge must be kept alive by all means. So before you go please take a second and think how you can benefit from their wisdom.

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3 thoughts on “BANNED DISNEY UFO DOCUMENTARY: Alien Encounters From New Tomorrowland

  1. Is it real or is it just trillions of dollars stolen by U.S. military industrial complex for their personal space force…that is the question. #projectbluebeam


  2. We visited the Alien Encounter attraction in Disney/Orlando. IT WAS OPEN, OPERATING & based on Alien. You sat in a circle of seats (I think old Mission to Mars Theater) and an alien in a centerpiece tube escaped, ran around behind you and “crunched” into skulls near you. Even spraying you with “blood” from the nearby victims.


  3. This is what I hate. You mention the documentary can stil be found on the internet. Well it so why do you do a little more for the article and give everyone a link to it?


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