Here is why.

Because according to the Institute of International Finance global debt, including borrowing by households, governments and companies have jumped to more than three times the size of the global economy.

Because consumption has been subsidized w/debt borrowed.

Because preparedness for Pandemic is low.

Because in an increasingly fractured world where nationalism is often prized over cooperation.

Because multinational institutions have little or no teeth.  

Because there will be a bloodbath on the world stock markets.

Because without trucks, ships, etc goods don’t move.

Because of runaway cost inflation. Less consumption, idle factories, broken global supply chains.

This presentation PROOVES WITHOUT DOUBT that America is in for a major fight that will put you and your family in the firing line, literally… So make sure you watch this presentation while it’s still online…

Because of the purchasing power of money. Without the massive government subsidies, there would be no banking profits, no management bonuses, no functioning finance. 

Because you can’t print your way out of debt. 

Because what we have is all government spending is debt because most are borrowed from the magical money machine called the Central Bank

Because No one knows what to do. We are in new territory here. By the time we figure out how to do it climate change will produce billions of refugees

Because clickbait headlines flooded the Internet.

Because anyone who doesn’t think the outbreak of the virus will not have a huge impact on their way of life, our economy and the world economy is truly ignorant of the situation. The opiate of the uncultivated herd.

Because right now it is interfering with the production of all sorts of things that most of us take for granted every single day.

Because it’s not possible to quarantine the world and the virus will probably with us beyond this year. a new mutation of the coronavirus will hit us every year, and it will keep coming back.

Because let’s call a spade a spade it’s going to get very ugly over the next few months. Do you know where your money really is?

My personal opinion is to keep your natural immune system at the highest working levels. I cannot prescribe anything. Ignore the click-bait headlines meant to get you on some web site. 

The moment of truth is yet to come we will be all offline however perception drives reality.

If the people on this planet believe that their health is threatened by this virus, the global economy, already on thin ice, will collapse. 

It is going to cost the global economy more than money unfortunately some of us will never know what hit it.  Covid-19 another word for Inequality.

Assuming markets don’t go into a tailspin, the economic impact of the virus this year will vary from nation to nation, depending on how much stimulus the government can afford. Investors are confident that Beijing will spend whatever it takes to keep China’s economy moving, and that the Fed will provide enough easy money to keep growth alive in the United States. High in the at-risk category: Europa and USA, both hard hit by the coronavirus, and hard pressed to fund new stimulus measures.

Whatever course the coronavirus takes, it is already accelerating de-globalisation, which began when countries turned inward after the global financial crisis of 2008 and cross-border flows of people, goods and money slowed. Fear of contagion is likely to deepen the conviction of populist politicians who want to block imports and immigrants anyway.

The trend towards localisation – companies looking to produce more locally, and consumers looking to buy from local brands – is likely to pick up speed. The roster of manufacturers who are moving factories out of China, in search of lower wages and a less risky business environment, will grow.

The longer the virus lasts and the farther it spreads, the bigger these impacts will be. Hopefully, history repeats itself and like other epidemics this one too peaks and passes quickly. But one thing the coronavirus has already shown is that the market is a fickle beast and its daily medical opinions need to be read with caution.

Our forefathers lost knowledge must be kept alive by all means. So before you go please take a second and think how you can benefit from their wisdom.

In the next crisis these lost skills will be more valuable than gold, food supplies and survival equipment combined. These skills have been tested and proven to work for centuries.

This is wild lettuce also known as opium lettuce… for a good reason. It has side effects similar to Morphine but milder, being by far the strongest natural painkiller that grows in your backyard.

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