The United States Is In A Time Of Great Danger – It Feels Like A Civil War Is Imminent! Do Nothing And You Will Make Sure Your Wife And Mother And Children Will Be Raped And Potentially Murdered

The fear campaign has served as an instrument of disinformation.

In the course of the last eleven months starting in early January, I have analyzed almost on a daily basis the timeline and evolution of the Covid crisis. From the very outset in January 2020, people were led to believe and accept the existence of a rapidly progressing and dangerous epidemic.

Media lies sustained the image of a killer virus which initially contributed to destabilizing US-China trade and disrupting air travel. And then in February “V- the Virus” (which incidentally is similar to seasonal influenza) was held responsible for triggering the most serious financial crisis in World history. 

And then on March 11, a lockdown was imposed on 193 member states on the United Nations, leading to the “closure” of national economies Worldwide.

Starting in October,  a “second wave” was announced. “The pandemic is not over”.

The fear campaign prevails. And people are now led to believe that the corona vaccine sponsored by their governments is the “solution”. And that “normality” will  be restored once the entire population of the planet has been vaccinated.

Welcome to the age of the transhumans. If we allow it.

This presentation PROOVES WITHOUT DOUBT that America is in for a major fight that will put you and your family in the firing line, literally… So make sure you watch this presentation while it’s still online…

As COVID-19 continues to ravage our nation, the economic toll is racing to outstrip the toll in lives taken. While there is clearly no way of comparing the two, the millions of people who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic are the ones who are suffering the brunt of shutting down our country. Many of those people will never get those jobs back, because the companies who laid them off have gone bankrupt.

We have yet to see the full impact that COVID-19 will have on our country and the world.  Even so, it’s surprising that we haven’t yet entered into a time of economic depression. Many financial gurus are predicting that it’s just around the corner, so we’re clearly not out of danger yet. Probably the only way we’re going to see the end of that risk, is by going through the depression and coming out the other side.

Most Americans who have been around for a while know life is nothing like it used to be. When someone wanted a job one was found with a little bit of searching. Today jobs are difficult to find, especially in small communities.

When I was growing up in the 70’s, there were several car dealers in my community. There were three tractor dealers and too many mom and pop stores to count. Today there are two used car dealers and the nearest tractor dealer is twenty miles away. So how is it that we now have more people, but fewer businesses to employ them?

A nations wealth is derived from having a product to sell. That wealth needs to circulate in towns and cities to compound the wealth effect and create jobs and businesses. When wealth is not created or it is siphoned off to other places, the wealth effect can not happen, and in many cases goes into reverse. A community needs a certain amount of service related jobs to function but it also needs some type of production jobs to bring in money from the outside. This can be mining , agriculture or manufacturing type jobs, but they must exist to insure a healthy economy.

America has two major problems today. A large amount of our production is done outside the country eliminating production jobs in local communities and many of the small local businesses that kept wealth within communities have been supplanted by large corporations that siphon wealth out of communities and send it to wall street.

In the past when a small business made profit, that profit was kept in the local community because that is where the owner lived. Now, that profit leaves the community never to be seen again. With less money to circulate within the community the businesses that depend on people spending their extra dollars, have fewer customers and eventually go out of business. With fewer jobs there is that much less money circulating and the economic situation spirals down until nothing is left.

These days corporate businesses and government jobs make up the major part of many local communities. In many cases if it were not for the government jobs, many communities would no longer exist. So what do you think would happen if the government suddenly no longer had money to pay those workers? What would happen if corporate profits dropped to the point where corporate stores decided to close and cut their losses?

To some extent we are seeing this happen now in many places. Corporate stores moved in and drove small local businesses out. Then when the profits dried up the corporate stores closed leaving the community with no jobs or products to buy. With no capital in the local communities to rebuild small businesses, the people simply drive to other areas to do their shopping.

The corporate cronies and government laggards control most of the money flowing through communities now and they want to keep it that way. Any attempt to rebuild local businesses is met with luke warm results. Any business that might make a difference is either killed outright or regulated into oblivion before it can get off the ground. The county where I live has all but abandoned local businesses. The bulk of their income comes from property taxes generated by vacation homes and retirement homes of retired government employees. As long as the government pensions and paychecks continue, they see no reason to change the status quo. The result is that the younger people leave as soon as they can and the average age of the population continues to get older. As with many places today, this area has no future.

Where I live is a microcosm of the nation. Corporate and government entities continue to siphon what little money there is out of communities and just as small communities are dying, the nation will soon follow if current trends do not change. A return to small local economics is the only way to reverse some of the damage and keep our communities livable. But, do not be deceived. There is no way to undo all of the damage that has been done and even if we survive, we will only be a shadow of what we once were as a nation

Will Americans just let this happen? Will lazy Patriots just give a minimal effort?
For readiness, the hour glass has almost run out! In the absence of your local FEMA rep (that is, local spy) organize your neighbors into groups of three and four (so they can’t be infiltrated) and get ready! There is a Wild Ride just ahead! Let’s make a swift effort of taking the Red door, now opening, and painting it black!  Death to all destroyers of America!

Otherwise, the death of America is at hand. And the greatest betrayer of the children and aging of America will be… You! You!  Do nothing and you will make sure your wife and mother and children will be raped and injured beyond belief! Are we locked and loaded yet?

In this short VIDEO, I will unearth A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago

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Here is just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in this massive 300-page sequel (in color) to The Lost Ways:

  • A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago. This mysterious dish was just recently rediscovered by NASA who has been giving away rations of it to our brave men and women in their month-long space missions. The Incas stored it in pit holes for up to 10 years, ate it year-round, and actually used it to survive a 4 year long super-drought that wiped out their southern neighbors. So, if it managed to save the Incas centuries ago and it still works for our astronauts today, you can bet your last dollar it will keep you and your family well fed in any crisis. And the best part is that you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

8 thoughts on “The United States Is In A Time Of Great Danger – It Feels Like A Civil War Is Imminent! Do Nothing And You Will Make Sure Your Wife And Mother And Children Will Be Raped And Potentially Murdered

  1. Locked, loaded and prepped here in Canada…but I can guarantee I am the only person within 5 blocks of my house who is. so many sheep in denial.

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  2. This is why Trump wanted laws against the electronic MSM and McConnel made sure this did not pass making him one of the greatest traitors and it came from our party. Did not Yahusha say a man’s worst enemy is of his own family?


  3. WHEN YOU PUT MORONS IN CHARGE OF YOUR COUNTRY,they bring in all their friends,and they have NOTHING to lose, because they know THERE ARE NO MEN to do anything about it,at one time CHILD MOLESTERS WERE TARED AND FEATHERED THEN HANGED AT THE EDGE OF TOWN FROM A TREE LIMB,the town was safe for the children to play anywhere they wanted..THEN you turned over the protection of the children to YOUR HERO’S,and haft of them were child rapest ,preditors and kidnappers,AND NOW every whore on earth is running the government ,HAHAHA,and NOW YOU HAVE TO FIGHT THEM ALL ..OR DIE…good luck SLAVES,they’ll be coming for the last of the men shortly,YOU’VE ALREADY LOST YOUR COUNTRY,and now your going to lose everything you own…HOWS laying on the couch watching Football working out for you,you fat, drunk lazy bastards,Go take out the trash like your boss told you..the fat whore in the kitchen..


    1. do you even know what a sentence is?
      where did you learn to write? i am impressed with the use of capital letters though. LOL
      did you every get out of 8th grade?


  4. My discernment leads me to believe that you’re a CCP infiltrator waiting for the demise of America so you can invite all your comrades to come and pick clean the ones of the nation. Well, don’t bet on it. America still stands. Yes, there are problems but She is a formidable foe. It isn’t over until it’s over.
    All those who are patriots, know this: CCP has plans to exterminate every man, woman and child who occupy space in this country. Best get ready for the worst case scenario.


  5. Partial nationwide list of members of the Communist / domestic terrorist front group Antifa

    Key: Antifa with a “*” before their list number are Antifa who are known to be violent.

    1. Lacy MacAuley (Leader): Washington, DC
    *2. Daryle Lamont Jenkins (Leader): Philly, PA
    3. Spencer George Sunshine (Leader): Brooklyn, NY
    *4. John Michael Carico (Leader): Chattanooga, TN
    *5. Renee Campbell Hall [INJURED]: Chattanooga, TN
    *6. Alexander Stokes Contompasis AKA Alex Stokes (Leader): Albany, NY
    7. Nicolas “Nic” Roy McCarthy-Rivera (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
    8. Andrew Gil Mayton (Leader): Baltimore, MD
    *9. Alexandra Shiflett: Bel Air, MD
    *10. Cameron Rines: Severna Park, MD
    11. Kelly Dietrich: Baltimore, MD
    *12. Sean Gerwing Liter (Leader): Louisville, KY
    13. Holly McGlawn-Zoller (Leader) [INJURED]: Louisville, KY
    *14. Brent Vincent Betterly: Chicago, IL
    *15. William Cory Lovell/William Corey Lovell/Corey Lovell: Chicago, IL
    16. Jason Charter (Leader): Gaithersburg, MD
    *17. Kyle Benjamin Wright (Leader): Chantilly, VA
    *18. Rachel “Roody” Michelle Myles: Manassas, VA
    19. Shiquan Rah Jackson (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
    *20. Deandre Shakur Harris (ASH Seven Hills Antifa) [INJURED] [ARRESTED]: Suffolk, VA
    *21. Corey Alexander Long (Flamethrower) [ARRESTED]: Culpeper, VA
    22. Vonte “Vonzz” Long: Charlottesville, VA
    *23. Charles Allen Howard Jr. AKA Bear Allen: Baltimore, MD
    *24. Wyatt Reed: Elliston, VA
    25. Lena Marie Seville: Charlottesville, VA
    *26. Troy Thomas Dunigan [CONVICTED]: Chattanooga, TN
    *27. Jacob Leigh Smith [CONVICTED]: Louisa, VA
    *28. Jeff Fogel (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
    29. Lara Rogers: Charlottesville, VA
    *30. Edgar Brandon Collins [CONVICTED]: Charlottesville, VA
    *31. Alec Summerfield (Leader): Maryland
    *32. Dan Nguyen: Maryland
    33. Jesse Schultz
    34. Glenn Cantave: New York City, NY
    *35. Hawk Newsome (Leader): New York City, NY
    36. Medea Benjamin/Susan Benjamin (Leader): Washington, DC
    37. Tighe Barry (Leader): Washington, DC
    *38. Antonio “Tony” Wells: Charlottesville, VA
    39. Evan “Hen” Henderson: Charlottesville, VA
    40. Jay Scott: Waynesboro, VA
    41. Cornel West (Leader)
    42. Wednesday Allie Vulpes Bowie (ASH Seven Hills Antifa) [INJURED]
    43. Marcus Martin [INJURED]: Lovingston, VA
    44. Marissa K Blair
    45. Courtney Leigh Commander: Charlottesville, VA
    46. Nicholas Feggans: Charlottesville, VA
    47. Jon Ziegler AKA Rebelutionary Z: Montrose, PA
    48. Jake Westly Anderson (Renegade Media)
    49. Bill Burke (International Socialist Organization: Athens, OH) [INJURED]: Hockingport, Ohio
    50. Jack Basile
    51. Natalie Romero [INJURED]
    52. Devin Willis: Charlottesville, VA
    53. Claire Millicent Wyatt: Washington, DC
    *54. George Steppe: Charlottesville, VA
    55. Joshua Lopez: New York City, NY
    56. Michael Nigro
    57. Abdul Aziz
    58. Kim Cookemboo/Kim Ottensmeyer
    *59. Sara Michel Tansey: Charlottesville, VA
    60. Tom Perriello
    61. Mitchell Elmo Fryer/Mitchell Lewis
    62. Gabriel Komisar
    63. David Cole
    64. Cody Von Kradz
    65. Lee Patterson: Baltimore, MD
    66. Ed Hunt
    67. Stuart D Leitch: Charlottesville, VA
    68. Sandi Bachom [INJURED]
    69. Kelly Carson: Richmond, VA
    70. Bernadette Christopher Morrell Karpf: Philadelphia, PA
    71. Sarah Delaney: Harrisonburg, VA
    72. Jay Tubb
    73. Brandy Gonzalez
    74. Brianna Herrera/Emma Kaplan (Leader): Brooklyn, NY
    75. Lisa Moore
    76. Cora Schenberg
    *77. Kyle Reedy: Washington, DC
    78. David Vaughn Straughn: Charlottesville, VA
    79. Zach D Roberts
    80. Brittany Caine-Conley (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
    81. Claudene “Deane” Oliva (Leader): Bowling Green, KY
    82. Blake Montgomery
    83. Kim Michetti Rolla (Leader): Richmond, VA
    84. Elspeth Reeve
    85. Osagyefo Sekou (Leader): St. Louis, MO
    86. José Angel Romero (Leader): Durham, NC
    *87. Daniel Barak Fargason AKA Owsi MacFearchar AKA Ötzi MacFearchar: Richmond, VA
    88. Weston Gobar: Charlottesville, VA
    89. Aryn A. Frazier
    90. Isabella Ciambotti: Charlottesville, VA
    91. Colleen Cook
    *92. Chance Hayes/Zecharia Hayes: Spotsylvania, VA
    93. Sandy Miller
    94. Kasey Kelly Landrum
    95. Shay Horse
    *96. Kim Marie Kelly (Leader): New York City, NY
    97. Theodore Edward Whitelow: Harrisonburg, VA
    98. Nathaniel “Nate” Chase (Leader): New York City, NY
    *99. Nupol Kiazolu: New York City, NY
    100. Taryn Fivek (Leader): New York City, NY
    101. Ed Zavada: Austin, TX
    102. Timothy Porter: Charlottesville, VA
    103. Tyler Magill: Charlottesville, VA
    *104. Jeffrey Matthew Winder [CONVICTED]: Charlottesville, VA
    *105. Kenneth Robert Litzenberger [ARRESTED]: Charlottesville, VA
    *106. Phoebe LaFroy Stevens [CONVICTED]: Charlottesville, VA
    107. Edward “Emily Florence” Gorcenski: Charlottesville, VA
    108. Amanda Patrice Moore AKA Nita-Lynn Patrice: New York City, NY
    *109. Jermaine Soo-Tim: New York City, NY
    110. Brandon J Taylor: Hampton, NJ
    111. Seth Wispelwey: Charlottesville, VA
    112. Nikuyah Walker (Leader): Charlottesville, VA
    113. Heather Kidd: Shipman, VA
    114. Gretchen Burgess: Charlottesville, VA
    *115. Tom Keenan (Leader)
    *116. Gregory Southall Williams (Leader): Durham, NC
    117. Megan Squire (Leader): Gibsonville, NC
    118. Anthony “Tony” Crider
    119. Beth Reid: Richmond, VA
    120. Greyson Goodenow
    121. Sally Rose: Charlottesville, VA
    122. Laura Albert: Charlottesville, VA
    123. Brian Wimer: Charlottesville, VA
    124. Alex Rubinstein
    125. Erin A Corbett: Brooklyn, NY
    *126. Corey Lee Lemley (Leader) (Dates Giovanna Angelina Romkee): Nashville, TN
    127. Marvin Leterrius Spencer III: Sherwood, AR
    *128. Kristopher Cheney Goad: Richmond, VA
    129. Jonathan Taylor Canfield
    *130. Caleb Michael Burroughs: Macon, NC
    131. Kendall Jennifer Bills: Charlottesville, VA
    132. Loren Danielle Oliver-Balerna (Dates Jacob Leigh Smith): Louisa, VA
    133. Jeanne Marie Peterson(Stevens) AKA Star Lucinda [INJURED]: Charlottesville, VA
    134. Christopher Thomas Schiano (Unicorn Riot)
    135. Wendy Parker (Unicorn Riot)
    136. Pat Boyle (Unicorn Riot)
    137. Daniel Hosterman: Durham, NC
    138. Alec R Hosterman: Farmville, VA
    139. Lillian Dana Prosperino: Whitesburg, KY
    140. Kaitlyn “Kait” Dugan
    141. Brandy Daniels: Charlottesville, VA
    142. Alexandra “Alexa” Michelle Stott: Raleigh, NC
    143. Gretchen Honnold
    144. Korla Masters
    145. Heather Wilson
    146. Brennan Gilmore
    *147. Mik Plungis: Catonsville, MD
    *148. Julia Bates: Takoma Park, MD
    149. Jack Vaughan: Takoma Park, MD
    *150. William Healy: Maryland
    151. Sylvan Miller: Charlottesville, VA
    *152. Paul Minton
    153. Frances Richards: Charlottesville, VA
    154. Chelsea Marie Stabler AKA Chelsea Marie Melanthios: Charlottesville, VA
    155. Mark Aloysious Strandquist: Richmond, VA
    156. Courtney Bowles: Philadelphia, PA
    157. Damani Harrison: Charlottesville, VA
    158. Michael Green: Charlottesville, VA
    159. Rosia Parker: Charlottesville, VA
    160. Jeanne Pupke: Richmond, VA
    161. Eze Amos: Charlottesville, VA
    162. Brent Combs: Washington, DC
    163. Jamie Dyer
    164. Andrew Shurtleff: Charlottesville, VA
    165. Jason Espie: Charlottesville, VA
    166. Alice Beecher: Whitesburg, KY
    167. Laura Cross: Charlottesville, VA
    168. Héctor E Alcalá
    169. Mark Tinkleman: Philadelphia, PA
    170. Brian D McLaren
    171. Jeffrey C Pugh
    172. Bob Gibson: Charlottesville, VA
    173. Jackson Landers: Charlottesville, VA
    174. Brian “Cricket” Rakita: Louisa, VA
    175. Sean Tubbs: Charlottesville, VA
    176. Jay McNeal
    177. Mostafa Bassim Adly
    178. Michael Fitts
    179. Katherine Sigman
    180. Mark Ludak: Lambertville, NJ
    181. Samuel Corum: Washington, DC
    182. Claire-Marie Brisson
    183. Evan Nesterak: Charlottesville, VA
    184. John Neavear
    185. Bob Rodgers: Richmond, VA
    186. Jack Smith IV: New York City, NY
    187. Kim Kelley-Wagner: Charlottesville, VA
    188. Wes Bellamy: Charlottesville, VA
    189. Andrew Batcher: Washington, DC
    190. Phillip Igyarto: Springfield, VA
    191. Jocelyn Prostko
    192. Jacob Bonham AKA Aurora Powell: Charlottesville, VA
    193. Pete Deer: Charlottesville, VA
    194. Stephen “Steveo” Lamont Betties: Charlottesville, VA
    195. Brian Shepherd: Louisa, VA
    *196. Tim “Sauce” Brown: Charlottesville, VA
    197. Don Diego
    198. Baynard Woods
    199. Brandon Soderberg
    200. Hamilton Matthew Masters/Matt Masters
    201. Jason C Andrew
    202. Tobias Wolf
    203. Morgan Hopkins AKA Morgan Freegan
    204. Hawes Spencer: Charlottesville, VA
    *205. Jordan McNeish
    206. John Zangas: Washington, DC
    207. Pat Jarrett
    208. Laura Sennett
    *209. Connor Hicks Douglas: New York City, NY
    *210. Caleb Gibrahn Perkins: New York City, NY
    211. Michael Gould-Wartofsky: New York City, NY
    *212. Chandler William Coates: Louisville, KY
    213. Elizabeth Ann Sines
    214. Leanne Chia
    215. Ian Frank
    216. William Nix AKA Maddie Boyd Nix AKA Madeline Hatter: Chattanooga, TN
    *217. Jeanette Hoppe Burleigh: Lebanon, OH
    218. Charles Edward Robb: Louisville, KY
    *219. Sam Schafer: Louisville, KY
    220. Samantha Peacoe/Samantha Peace: Charlottesville, VA
    221. Jordon Rooney: Pittsburgh, PA
    222. Dave Wright: Pittsburgh, PA
    223. Otis Harrison: Staunton, VA
    224. Dom Bowman: Norfolk, VA
    225. Andrew Kimmel
    226. Mario Benabe: Bronx, NY
    227. Sally Louise Gallagher Swope: Charlottesville, VA
    228. Jessica Jude: Durham, NC
    229. Joshua Eaton
    230. Robert King/Bobby King: Indianapolis, IN
    231. Alan Pyke
    232. Marisa Holmes (Leader): New York City, NY
    233. Robert John Winant: Philadelphia, PA
    234. Celeste O’Connor: Maryland
    *235. Anthony White: Chicago, IL
    236. Carl Dix (Leader)
    237. Dan Gottlieb
    238. Tadrint “Tay” R. Washington: Charlottesville, VA [INJURED]
    239. Constance Paige [INJURED]
    240. Jason Wilson: Portland, OR
    241. Lana J Heath de Martínez
    242. Christopher Tweel
    243. Lee Marc White: Charlottesville, VA
    244. Brady Earnhart: Charlottesville, VA
    245. Delores Rocha Chadwick: Charlottesville, VA
    *246. Lindsey Elizabeth Moers: Philadelphia, PA
    *247. Shawn Menne: Moorestown, NJ/Philadelphia, PA
    248. Vanessa Bolin
    249. Beth Alexander
    250. Kelly Murphy
    251. Kali Cichon
    252. Anthony Riondino: New Brunswick, NJ
    253. Jason Peterson
    *254. Charles “Chuck” Modiano
    255. Ian Reid
    256. Kat McNeal
    257. Melissa Thomas McKenney: Richmond, VA
    258. Phil Wilayto: Richmond, VA
    259. Alexandra Cope: Lynchburg, VA/Portland, OR
    260. Riley McCarthy Bigg
    261. Leila Chipowicz
    262. Doug Eddy: Charlottesville, VA
    263. Caris Adel: Charlottesville, VA
    264. David L R Hoover: Norfolk, VA
    265. Kim Bobo: Richmond, VA
    266. Landon Shroder
    267. Jason Lappa: Charlottesville, VA
    268. Allison MacEwen
    269. Charles Rasputin: Norfolk, VA
    270. Brendan Orsinger (Leader): Washington, DC
    271. Debra Zervas: Norfolk, VA
    272. Craig Eastman
    *273. Sean Golash (Leader): Washington, DC
    274. Colleen Amelia Sharp: Durham, NC
    275. Matteus Frankovich: Charlottesville, VA
    276. Alan Goffinski: Charlottesville, VA
    277. Beñat Quartararo: Raleigh, NC
    278. Quamia Dennis: Charlottesville, VA
    279. Austin Gonzalez (Leader): Richmond, VA
    280. Joe Heim: Washington, DC
    281. Tracye Prince DeSon: Washington, DC
    282. Julie Van: Washington, DC
    283. Donna Gasapo
    284. Daniel Shular
    285. Logan Rimel: Berkeley, CA
    286. Arlo Millich: Charlottesville, VA
    287. Sapphyre Miria: Louisa, VA
    *288. Edmund Frost (Leader): Louisa, VA
    289. Mark Groeneveld
    290. Ruth van Veenendaal: Pitman, NJ
    291. Bill Engler: Williamstown, NJ
    292. Dianne Deming Bearinger: Charlottesville, VA
    293. Mariah Connie Dean: Charlottesville, VA
    294. Katie Spencer White: Charlottesville, VA
    295. David Hunter
    296. Alexandra Kedrock: Charlottesville, VA
    297. Kristin Adolfson
    298. Eleanor Goldfield
    299. Mardokai Russom: Rockville, MD
    300. Laurel Hoa
    301. Reagan Greenfield: Charlottesville, VA
    302. Kendall King-Sellars: Richmond, VA
    *303. Stephen Lemons: Phoenix, AZ
    304. Stuart Holme: Charlottesville, VA
    305. Jeni Crockett-Holme: Charlottesville, VA
    306. Allison Wilkie: Keswick, VA
    307. James C Werner
    308. Douglas Robert Niven
    309. Caroline Polk: Charlottesville, VA
    310. Russell Richards: Charlottesville, VA
    311. Jennifer Lewis
    312. JoAnn Cunningham Tigert
    313. Patty Nourse Culbertson
    314. Pam Gibson
    315. Douglas Turner Day: Waynesboro, VA
    316. Mary Manning Stewart: Charlottesville, VA
    317. Kate Sedgwick Davidson
    318. Ethan Lipscomb: Charlottesville, VA
    319. Matt Turner
    320. Stephen Barling: Charlottesville, VA
    *321. Shane Davidson
    322. Traci Blackmon: St. Louis, MO
    323. Micah Washington: Charlottesville, VA [INJURED]
    324. Ken E Nwadike Jr.
    325. Alex Bower: Charlottesville, VA
    326. Shadell Hughes: Charlottesville, VA
    327. Jordy Yager
    328. Dave Norris (Former Charlottesville Mayor): Charlottesville, VA
    329. Natalie Brinton Krovetz: Charlottesville, VA
    330. Jill Duffield: Charlottesville, VA
    331. Kristina Korobeynikova: Louisa, VA
    332. AD Carson: Charlottesville, VA
    333. Meredith Rose: Charlottesville, VA
    334. Kyle Rose: Charlottesville, VA
    335. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza
    *336. Don Gathers: Charlottesville, VA
    337. John Stanmeyer
    338. Phil Woodson: Charlottesville, VA
    339. Linda Peebles
    340. Max Hess
    341. Elaine Ellis Thomas: Charlottesville, VA
    342. Shannon Sherwood Johnston
    343. Jo Belser: Alexandria, VA
    344. Melanie Mullen: Washington, DC
    345. Theresa Lewallen: Alexandria, VA
    346. Bernard Cayce Ramey
    347. Walter Heinecke: Charlottesville, VA
    348. Allen Groves
    349. John R Penley: New York, NY
    350. Brenda “Bee” Lambert
    351. Sandy Hausman
    352. Eric Cortellessa
    353. Joe LoCascio
    354. Brenda Brown-Grooms: Charlottesville, VA
    355. Matthew Hatcher: Columbus, OH
    356. Seth Herald
    357. Megan Jelinger: Lima, OH
    358. Sylwia Siemion: New York, NY
    359. Aaron Cohen: Brooklyn, NY
    360. Hawkins Dale: Charlottesville, VA
    *361. Lucha Bright: Chicago, IL
    362. Aaron Thomas
    363. Charlie Gilliam: Charlottesville, VA
    364. Anne Meng: Charlottesville, VA
    365. Dolly Joseph
    366. Kristen Wilson Pingry
    367. Bill Gohl: Baltimore, MD
    368. Kim Triplett
    369. James Mauney: Salem, VA
    370. Lura N Groen
    371. Noah C Goodwin AKA Noah St Jacques
    372. Monica Painter Martin
    373. Rachel Gilmore: Virginia Beach, VA
    374. Irma Heppner Mahone: Charlottesville, VA
    375. Robbie Hott: Charlottesville, VA
    376. Patricia Rowley Hott: Charlottesville, VA
    377. Radcliffe “Ruddy” Roye
    378. Antonio Mitchell
    379. Sherin Nowrouz
    380. Chaimaa Oualia: Woodbridge, VA
    381. Sophie Schectman [INJURED]
    382. Rebecca Schectman
    383. George Curbelo (Traitor)
    384. Dave Bruton: Charlottesville, VA
    385. Maria Cristina Trutanich: Winston-Salem, NC/Long Beach, CA
    386. Matthew Donald Casella: Greensboro, NC
    387. Lindsay Kate Caesar: Greensboro, NC
    388. Kathy Shearer: Emory, VA
    389. Rees Shearer: Emory, VA
    390. Kristin Layng Szakos: Charlottesville, VA
    391. Robert Creigh Deeds: Hot Springs, VA
    392. Robin Kunkel: Lexington, KY
    393. Gabe Cavallaro: Waynesboro, VA
    394. Peter Moskowitz: New York, NY
    395. Jalane Schmidt: Charlottesville, VA
    396. Ned Oliver: Richmond, VA
    397. Jackie Kruszewski: Richmond, VA
    398. Ryan M Kelly: Richmond, VA
    399. Chenjerai Kumanyika: Philadelphia, PA
    400. Saadiqa Kumanyika: Philadelphia, PA
    401. Zoe Spellman/Zoe McDowell: Charlottesville, VA
    402. Meredith Sam O’Leary: Charlottesville, VA
    403. David Freeman: Silk Hope, NC
    404. Winnie Varghese: New York, NY
    405. Laura Saunders
    406. Jamie Ballinger: Charlottesville, VA
    407. Samantha Towett: Charlottesville, VA
    408. Elizabeth Hancock: Charlottesville, VA
    409. Devin Gentry: Charlottesville, VA
    *410. Joseph Culver
    411. Aaliyah Jones
    412. Candice Maupin: Charlottesville, VA
    413. Jacobie Artasia Maupin: Charlottesville, VA
    414. Jonasia Maupin: Charlottesville, VA
    415. Casey Ian Patchell
    416. CJ Hunt
    417. Mitchell Kordella: Richmond, VA
    418. Michael Shallal: Washington, DC
    419. Victor Thorp
    *420. Nicholas “Nic” Evan Smith (Leader): Roanoke, VA
    421. Juliana Colette
    422. Benjamin Gray
    423. Eva Pilgrim
    424. Bo Erickson
    425. Preston Willett
    *426. John Andrew “Andy” Mulligan: Perkasie, PA
    *427. Caeden Famiglio: Philadelphia, PA
    428. Blair Sydnor Flynn
    429. Anej Rendrag: Richmond, VA
    430. Bessie Mae Hutt
    431. Sheila Blackford: Charlottesville, VA
    432. Tim Dodson: Charlottesville, VA
    433. Adam Slate: Charlottesville, VA
    434. Robert D Lewis: Charlottesville, VA
    435. Bethney Foster
    436. Bonnie Louise: Des Moines, IA
    437. Bryan C Mann: Jamaica Plain, MA
    438. Lisa Sharon Harper: Washington, DC
    439. Carlton Elliott Smith: Holly Springs, MS
    440. Susan Frederick-Gray
    441. Sahar Alsahlani: New York, NY
    442. Adam King
    443. Marguerite Gallorini: Charlottesville, VA
    444. Mary A Braden: Baltimore, MD
    445. Alethea Leventhal: Charlottesville, VA
    446. Scott Marzano: Charlottesville, VA
    447. Paul Beyer: Charlottesville, VA
    448. Gene Osborn: Charlottesville, VA
    449. Garrett Trent: Charlottesville, VA
    450. Kirk Conard
    451. Jeffrey P Mickle
    452. Forrest Swope: Charlottesville, VA
    453. Christopher Mathias: New York, NY
    454. Ronald Bailey: Washington, DC
    *455. Dwayne Emil Dixon: Durham, NC
    456. Ben Sherman: Lexington, KY
    *457. Maya Malika: Chicago, IL
    458. Ari Daniels: Charlottesville, VA
    459. Chris Suarez: Charlottesville, VA
    460. Lauren Berg: Charlottesville, VA
    461. Eberhard Jehle: Charlottesville, VA
    462. Joel M Gunter: London, England, UK
    463. Sara Flounders
    *464. Ronaldo Jahman Dixon: Morgantown, WV
    465. Stephen D Melkisethian: Bethesda, MD
    466. Rafael E Justo
    467. Karla Ann Coté
    *468. Jennifer “Kittie” Sobolowski/Jennifer “Kittie” Sobolewski/Jennifer Maria Sobolewski (Baked Sprayer GF/Spencer Sunshine GF/EX!): Jackson Heights, Queens, NY
    469. Glenna Gordon
    470. Christian W McMillen: Charlottesville, VA
    471. Gary Powell: Charlottesville, VA
    472. Jasmine Turner
    473. Susan Melkisethian
    474. Raman Pfaff: Charlottesville, VA
    475. Nathan Sheard
    476. Jessica Lehrman
    477. Allie Conti
    478. Zach Caldwell
    479. Montae Lamar Taylor: Richmond, VA
    480. Tanesha Hudson: Charlottesville, VA
    481. Jordan Green
    482. Orlando de Guzman
    483. Jeannette Candelario
    484. Aneyssa Harris
    485. Brandon Dudley
    486. Nadia Owusu: Baltimore, MD
    487. James Lewis: New York, NY
    488. Jeannie Nelson
    489. Matt Korbon: Charlottesville, VA
    490. Sam Becker
    491. Sarah Rankin
    492. Alba Onofrio
    493. Yazmeen Nuñez: Richmond, VA
    494. Emily Kingsley
    495. Haley W Douglass
    496. Michael Douglass
    497. Sarah Crisman: Alexandria, VA
    498. Destiny D Aman: Alexandria, VA
    499. Amanda Hendler-Voss: Dumfries, VA
    500. Karen Murray Rivers/Karen E Rivers: Woodbridge, VA
    501. Marina Brock: Richmond, VA
    502. Melanie Monteclaro Pace: Charlottesville, VA
    503. Terri Gerald: Charlottesville, VA
    504. Andy B Campbell: New York, NY
    505. Elizabeth Marfell
    *506. Donald Blakney [ARRESTED]: Charlottesville, VA
    507. Joseph Robert Mee AKA Joseph Cornelius Suttree
    508. James Dean Seal: New York, NY
    509. Christopher P Schulz
    510. Christine Mihelcic
    511. Taj Arya Leblanc
    *512. Rourke Thomas Winder: Afton, VA
    513. Rosemarie Harper: Afton, VA
    514. Ryan Wender: Afton, VA
    515. Melissa Wender: Charlottesville, VA
    516. Blake Caravati: Charlottesville, VA
    517. Luis Oyola: Charlottesville, VA
    518. Michael Bruder
    519. Stephen S Daniels: Charlottesville, VA
    520. Andy Orban: Charlottesville, VA
    521. Alan Box Levine: Charlottesville, VA
    522. Jennifer Esser: Charlottesville, VA
    523. Jeanine Bordeau
    524. Ruis Owin Brown: Charlottesville, VA
    525. Tess Yergin/Teresa Collier: Charlottesville, VA
    526. Joseph “Joey” Fowler: Charlottesville, VA
    527. Ava Elizabeth Collins: Charlottesville, VA
    528. Morgan Kiesler: Charlottesville, VA
    529. Michael Cary Bragg: Winston-Salem, NC
    530. Henry Graff: Charlottesville, VA
    531. Allison Wrabel: Charlottesville, VA
    532. Roxanne Croft/Roxanne Barreto
    *533. James Wilson: Carrboro, NC
    534. John Rudoff: Portland, OR
    535. Robyn Gurinsky Weatherford: Charlottesville, VA
    536. Candi Richards: Richmond, VA
    537. Marc Adams: Charlottesville, VA
    538. Gina R Carroll: Waynesboro, VA
    539. Bernard Dukes
    540. Christopher Newman: Charlottesville, VA
    541. Adam Luke Senecaut (Leader): Chapel Hill, NC
    542. Trish Kahle: Greensboro, NC
    543. Jennifer Walker: Charlottesville, VA
    544. Corey R Miles: Blacksburg, VA
    545. Thomas Burwell: Greensboro, NC
    546. Rachel Samuels
    547. Abdulelah Aljawarneh (Illegal Alien)
    548. Alvin C Jacobs Jr.
    549. Jabeen Akhtar
    550. Craig Stanley
    551. Eric Hurt
    552. Dan Miller
    553. Rebecca Edwards: Charlottesville, VA
    554. Ben Doherty
    555. Lisa Woolfork: Charlottesville, VA
    556. J Herman Jones: Waynesboro, VA/Richmond, VA
    557. Liz Goodwyn: Charlottesville, VA
    558. Bryce Woodrell: Orange, VA
    559. Luke Dahl: Charlottesville, VA
    560. Megan Renfro: Charlottesville, VA
    561. Rob T Scott: Charlottesville, VA
    562. Laura Shumaker Drummond
    563. Brittany Leach
    564. Anisa Gray Garnett
    565. Chance Drummond
    566. John Kluge: Charlottesville, VA
    567. Tammy Purcell: Louisa, VA
    568. Rhys D Baker: Washington, DC
    569. John W Last: Charlottesville, VA
    570. Krista Moore
    571. Xavier Torres de Janon: Philadelphia, PA
    572. Melissa Bohl
    573. Leigh Finnegan-Hosey: Washington, DC
    574. Andy Stepanian: Laguna Beach, CA
    575. Miranda Mossey: Salinas, CA
    576. Luke Harms/Luca Charms: Charlottesville, VA
    577. John D Copenhaver: Winchester, VA
    578. Katrina Turner
    579. Salem Pearce: Brooklyn, NY
    580. Lizz Goldstein
    581. Christina C DiPasquale: Washington, DC
    582. Jareyah Bradley
    583. Mimi Arbeit: Charlottesville, VA
    584. Laura Goldblatt
    585. Jenna Hochman
    586. Jason Lambert: Roanoke, VA
    587. Karen Castanes
    *588. Jabari Brisport: Brooklyn, NY
    589. Chris Dietrich
    590. Emmetri Beane
    591. David Curtis: Richmond, VA
    592. Edu Bayer: Brooklyn, NY
    593. Jeremy Jones: Charlottesville, VA
    594. Lisa Jones/Lisa Anne: Charlottesville, VA
    595. Richard A DeLoria
    596. Bryce Hardy: Lynchburg, VA
    597. Samuel Hardy: Lynchburg, VA
    598. Mykal McEldowney
    599. Melanie Jane Barnum: Charlottesville, VA
    600. Mai Shurtleff/AniClair Grey: Charlottesville, VA
    601. Suzanne Hall: Charlottesville, VA
    602. Damonia Lee: Charlottesville, VA
    603. Mike Barber: Charlottesville, VA
    604. Ethan Malamud: Richmond, VA
    605. Andy Hannas: Free Union, VA
    606. Jacin Buchanan: Richmond, VA
    607. Thomas Martinez Pilnik
    608. Rachel Zaslow
    609. Barbara Armacost: Charlottesville, VA
    610. Kevin Cope
    611. Mila Versteeg
    612. Anne M Coughlin
    613. Mark Langlet
    614. Courtney Koelbel
    615. Amanda Lineberry
    616. Kate Duvall
    617. Julia Davis
    618. Sean C Davis
    619. Lara Celeste Mack: Harrisonburg, VA
    620. Aubtin Heydari [INJURED]: Harrisonburg, VA
    621. Zach Williams: Harrisonburg, VA
    622. Will Mullany
    623. Judith Young
    624. Bradford Karl Slocum
    625. Josh Hebdon: Harrisonburg, VA
    626. Darryl W Cross
    627. Matthew O’Donnell
    628. April Muñiz: Charlottesville, VA
    629. Kailey Adkins
    630. Hannah Phillips Pearce: Charlottesville, VA
    631. Mark Apollo: New York, NY
    632. Brian Rule
    633. Melina Caprellian: Richmond, VA
    634. Therése Sylvia
    635. Chelsea Alvarado [INJURED]: Richmond, VA
    636. Paul D Murphy: Richmond, VA
    637. Martha Mccausland Ross Havens: Charlotte, NC
    *638. Thomas Jackson Massey: Philadelphia, PA
    639: Clare Ruday: Charlottesville, VA
    640. Alina Kilpatrick
    641. Paulina Leonovich: Washington, DC
    642. Franklin Bryan: Washington, DC
    *643. Michael J Longo Jr.: Philadelphia, PA
    644. Carly Romeo: Richmond, VA
    645. Alexis Morris [INJURED]
    646. Noelle Morris [INJURED]
    647. Margaret “Maggie” Nicole Dickhaus AKA Vaughn Stokes: Asheville, NC
    *648. Brian Bozicek: Philadelphia, PA
    *649. Laura F Evangelisto
    650. Alexander Stein


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