The U.S. Medical Profession Is Corrupt, Criminal, and Is Run By the State and Pharmaceutical Industry

“The most serious disorders may be provoked by the injection of living organisms into the blood, into a medium not intended for them, may provoke redoubtable manifestations of the gravest morbid phenomena.”

~ Antoine Bechamp

Generally speaking, medicine in this country, and in fact in most all the western world, has been mostly relegated to the promotion of treatment and surgery for mass profit. It has little if anything to do in today’s society with real health, prevention, and education, and has everything to do with causing ill health, sustaining sickness, long-term treatments, invasive and foreign intervention instead of natural healing, and seeks a monopoly over all health and medical matters at the expense of humanity. The totality of this current system has complete disregard for the most magnificent healing structure ever to exist in life, that of the natural human immune system. This is all due to forces in the past that purposely promoted “Germ Theory” instead of natural health in order to use people as fodder for this now multi-billion dollar industry.

With any consideration whatsoever of the current fraudulent ‘pandemic,’ the only conclusion to be reached is that the entirety of this mainstream medical system is based on money, power, and control. Those are the same agendas of the ruling class and the state, and this is no coincidence. In order to get the medical profession on board, all that was necessary was the incentive of money. Every ‘Covid’ procedure, from common checkups, testing, supplies, laboratory analysis, hospitalization, and treatment at every level, brought huge sums of money to doctors and hospitals. All they had to do was to use bogus testing, and then falsely codify the cause of death in order to help perpetuate a non-existent ‘virus pandemic.’  Once this false flag gained strength, the pharmaceutical giants began preparing toxic and poisonous ‘vaccines’ that would only cause more sickness and death. Again, this would perpetuate the Germ Theory nonsense, and would allow for many generations of intentionally cultivated subjects to become customers for this tainted industry. Big pharmaceutical companies were given a guaranteed market, and face no liability for their criminal actions, so the race to gain market share accelerated. That is after all, the basis of modern medicine.

Do not confuse what I am saying by assuming that I include every doctor, health worker, or medical scientist in this overview of a very corrupt system. In general terms, and considering the enormity of this horrible situation, the bulk of medical practice from the top down is complicit in what is happening today, but there are always those that do not comply, and that speak out about this travesty. Unfortunately, the American Medical Association (AMA) is the pinnacle of corruption and criminal behavior in this country, so its power and manner of conduct trickles down to every level of the medical system. The progression begins with the WHO and the CDC, but does not end there, as collusion among government bureaucracies, health organizations, medical insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, and every other form of fascist partnership in this organized medical crime syndicate, is like a giant web of deceit with a mission to harm and kill for profit.

Germs are not our enemies; they simply alert us to problems in our bodies that need attention. Getting sick is just the way our bodies rid us of toxins, and alert us that something is wrong inside in our internal environment if you will. Germs do not cause disease, but all the government interventions and mandated precautions do. Disease comes from within, not from outside, so those wearing masks are trapping all the toxins attempting to escape the body and then rebreathing them. In addition, the escaping germs are now contaminating the very mask said to be protecting you. Now you are being told to wear multiple masks, when just one mask can steal up to twenty percent of your oxygen intake. Imagine the harm that can come from blocking even more oxygen for you body that is wholly dependent on it?

Every government medical precaution issued due to this fake ‘virus’ enhances the risk of sickness and death. Every isolation, lockdown, mask mandate, distancing; every business closing, and every order that leads to stress, causes great harm to health. So do disinfectants, hand sanitizers, vaccines, disruption of food supplies, and malnutrition due to economic destruction at the hands of those claiming to protect you from germs. So why are the so-called medical authorities attempting to do you harm? The answer is clear, because sickness, dependency on government and health officials, and perpetual fear is what allows them to seek and gain money, power, and control.

The medical profession will not tell you the truth. Taking care of your body and mind, exposing yourself to as much as possible, being around other people, eating a good diet, listening to your own body, being outdoors, staying away from toxic foods, chemicals, radioactive frequencies, and invasive foreign injections such as vaccines, is what is necessary for good health. None of that is very costly, and huge profits are not generated for thieves when one takes care of their own health.

The state and the criminal medical system survive by lying and deceit in order to use you to generate profit. They care nothing about you, they care nothing about your health; in fact, the unhealthier you are, the better off they are. They only have incentive to harm you, so ignore their mandates, and their orders, and regain your freedom.

The government and ‘health’ organization’s list of symptoms has changed dramatically over time to include over 170 different symptoms. And this ridiculous list, which was compiled last October, will certainly grow even more. Every single person could easily have one or more of these symptoms at any given moment, which indicates a convoluted mess of lies. What began with flu-like symptoms, and respiratory compromise has spread to pages upon pages of symptoms, all meant to cause everyone to believe that they may have ‘Covid.’ Could this have been a way to coax many more people to test with the useless PCR in order to falsely and purposely inflate the number of cases? This seems logical to say the very least.

People are getting sick, and are expressing symptoms that are much more akin to radiation poisoning than to any virus. They are also succumbing to the horrible effects of isolation and stress, to the fact that our immune systems due to government policies and mandates are being compromised beyond repair, and to many other outside factors. But most of these are not symptoms that indicate a virus is present, so is this by design? In my opinion, this was planned and gamed out long ago, and much evidence supports this claim. It is being used strictly as the impetus for the “Great Reset” of humanity. While sicknesses, some horrible and unique in nature, are occurring, the total death numbers are still the same or less than the past few years. This fact alone contradicts the entire ‘Covid’ narrative, and certainly exposes that no pandemic is present, and never has been present.

This is psychological and physical warfare against the people, but it is more than that. Certain sectors of our population are being targeted, and this includes the old and infirmed, all those with chronic health problems, including mental disabilities, regardless of age, and those with highly compromised immune systems. This should be obvious to all due to the fact that the state has chosen this highly compromised portion of society to be the first to be injected with an unproven, untested, mRNA, gene altering, and toxic and poisonous vaccine. The agendas sought are evil in intent and evil in delivery. The numbers of deaths falsely claimed as ‘Covid’ could certainly increase with this agenda of vaccinating the weakest among us. Will these additional deaths have been considered and planned in advance? Does this plot include the possibility of eliminating that part of society that is most dependent on government, and that is the biggest drain on this government created debt-ridden economy? Is population control alive and well in America and the world? I do not think this arguable, and in fact, many members of our older populations have already been the victims of state murder.

The agendas sought by those in power are sinister in nature. This has to be because the primary agenda of the state is always based on gaining money, power, and control over humanity. With that known objective in mind, each and every step along the way will be incrementally pursued and always detrimental to the population at large. This will continue until the people are so weak that they will accept even the most blatant of lies, and become willing to acquiesce to the most ludicrous, harmful, and dehumanizing orders, laws, and mandates demanded by the state tyrants. Once this stage is reached, the final push can be attempted and likely achieved. We are heading into the final stage in this country today, and 2021 will be the year that Americans decide whether to be free or to be slaves to this corrupt and heinous system of rule.

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