This is how the Nazis and Communists attack and kill the weak and poor and “disabled”off first with vaccines. A SIMILAR METHOD WAS USED IN THE GAS CHAMBERS OF THE HOLOCAUST

Jews in Germany before WWII did not think that when their guns were first required to be “registered” that soon those guns would be taken from them. Those same innocent Jewish people, who were German citizens, had no idea that after their guns were confiscated, they would be ordered to “move” to Ghettos reserved for them, and with other people “like them.” It was official Nazi policy to hate the Jews. They had been ostracized in the media’s propaganda (think leaflets, posters and films) as a burden on society in so many ways.

The German people were hand fed a specific people to hate (think White Americans and non-vaxxers today). Hitler gave them a scapegoat. The “dirty” rat Jews. The populace took the bait.

Next, those millions of Jews were shipped by train from the Ghettos to the Concentration camps. This would be their final resting place. Hitler’s pharmaceutical “right arm” created toxic vaccines made of chemical concoctions, and they injected those chemicals into Jewish children’s arms, just to see what would happen. Of course they died, after being tortured and abused.

The Jewish people weren’t dumb, they just didn’t realize what registering guns first meant, and eventually they all got slow-walked into the gas chambers, that were filled with insecticide poisons, some of which are still used in chemotherapy today. The Jews were told it was a big group shower, and they walked into these warehouses where the Nazi’s pumped in gas instead of hot water, and that’s where about 1/6th of the 6 million Jews died.

This presentation PROOVES WITHOUT DOUBT that America is in for a major fight that will put you and your family in the firing line, literally… So make sure you watch this presentation while it’s still online…

The reason why you should pay attention now is that is because these techniques don’t come from books, they’re taken from actual 21st century warzones, from lawless states where social chaos is the name of the game… … and where not having enough time or money to prepare doesn’t stop real-world preppers from creating virtually impenetrable defenses for their families.

When other Jews got off the trains, they were shot in the head twice, or if they had some skills that could help Hitler’s military forces, they were then given jobs. Then, they were all starved, slowly, to death. Hitler had fluoride put in the water to keep the Jews weak, so they couldn’t rebel or escape.

When ammonia is mixed with bleach, it becomes toxic like mustard gas. You can find ammonia mixed with bleach in commercial cigarettes. Most white foods today are bleached. Most red meat is treated with ammonia to kill the E. coli. The pesticides sprayed on nearly all conventional crops and produce is manufactured by Bayer (Monsanto), the SAME evil Bayer that headed up part of the pharma conglomerate known as I.G. Farben in Nazi Germany.

Vaccines contain horrible contaminants from around the planet that should NEVER be injected into human bodies. There is no safe amount of mercury that can be injected, whether ethyl or methyl. No human, especially Jews after what happened in Germany, should be slow-walked into getting vaccines that alter your genes to produce proteins and prions that mimic deadly viruses. Think about it for a minute. Let it sink in. Pharma. Nazi. Chemo. Hitler. Chemical Pesticides. Bayer. Gas Chambers. GMO. Covid-19. Protein payload and mRNA Vaccines.


Notice that Covid-19 mainly attacks the “impaired” Americans, who’s immune systems are dysfunctional and weak from prescription medications, fluoridated water, mercury in flu shots and genetically modified, pesticide-laden, highly processed and nutrient-dead food (mainly all conventional food that’s not organic). These same people’s body’s are compromised while fighting off cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia.

This is how the Nazis and Communists (Biden’s CCP Regime) attack and kill the weak and poor and “disabled” off first (remember the nursing home Covid killings in New York also here), with vaccines. This is Covid-19, the virus engineered in a lab to take out the weak, the “useless.” Both the virus and the vaccines are engineered to take out the weak, over time, but only a few years, not decades.

This is another careful slow-walk of the prisoners to the gas chambers, but now it’s to the vaccine centers for re-education of your cells, so they will now make your body cancerous while slowly clogging your blood. Eventually, you either go mad or die from a heart attack or stroke, and it’s always blamed on the scapegoat, which is now Covid-any-number-variant-year.

That’s right, after the Jews of the Holocaust arrived at the kill centers, all babies, kids, handicapped people, the elderly and pregnant women were selected for execution, because they couldn’t help Hitler’s military get stronger.

If you don’t want history to repeat itself, like another Holocaust, then don’t give up your guns, don’t eat pesticide-laden food, don’t drink tap water, and please, do not get repeatedly vaccinated as part of an extremely dangerous “medical experiment” big pharma is heading up.


“Zyklon B” was the name for the chemical-based insecticide pellets that the Nazi guards dropped into the air shafts of the gas chambers. It was also used to kill insects and rats, coincidentally, the latter being the nickname for all Jews, demeaning them to make them believe they have no value whatsoever, like the vaccinated are influenced to do to the “unvaccinated” today in America. You can find the same rat poison ingredients in several prescription blood thinner medications today. Coincidence?

We are the new burden on society, even though we are pro-science. We are the new ‘lepers’ – the non-vaxxers who know what these vaccines really mean. Seize them! In German it’s Ergreife sie! Send them off to the FEMA camps to be … wait for it… force vaccinated “for the greater good.”

The Covid vaccines are causing blood clots and inflamed hearts all around the world. The mass media, like Hitler’s propaganda, are covering it all up. Meanwhile, people who don’t vaccinate are the new scapegoats, who are “unworthy of life” and are to blame for any spreading of the deadly disease, that one they made in a lab and that kills off the weak. See the pattern yet?


Less than a century ago, in October of 1939, Hitler began executing everyone who was impaired as he considered them “unworthy of life.” Hitler had “consultants” who decided who was to be executed, after visiting hospitals and retirement homes. Kids with autism, even slightly, were marked for death. Someone missing a finger, hand or foot, selected for death. It was a euthanasia program sponsored by carbon monoxide gas and Zyklon B–the cyanide-based pesticide.

If Hitler could choose his weapons of mass destruction today, they would be bio-weapons disguised as inoculations. Are you “marked for death?” Do you have mad cow disease from the Nazi vaccines?

Visit if you already got a toxic Covid jab or two and you are experiencing side effects, blood clots or other adverse events. Then tune your internet frequency to for updates on these crimes against humanity being delivered under the guise of inoculation. Also visit Visit PharmaDeathClock for more information and validated statistics about the tragedies along the Allopathic “train” on which 200 million Americans ride.

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27 thoughts on “This is how the Nazis and Communists attack and kill the weak and poor and “disabled”off first with vaccines. A SIMILAR METHOD WAS USED IN THE GAS CHAMBERS OF THE HOLOCAUST

  1. I agree and 2nd this article. Prophecy is pattern, a replay in type of history with a ramping up of intensity of destruction & death till the end of this age, which is close at hand.


  2. “This is how the NAZIS” .. This = lack of credibility. Also, there were no “Gas Chambers”. Nobody Died from being gassed, ever. This is called “atrocity propaganda” and was used in WWI for 1914-1919 just after the war and it didn’t sell either but the the most gullible and simple minded. The 6 million is nonsense also. It is Talmudic, that required “6” or “va” to be lost before the land is returned. Horse manure. There weren’t 6 million ethnic jews in all occupied Europe. Stop it with the childish “NAZI!” nonsense. Also, The Communist revolution in Czarist Russia in 1917 was a JEWISH movement. Ethnic Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews financed and executed it after the failed revolution in 1905. WWI weakened and distracted Europe and Czarist Russia to the point where the Bolsheviks secured a successful victory where they previously failed. Jewish Bolshevism (Communism-Marx was a Jew) was starting to sweep Germany and all Europe when Germany crush the Jewish movement for a time where the Czar failed. Even losing the war Germany stopped Communism from reaching the English Channel.


      1. Before you make a comment like that research history of the Jews. Even Jesus rebuked them they say they are Jews but are not


      2. Semetic is of the middle East, so no. He is not. The shot is genocide and there never was a released bioweapon. The weapon is just the shot.


      3. Thus saith a devotee of the synagogue of Satan…dumb-ass bitch..!!!!

        You want proof that today’s so call jews are of Satan’s seed line..ok..!!!

        What happened in the Garden of Eden..was not a case of Eve eating an apple…she got LAID by Satan in his effort to corrupt GOD the Creator’s established seed line perfection…the result = Cain (devil spawn)…Eve really liked sex now, so Adam had a go at it and the result = Able…..
        God didn’t like Cain and favored Able for obvious reasons…Cain was envious and murdered his brother…
        God confronted Cain, who finally admitted to his crime…and marked him, Cain fled the garden and procreated with others not included in the paradise of Eden…

        Fast forward to the Schoefield bible fraud, where Satan’s seed line is / are elevated to self “chosen status” and the so called “star of David” is created (actually the star of Ramphen sp?)

        Still with me? Draw that star on a piece of paper…count the number of points =6…
        Count the number of small triangles around the perimeter =6
        Count the number of sides to the inner hexagram =6
        Align the 3 numbers horizontally =666
        …hello, recognize that number..???????????????????????????

        Lastly, go to your local library, source the reference section…select either the Encyclopedia Judicia or the World Jewish Encyclopedia…select the volume “J”….open to the word “JEW”…and there you will read within the first 2 paragraphs the follow sentence…(and I quote)…We are the descendants of the “Pharisees”…

        …in their own book, in their own words they confirm what Jesus Christ told us in the Gospels…(paraphrasing)…”Ye are of your father, the devil etc….”
        …they’re the synagogue of Satan…and hence the enemies of GOD…and of men who believe GOD the Father and his Son(Christ)…

        I rest my case, Susan…prove me wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      4. It is because of stupida^& people like you that this nation is in so much trouble. You let them in the front door. There is a reason they were booted from 109 countries and you are the result of their handiwork you stupid ignorant bitch


    1. Well, loose Jar lid. You’re pretty wrong about a lot of things you mentioned, It really makes me wonder if you ever took history or went to any of the places that still exist, or have read many accounts of people’s lives during the rule of Hitler. Sir, you really need to extract your cranium from your sphincter and clean the fecal matter from your mouth and nose. I have been to the places of death that existed in Europe. I lived in Germany as a kid and as an adult. I think your lack of believing the things that really did occur will happen again like it is starting to occur now. I suggest if you know Jesus, and own a firearm you better hold tight to both, because you will soon need them. I know where two internment camps are and they are starting up activation as we sit.


    2. Wow… are you the most stupid person alive or what?? Ever visit the Holocaust Museum in D.C.?? I guess all those pictures are from some movie or something. General Eisenhower MADE Germans look at what was going on at their local Jew kill centers. Many American soldiers and Allies saw the evidence with their own eyes. Ever read the book “The Hiding Place”? The author chronicles how when she was in a camp her parents and sister were killed. I could go on and on. If you’re serious you’re to be pitied as you’re despicable and totally uninformed.


    3. Come on man, surely you jest. I myself was 50/50 whether the 6 million story was true or not as my Dad strongly doesnt believe it. However, i have been to Germany numerous times and visited the Dachau camp. I saw the gas chamber, the ovens, and the countless photos of them being used and the piles of bodies.
      i’ve been to western europe, central europe, and eastern europe. My last trip being Ukraine and also Russia for nearly 7 weeks. Having met many people in Russia, and Ukraine particularly and hearing their stories, i have no doubt about the 6 million number which i would agree is an approximation, although i believe is fairly accurate. You have some true points in regards to Czarist Russia but you’re mistaken friend about other points


      1. Hey dopey At auschwitz the plaque said 4 million died then it was changed 1.5 million but the tally still says 6 millinon. Are they just bad at math or is it that the victors(small hats) wrote the history? It is your fault and people like you that this country is in so much trouble. You are too lazy to do a little math


      1. I’m guessing you believe 2 stars collided, then after billions of years hey presto we have different types of animals, the weather, humans, individual dna and fingerprints.
        Its not the religion that is a curse, its sinful man. We’ve been sinning since Adam and Eve


  3. Sounds like you get it. Couldn’t have said it better myself. History repeats itself. Why can’t people see it?


    1. They have been lulled to sleep and dumbed down by the infiltrators, like the holocaust, not many people did anything because they didn’t think all that would happen, just like today, they don’t see the writing on the wall!


      1. Because there are so many spinless men (beta and omega males) who are cowards and refuse to org. groups and resist like the German and Stalin prisoners in the camps. Forty % of adults (maybe more) are functionally illiterate. Less than 10% of adults in the U.S. are informed on globalist agendas, the W.E.F.,agenda 2030, depopulation(Ga. guidestones) etc. and maybe half those will stand up , org. and fight back in their communities. Politician scum are bribed to vote leftist bills esp. congress, corruption in St. dept, Dept Justice esp. We have been conquered by a Marxist coup. Voting is a circus, accomplishing nil since W. Wilson onward. (know your history folks, schools no longer teach it).


  4. Just remember that All Commies & NAZIs are Kuntz & All Kuntz can be beaten with logic & if that doesn’t work beat them with Fists, Bats, Crowbars, Clubs, Axes, Swords, Hatchets, Canes, Rebar, Tree Branches, Bottles, Rocks, Golf Clubs, Sledgehammers, Table Legs, Barstools, Poolsticks, Rubber Hoses, Truncheons, Whips, Chains, Tow Rope, Machetes, Brass Knuckles, Blackjacks, Billy Clubs & I didn’t even mention the Good Stuff!


  5. There was no virus. There is NO need for a vaccine (none work anyway), there was no need for lockdowns. I think you call it taking the bait – hook, line, and sinker.

    You guyz couldn’t have done a more perfect job for them. They must be laffing all the way to the bank.


  6. No gas chambers and it’s called the HOAXACOST. Just another article to use NAZIS vs WWII German Army. But, it never ends. Ha. Sorta silly to gas and burn slave labor Jews on their first day at the LABOR KAMPS! Huh? Your endless whining does not add up, does it? Waa waaaa WAAAHHH!


    1. You’re obviously too young and uneducated to know anything about Nazis or gas chambers.

      When you finally grow up and learn something then feel free to comment intelligently.


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