Communism And Depopulation In America: WE ARE HEADING TO TOTAL TYRANNY

I once had a favorite meme I would push out as kind of a tongue-in-cheek that said “When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals”. Seemed pretty funny at the time.

Today, not so funny. In fact, what we are experiencing is very real.

Let’s take a look at the definition of tyranny according to

  1. An oppressive or severe form of government
  2. An unrestrained use of authority or power
  3. A state ruled by, or government of, an absolute ruler
  4. Excessive severity
  5. Cruel and unfair treatment by someone in authority

What we lack in the world, not just the United States, is a system of checks and balances. Governments are out of control as they care very little about the laws they have established unless it relates to you the citizen, and they certainly give complete disregard for the voting system as we are finding out they have been manipulating the outcomes to meet their agenda for quite some time.

Our rights to free speech are all but gone and our ability to assemble peacefully is now seen as extremism. Think about it for a minute, when Patriots assemble to voice their concern, they have to worry that either the assembly will be infiltrated by people seeking to create a negative image of them, or those same people causing violence, thus putting Patriots front and center as targets by their own government.

Most Americans think our medical system is the same as other 1st world countries… That’s what I used to think… But in fact, our medical system is a “ticking bomb” waiting to “explode”!

The #1 Killer In Any Crisis Is Disease And Infection

And it doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake, terrorist attack or the collapse of the dollar. One of the first things to kill most people in a crisis is an illness or disease

By now, if you haven’t been vaccinated for Covid, then you know that the vaccine is much more dangerous than the virus. In fact, if you know anything about anything they put in vaccines today, then you know that Covid was just an excuse for ushering in communism in America, and a depopulation scheme that’s got 150 million people set up like bowling pins, getting ready for the “big knockdown.”

Most important to realize, and it’s not too late for the unvaccinated, is that the spread of fear of Covid was needed to establish government authority initially, that way they could further violate our constitutional rights and order us around — to wear masks all day, social distance, shut down our businesses and only buy products from huge corporations that fund the fake war on Covid-19.

It’s a fake war, and “they” (Democrats, CCP and Globalists running DC) want your support.

You see, governments all prefer populace support for a war, whether it’s a kinetic war, a fake war on “terror,” or a fake war against a “killer virus.” The irony of it all is that this time the enemy isn’t foreign at all; in fact, it’s every American.

There’s always a cover for the real insidious agenda. There has to be for everyone to buy in. Of course, 9/11 was cover for Halliburton’s embezzling of $5 billion and the constitution-and-privacy-crippling Patriot Act. The War in Afghanistan was cover for the US takeover of the opium trade for the heroin-based epidemic of highly-addictive, health-destroying prescription painkillers.

Now, Covid-19 and the Delta Variant are cover for a communist takeover of America and the depopulation/ sterilization campaign that can wipe out at least 50 percent of the US populace with one “booster” shot. Call it the “kill switch.”

10 Steps To Tyranny

  1. Create a new human disease (virus) that kills off the weak and immune-compromised (complete).
  2. Spread Covid-19 around the planet (complete).
  3. Create “vaccines” for that virus that cause blood clots and life-threatening myocarditis (complete).
  4. Spread so much fear about Covid that at least 70 percent of the planet (or at least the USA) gets inoculated (only at 50 percent now).
  5. Spread fear-mongering propaganda of a new “variant” (called Delta) that’s even “more deadly” and “more contagious” than the original virus (just begun).
  6. Blame all vaccine injuries and deaths on the new “Delta Variant” (just beginning).
  7. Require every vaccinated person to get their “Delta Variant” inoculation, which either instructs the recipient’s cells to produce billions of toxic protein prions that drive the patient insane and cause heart failure, or the vaccine contains the ultimate “payload” of virus-mimicking pathogenic proteins that overdose the recipients’ immune systems, killing them.
  8. A new mass event “occurs” that cripples all communication between the populace, and the Chinese Communists start “herding” in from our southern border.
  9. Another mass shooting event “occurs” that’s made to look like a Trump supporter who is “anti-vaccine” and right-wing extreme.
  10. All guns are confiscated from all remaining, unvaccinated Americans and the Republic is lost.

Communism And Depopulation In America Come Under The Guise Of Being “Patriotic” And Accepting Your Own Vax-Termination Out Of Fear Of Covid-19 And Its Variants

Getting vaccinated to death is considered “patriotic” because the country is being run by communists right now, who want to eliminate at least 3/4ths of Americans using domestic bio-terrorism (deadly vaccines) and move a billion Chinese here from China.

Just as Hitler used propaganda to sell his motives as helpful for society and Germany’s economy, the CDC and CCP are “selling” everyone on vaccines, masks, social distancing and lockdowns, in an effort to end America as we know it. That’s why Joe Biden just told everybody that Americans getting vaccinated is the most patriotic thing you can do.

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12 thoughts on “Communism And Depopulation In America: WE ARE HEADING TO TOTAL TYRANNY

  1. “Hitler used propaganda to sell his motives as helpful for society and Germany’s economy”

    You people always do this. In point of fact, Hitler brought Germany out of a crippling depression and made it a world leader with a thriving economy.

    Also, what do you propose to counter this communist takeover? Should we “conserve” extra hard? What a joke. There is nothing left to conserve. You can’t beat extremism by being a milquetoast who still thinks the Third Reich were the bad guys.

    The real bad guys from WWII won and are still here. They’re the ones threatening us now. And they’re the ones who have taught you everything you think you know about Hitler. There’s a reason they demonize Hitler as they do, and it’s not because they’re honest. It’s because they know that’s our antidote.

    But whatever, right? Carry on. Pray harder. That’ll work.


    1. Hitler was a bad guy too. Grandson of a Rothschild and received his Nazi party money from the “Family” just as Lenin did. He wasn’t anti-semitic because he was one quarter Jewish. There were over 10,000 German officers who were Jewish including the second in command of the Luftwaffe, Air Marshal Erhard Milch. Hitler led Germany to oblivion. Had he listened to Guderian, bypassed Leningrad for Archangel, and not wasted time at Stalingrad by concentrating his forces on capturing the Caucasus oilfields (the most productive at that time, now it’s Siberia), he would have beaten the Russian communists. Instead he fired Guderian. He made other mistakes as well. England had to be invaded and Gibraltar had to captured. He did make the trains run on time, created the Autobahn, built the Volkswagen, and quit paying the weregild to the “Allies”. A Jewish war fought by Christians for the benefit of Jews.


      1. Spot on! It seems like few learn from history. I wonder how many people reading this were: rah! rah! rah! On to Afghanistan! in the fall of 2001. Being outspoken against that war was a very lonely place, as I remember well. There is only one way out and through this crisis…follow Christ Jesus. He will lead the way, if you trust and have faith. So many times these past 31 years, I have looked death in the face, but faith gave me courage to go on…It works. I’m still here…when all the odds suggested I should have died years ago.


    2. Alternative independent media pretending to be against government tyranny & evil. But in reality they are nothing but sell out controlled opposition limited hangout J cucking shills for Israel & J Marxist Communist agenda who only criticize the Chinese/CCP & German/Nazis; and write op/eds conflating the Holohoax and evil Nazi fairy tales with the persecution of the unvaccinated who refuse their J jabbing poisons. These crypto J agents within alternative independent media are using this discrimination against the unvaccinated as a golden opportunity to continuously promote more Holohoax J psy-ops propaganda to keep the Goys brainwashed. America is so done.


    3. Tristan Rogers, I am impressed. Not many people have been able to shake off their brainwashing about Hitler, who was vilified by the Allied propagandists as “the world’s most evil man” when he was in fact quite the opposite. Everything we’ve been taught about Hitler is wrong, and for very good reason. Hitler stood up to the cabal of ruling sociopaths and nearly succeeded in freeing Germany from their clutches. They are indeed the ones threatening us now, exactly as you say. Bravo for digging deep enough to see beyond the matrix of deception that surrounds us.


      1. Chico: Hitler was devoted to Germany avoiding a repeat of the Bolshevik revolution in Germany. The fact that few in the west know anything about the brutality and mass murder of the Bolsheviks but can indeed quote chapter and verse the story of the little Jewish girl hiding out in attic spaces, that speaks for itself as to who’s really in control and lording over us all.


      2. World Jewry and J racist supremacy is killing off America and the globe with their CONVID and experimental death jabs. Js are the ones leading the way at the very forefront of the development and promotion of these spike protein graphene oxide vaccines that unfortunately will injure and kill many of our friends and family members. Americans have been so easily brainwashed and controlled by their Holohoax Hollywood mainstream media lies and propaganda. It’s time that Judeo Christians and conservatives wake up to these facts. We have no more time to waste. This is a planned human depopulation Eugenics / Bolshevik Marxist Communist dictatorship subjugation agenda led by rich and powerful elite globalist Js. Peeps need to learn who and what these cancerous parasites are, and the “existential threat” they pose to us and our families.


  2. They (the communist satanist pagans) just ordered all our military (including reserves) they must get vaccinated. This is beyond lunacy. THIS IS SATANIC!

    IF this happens get ready for the screaming of your entire neighborhood as the enemy of all types invade and run rampant. Lunatics, criminals, Chinese and Russian army, Mexican drug cartels. We will be all open to them to come steal, wape, and plunder.


  3. AMERICA WAS LOST LONG AGO,,THE COMMIES are in clean up,ode now,THE LORD cqlled and called the MEN TO STAND UP AND TAKE DOWN THE DEVILS IN THE GOVERNMENT,the MEN refused to do as the LORD commanded them to,THEY SAID WE WILL NOT HARKEN TO YOUR COM<MAD,WE LOVE SATANS WOLFPACK AND ALL HIS MINIONS,the LORD TOLD THEM "SO BE IT"I WOLL REMOVETHE NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH,so now you all know whats coming in the future,the lost of everything,YOU GUYS aren't to smart are you,being a COWARD was the last straw with the LORD ,you have SEVEN PLAGUES coming and FIVE YEARS OF WAR,it'll be a bloodbath too..BUT Byou couldn't be talked out of it,995% of the men will be joining their demonic friends in hell..SMART choice,america is a country thats gone completely insane..AND A DANGER TO THE ENTIRE WORLD..they'll be coming shortly to deal with you..


  4. You’re right on target, Tristan Rogers, and I fully agree. Adolf Hitler was elected in 1933, the same year the Marxist FDR was elected in the US. Hitler restored Germany’s economy in 5 years or less, putting men to work with good wages (One of his best projects was the Autobahn). He also gave workers vacations during the summer.
    On the other hand, FDR did nothing to restore America’s economy; instead, he did the exact opposite .. He shut the economy down, which left millions of workers out of a job (the Great Depression). He hated Hitler’s Germany and surrounded himself with Bolsheviks in his administration.
    Today, Dementia Joe Biden surrounded himself with Bolsheviks in his administration. He hates Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Xi Jingping’s China. Unlike FDR, Biden’s a total incompetent idiot who cheated big time in the 2020 presidential election. He’s nothing but a blabbering idiot who cannot put a sentence together. Every time he gives a speech, it always turns into a WORD SALAD. Even the Kamal, who also isn’t smart, is stepping away from him.


  5. Yes Hitler was elected but he was also appointed by the president to form a coalition government to restore order and make Germany great again. Was Hitler a Rothschild? No freaking way! He was an enemy of the same and an enemy of all the PC groups who turned Germany into a communist whore house. Money in Germany could not be gold or silver because the WW1 allies and the Jews grabbed it as a part of reparations and national socialists didn’t go for debt slavery therefore money was not lent into existence. Government created currency on the basis of an hours work mental or physical is the collateral for one Mark. As long as people worked currency could be created to pay for it and lending at usury was a crime because it is against divine law to lend to your own people at interest or a lease rate. Real estate ownership was considered to be a good thing but real estate profiteering was a crime because it makes life impossible for the people therefore homes are not an investment and the government would make affordable homes available to married couples and for every child born in the first ten years the zero percent mortgage debt would be reduced by 25% so that by the time the fourth child was born the mortgage would be expunged and the family would own the home. The thinking is look after nation and race first and that doesn’t include those who are not organic to the peoples community and nation. Those people or foriegners were considered guests or tourists but not Germans and could not be full citizens if citizens at all. For america if the same standard were applied 100% white european people would be deemed to be citizens and the rest guests, tourists or repatriated and the white european genotype would be preserved.
    The concept and practice of miscegenation for Germans followed the biblical standard which was prohibition.
    Mixing diverse kinds of species or races was proscribed as it was messing with biology, destroying a race and inviting religious subversion. Nicolaitanism which the lord hates at its worst. Nicolaitanism is a heresy that involves idolatry, compromise and tolerance. The very things being promoted by the PC crowd today.
    Were the NSDAP gun grabbers? Nope! They were soldiers and christians and sought to relax the gunlaws enacted by the jewish communist factions running Germany during the Weimar republic. Thou shalt not steal or covet thy neighbors goods! That includes guns or anything else.

    Things are not evil but the PC crowd most certainly are and that is why they wound up in prison camps until they were either reformed and converted or perished. Do not confuse punishing crime with committing crime. They are not the same.


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