Dark Winter is actually a die-off plan to exterminate humanity, and the vectors of attack against human beings include mass vaccination genocide, engineered food supply collapse leading to mass starvation

The so-called Dark Winter is actually a die-off plan to exterminate humanity, and the vectors of attack against human beings include mass vaccination genocide, engineered food supply collapse (leading to mass starvation), financial sector disruptions and an accelerating supply collapse of energy (gasoline, natural gas) needed to heat homes, make fertilizer and power transportation.

We are also watching in horror as this accelerating collapse bleeds into shipping and delivery companies (like Fedex) who are just about on the brink of suspending major services due to a lack of competent workers.

Meanwhile, 70+ container ships are stacked up outside the Los Angeles port, as criminal governors like Newsom deliberately worsen the supply line restrictions by enforcing senseless covid lockdowns that deprive the ports of desperately needed workers.

The traitors in charge are squeezing off all the chokepoints of infrastructure that keep human beings alive.

If they succeed, they will quickly plunge America (and other nations) into third world conditions of mass famine, destitution, homelessness, violence and despair. And have you noticed how quickly this is all materializing?

This is all by design, and it’s accelerating by the day

You are probably already noticing the grocery shortages that are rapidly spreading across North America. Grocers, school districts and food manufacturers that typically order large quantities of food supplies are seeing their orders cut by up to 50% in terms of actual delivery. At the commercial level, in other words, the food supply has already collapsed by nearly 50%. This is only now beginning to trickle into the retail sector of the food industry, where grocers are desperately trying to fill empty shelves with something — anything — just to avoid looking like they’re out of stock.

Most Americans think our medical system is the same as other 1st world countries… That’s what I used to think… But in fact, our medical system is a “ticking bomb” waiting to “explode”!

The #1 Killer In Any Crisis Is Disease And Infection

And it doesn’t matter if it’s an earthquake, terrorist attack or the collapse of the dollar. One of the first things to kill most people in a crisis is an illness or disease

Under Biden and the covid tyrants, America is being rapidly transformed into Venezuela. This is not a coincidence. Yet many Americans are still stuck in denial, pretending things will all just “get back to normal” if enough people take deadly spike protein injections.

Today Joe Biden claimed that 98% of Americans would need to get vaccinated before we can return to normal. It’s obvious they’re gearing up to enforce vaccine mandates at gunpoint to try to hit that 98% target, at which point they will of course blame the remaining 2% for all the post-vaccine injuries and deaths among the 98%.

Remember when the goal was just 70%? Remember when we were told that “herd immunity” would protect us if we could get the majority of people vaccinated? Now that’s been thrown out the window, right along with the concept of natural immunity which the insane left-wing media now calls a “dangerous theory.”

Each booster shot, of course, is designed to destroy another 25% of your immune system’s response capability (white blood cells, mostly). Listen to this nurse explain how the boosters are designed to obliterate your immune response: https://www.brighteon.com/embed/a7668819-a224-4cbe-9b19-06e743ea59d7

This winter, all the factors combine to achieve a mass die-off

If the anti-human globalists are able to pull off their plans, we will see millions of Americans dead over the next six months alone. Potential defenses against this assault include ivermectin, food preparedness, self-reliance and so on, so spread the word about these important truths to help save lives.

With far too many sheeple still going along with the vaccine mandates and mask requirements, what globalists have now confirmed is that 90% of humanity is incredibly easy for them to kill. Most people have zero backup food supplies, no backup water storage, no ability to produce their own food, no means of self-defense, no backup communications, etc. I cover this in a short podcast update today (this is not the main podcast, the full one is below:


Thus, globalists cutting off food, fuel, power and banking transactions for a mere 90 days would likely achieve a huge die-off — perhaps 70% of the population or so, since the masses are completely oblivious to even the most basic survival skills. As you’ll notice, the food supply is being cut off right now. The power grid is being shut off in China. Fuel supplies are collapsing in the UK. Hospitals are collapsing to the point where National Guard troops are now being deployed to replace the health care workers who were fired for refusing to get jabbed. (See this video on We Are Change.)

The State of New York is expected to declare a state of emergency due to these hospital staffing shortages — all of which the government caused itself!

Meanwhile, the Evergrande Ponzi scheme in China is already spreading like a contagion to other property developers, while non-China bond holders have already been told they will never get paid what they are owed. The contagion will accelerate through the financial sector. This is bigger than Lehman Brothers. It’s way bigger than the 2008 sub-prime housing bubble collapse.

When you start combining these engineered layers of collapse: Food, energy, finance, medicine, etc., where does that lead civilization for the next several months? Right into the abyss. Expect a mass die-off. Actually, it has already begun, with left-wing media now acknowledging there is a spike in all cause mortality in 2021, but insisting it couldn’t possibly be related to covid vaccines.

How will they try to explain it away when millions are dead?

Today’s Situation Update podcast provides more answers and discussion, along with a critical message (at the very beginning) about how to make your own food grow system that works without electricity.

The link for that system, which is based on the “Kratky” paper from Hawaii, is found at this link:

It’s called, “A Suspended Net-Pot, Non-Circulating Hydroponic Method for Commercial Production of Leafy, Romaine, and Semi-Head Lettuce.”

In this short VIDEO, I will unearth A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago

In the next crisis these lost skills will be more valuable than gold, food supplies and survival equipment combined. These skills have been tested and proven to work for centuries.

Here is just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in this massive 300-page sequel (in color) to The Lost Ways:

  • A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago. This mysterious dish was just recently rediscovered by NASA who has been giving away rations of it to our brave men and women in their month-long space missions. The Incas stored it in pit holes for up to 10 years, ate it year-round, and actually used it to survive a 4 year long super-drought that wiped out their southern neighbors. So, if it managed to save the Incas centuries ago and it still works for our astronauts today, you can bet your last dollar it will keep you and your family well fed in any crisis. And the best part is that you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

39 thoughts on “Dark Winter is actually a die-off plan to exterminate humanity, and the vectors of attack against human beings include mass vaccination genocide, engineered food supply collapse leading to mass starvation

  1. Probably wasn’t a good idea for America to tolerate women’s rights and the homosexuality and witchcraft that it brings with it. But I seriously doubt that the People of Sodom and Gomorrah had any second thoughts about their actions when God brought fire down on them either.

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    1. So women shouldn’t have rights in America? Only white men, I’m guessing? While I disagree with the insanity in this country going on, the homosexual and gender bending agendas being rammed down our throats on the daily, and the government overreach lately, all citizens should have the same rights in America. Yes, even women. Geez.


      1. Women destroy.
        Greeks learned the hard way once their empire was almost ruined. They quickly rescinded women’s right to vote after a few decades.

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      2. yes

        America was founded by, and for, white men

        specifically, the only white men with a vote should be land owners.

        I do not own land currently, I am not advocating for myself

        Also no more non white immigration, it’s an act of genocide.


      3. I mean white men did build pretty much ALL of it and women and queers and he-she’s, liberal communist pukes and various other vile apes have totally Destroyed it in pretty short order – do the math.

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      4. There is no such thing as equal rights for women. It’s like communism. It is forever a goal to be achieved right up until the day it strangles men and society collapses under the weight of its own corruption, starvation and murder.

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      5. Agree about women’s rights, equal pay for equal work which is why many women go into sales like real estate, even car sales, or open their own business. If women choose to work and remain child free that too is a right. They also must register for the draft, but we haven’t had a draft because of A.I. and robotics. Parents that hate what they are teaching in public schools need to pull their kids out now. Much insanity LGBT that even some churches condone.

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      6. Look at it this way. If you want to control and then destroy a country you need to have women voters because it very difficult to instill fear in a male population but easy in the women. So you simply create something to be fearful about and then you have the votes to take away ever more freedoms. Also look at what happens to jurisdictions like cities, states and whole countries that are run by women. Everyone is treated like an errant child and subjected to tyranny by the mother because she’s fearful and its for your own good. There are a few exceptions but not many.

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      7. VEDA means knowledge. The real knowledge is in the VEDAS. Manu Samhita gives the laws for mankind. Sadly, today people in general rely on speculative imperfect knowledge, and ignore the VEDA.

        In Vedic Society a woman is not given independence every. Always a woman is being protected by a man, father, husband and sons. This is a great necessity. The function of women and men are different. That is natural.

        Sex is for pro-creation within marriage; it is a great responsibility to raise children. We are not dogs and cats, are we?

        Thankfully, I met His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1969 and became his disciple. He has given us the perfect knowledge from the VEDA and we are not living in fear, or bewilderment. We know who we are, why we are here, where we came from, and where we are going. We know the body is a vehicle made of matter and we are the eternal life force that makes the body seem alive. We do not just know this; we realize it practically.


    2. Proposing witch trials, are we, Jay? How enlightened of you! Do us all a favor and build yourself a time capsule and transport yourself back to about the 16th Century, would you? You would fit right in. Go away.


      1. Witch Trial? Leave Hitlery out of this. No need to time travel when you could just hop on over to the no-go Muzzi neighborhood and be instantly transported back to the 7th century where the enlightened population will introduce you to Sharia justice…ironic isn’t it in modern America.


      2. “An erudite and lively compendium of Jewish magical beliefs, practices, texts, and individuals…This superb, comprehensive encyclopedia belongs in every serious library.”
        —Richard M. Golden,
        Jewish Studies Program, University of North Texas,
        editor of the Encyclopedia of Witchcraft: The Western Tradition


      3. Well, now that you mention it, witch trials might not be a bad idea. But then again, now that witches run the judicial system, where would we find an honest judge to carry out such trials?

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    1. I’m careful not to give dates. But nothing that is happening is a surprise some of us. we have prepared accordingly for what is happening and what is about to come. From your comment it sounds like your family will suffer. I hope you have the class to tell them you’re sorry, you thought it was all a conspiracy theory. Conspiracy it is, absolutely! But you’ve drink the Kool-Aid. One nice thing about what a controlling Elite have done. They are eliminating the sheeple. Soon they’ll be no one left who will follow.

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    1. That 4 min. video on covid shots and boosters says it all, only morons take these shots-those that can’t think for themselves and lack left brain function. That was depressing enough. They don’t trust their own immune systems, yet full trust in leaders that lie and deceive 24/7.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Perfectly said Laura. Sadly, it is most of the planet that lacks brain tissue to understand what is going on. I watch in pain everyday as people are proudly boasting about the types of jabs they are getting. Fortunately in my own family, no one has succumbed to the pressure yet.


  2. I agree, women shouldn’t vote. They have put in some of the most heinous men in history because they guaranteed them money without a man. But you can blame men for this for not staying married and having a roving eye.

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    1. No welfare voters period, only landowners male or female. No voting for invaders from third world countries w/ IQ’s lower than a house cat who are not legal citizens..


    2. Manu Samhita says that a country ruled by a woman can never be happy. There are no female rulers in the Mahabharata, Ramayan, Srimad Bhagavatam, etc.


  3. Thanks very much Jack for embedding the article about the Net-Pot Hydroponic Method of growing lettuce. I heard about it on one of Mike Adams recent Situation Update presentations, and it intrigued me, for it seems so easy to grow lettuce (and other daily salads, and fruits too)!!! And I am starting to put together the simply parts, and hope to see it work and grow!
    It appears that almost anyone can grow food in their own home in a simply little bin. As the article stated: “A prototype for this method was a simple hydroponic growing kit in which fertilizer and water were added to a 1-gallon plastic bottle to grow a single lettuce plant, with no additional attention needed until harvest.” Wow!
    Thanks again!


  4. LIke a lettuce garden can actually feed you and keep you strong? Then the water will be cut off if all this doom talk manifests as real? Where you going to get your sunshine with no power in your doomsday scenario?


  5. I used to support womens voting rights until i found out that they vote based on emotions. Hillary won the popular vote. Talk about a witch. Ya women on average are as smart as an 11 year old boy when it comes to thinking rationally

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  6. I have been predicting it for at least thirty years. This time it is real. The supremacist “chosen” ones are doing their jew World Order they have been working on for centuries, if not millennia. Read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, Protocol 10, section 19. They said they will exhaust mankind through inoculation with diseases. Ring a bell?


  7. Can I still get taco bell, mcdonalds, and KFC when this happens? Those are the only things I eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    -signed, 80% of people under the age of 35


    1. short answer…jews. long answer…jews. Thomas Jefferson didn’t want them allowed in America…for a reason!!! Now that they own it all, they’re taking down his statues. All roads of the white genocide lead to the Christ killers.


    2. The American people got what they deserve. Apathy, ignorance and indifference has its costs. Get involved in the process or suffer the consequences of allowing these useless corrupt Communists to dictate over your lives. I have been waiting for over 40 years for the shit to hit the fan. The masses still have it too good to revolt. Let’s see what the winter will bring. Many will die being stupid of what’s going on.


  8. Hmmm, where to start? Pandemic, I done had it, It was a bad six-day flu, My thought, now that I have natural immunity, is I don’t mask, I don’t spread the disease, I most likely will not catch it again. I don’t apologize for not masking, and I pack. So far I have not had any challenges or complaints. If challenged I WILL RESIST. First by communicating my thought on the matter, then my resisting, If I am refused service, so be it. That is the right of an individual, or place of business. I will be civil, until a person becomes uncivil, or accusatory. Then I will try to communicate my position, If the uncivil person persists to be offensive, I may have to deal with them in a way that the 18″ by 1/2′ ZIP TIES will have to be removed by wire cutters. Unfortunately depending on the individual’s attitude whether it is around their wrists, or neck.
    This civil or uncivil war is coming to us. when it arrives and if there are armed military I will look at that as an unlawful invasion of my county. GOD help them, because I don’t miss. I’ve been there done that and I am not afraid to go the course. Our illeagle person who thinks he is president will eventually go to Leavenworth and hang for ; his crimes. It will happen. Just when is up to GOD, and The United States? Or a good portion of them. I honestly thinking about moving to some state like Montana, or Texas. Where real Americans live.


  9. Maybe, but I don’t see the mass die-off yet. When I see people collapsing on the street, etc., then I know it has arrived.


  10. NOT SO. China, Sinovac and sinopharm.. no side effects, India, covishield, no side effects. Russian Sputnik V, no side effects. Just suicide, dummies.


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