Up to 28th May in the UK there have now been 1,227 deaths of those vaccinated. With 40m having been given at least one vaccine (up to that date) – that is one death in every 32,000 vaccinated individuals which means that for anyone under 50 the chances of dying from the vaccine are worse than dying from catching COVID itself.

For the over a thousand vaccinated people who developed COVID after the vaccine the death rates (for the Pfizer 6.5% and for the Astra Zenecca 6.83%) were more than twice the level of deaths from COVID generally (2.8%)

COVID-19 vaccine Pfizer analysis print

from 9/12/20 to 28/5/21

Lymphadenopathy                    5,252

Blood disorders                        6,456

Myocardial infarction                     94    

Eye problems                           3,032

Death/sudden death                   149

COVID                                        671 (deaths 44) 6.5%

Spontaneous abortion                  79

respiratory disorders                7,845 (deaths 38)

total deaths to 28/5                  396

COVID-19 vaccine AstraZeneca analysis print

from 9/12/20 to 28/5/21

Lymphadenopathy                      4134

Myocardial infarction/ischaemia   276 (deaths 44)

Eye problems                          10,948  

Diarrhoea                                    7635  

Death/sudden death                     275

COVID                                          424 (deaths 29) 6.83%

Spontaneous abortion                    70

respiratory disorders                22,497

total deaths to 28/5                     831


These deaths are rather dry and clinical when stated statistically but when real individuals are listed as in the following video the full horror of deaths from these unlicensed vaccines becomes clearer:

These are 36 named USA UK AND ITALIAN citizens who have died after receiving the vaccines (majority had the Pfizer) including boxer Marvin Hagler (66) and famous TV journalist Larry King. Many were health professionals and academics – the kind of people urging others to have the vaccine. Most were young people – under 45.

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new data about COVID vaccine deaths. Officially, at least 4,647 people in the United States have died from getting injected for the Chinese Virus. This is a new 22-year record for a vaccine as far as the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) is concerned


In the USA the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) as well as other federal agencies, want to promote vaccinations and so are covering up factual data about post vaccine deaths and injuries. They openly admit their lies and cover up:

OSHA does not wish to have any appearance of discouraging workers from receiving COVID-19 vaccination, and also does not wish to disincentivize employers’ vaccination efforts. As a result, OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination through May 2022.

This is criminal behaviour – but fully in tune with Government vaccination propaganda throughout the world.

We have already seen in the UK how the Government classes as a COVID death anyone who dies in hospital who had tested positive for COVID (often on the basis of high cycle PCR tests which are now seen as invalid) within 28 days of death has been classified as a “COVID death”. But now that many deaths and injuries have followed the vaccinations the Government is not prepared to accept that they died because of the vaccine! In other words one rule for deaths for the non vaccinated (maximising the numbers) and another for deaths for the vaccinated! (minimising the numbers)

In the USA the definition of COVID cases was grossly distorted by what the White House admitted was a “liberal” definition of COVID while hospitals received $13,000 per patient if he/she was defined as a COVID case!

Once again the USA’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has been caught manipulating the data on COVID cases and deaths to increase the deaths of the unvaccinated and paint a false picture of the vaccinated:

Person A has not been vaccinated. They test positive for Covid using a PCR test at 40 cycles and, despite having no symptoms, they are officially a “covid case”.

Person B has been vaccinated. They test positive at 28 cycles, and spend six weeks bedridden with a high fever. Because they never went into a hospital and didn’t die they are NOT a Covid case.

Person C, who was also vaccinated, did die. After weeks in hospital with a high fever and respiratory problems. Only their positive PCR test was 29 cycles, so they’re NOW not officially a Covid case either.

The CDC is demonstrating the beauty of having a “disease” that can appear or disappear depending on how you measure it


Everyone has observed the increasingly authoritarian not to say fascist behaviour of the State and its agencies since this COVID crisis began with apparently democratic governments behaving like something out of Nazi Europe of the 1930s and 1940s.

Even the Government of the so-called “liberal” Boris Johnson secretly tracked 4,200 vaccinated individuals on their cell phones without their permission. Needless to say this is part of the dangerous behaviour-manipulating Government operations we noted here:

A report by the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B) admitted that government funded researchers tracked one in ten people via their phones in February, without the users’ knowledge or permission.”


We noted in the last Freenations post that by any international standards of law (Nuremburg code, Geneva Convention, Council of Europe) or medical ethics it was illegal to entice, influence, coerce or intimidate anyone to take a vaccine – especially an unlicensed experimental vaccine (as all the COVID vaccines are). But the totalitarian fascist class driving State and supranational control through this crisis have been doing just that. 

The US State of IOWA has introduced a vaccine lottery and you get entered into the system by getting vaccinated. 

AS we see from the above analysed death and serious injury statistics after vaccination it is a health lottery to take the vaccines – but now you can enter an actual lottery to “win” the right to take a health lottery!


Never have the far left totalitarians seen such an opportunity for State control, State controlled medicine, high taxes, high State spending, coercive laws and interference in the lives of the people. Here is one such writer in “The Independent”, Sean O’Grady laying down his totalitarian credentials – as one would expect from the British “Left”:

we need some new simple, guidelines: No jab, no job; no jab, no access to NHS healthcare; no jab, no state education for your kids. No jab, no access to pubs, restaurants, theatres, cinemas, stadiums. No jab, no entry to the UK, and much else.


That is the level of hysteria and political extremism which COVID fascism has brought to the UK. O’Grady would have been so happy in Soviet Russia or Hitler’s Germany. And for what? Is the evidence for the efficacy of vaccines (even if there were no dangers) so clear?


Countries with high vaccination rates have also experienced rising cases:

UK (after a fall, rising cases now running at over 5,000 new cases per day)

Serbia (big rise in cases in April)

Seychelles (the most highly vaccinated percentage in the world, now with steeply rising cases)

Czech Republic (started vaccination December, big third wave to mid March then fall in May)

Canada (now in third wave)

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  1. why isn’t this fake “vaccine’ being pulled off the market as the swine flu was for causing deaths? anyone who gets this shot of death has to be a thoroughly programmed fool.


  2. So why are media just going along with this proganda. How do we shut this down? Do we need celebrities? Who is it that people really take notice of?


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