The American Standard of Living Will Collapse Soon: For Those That Have Made The Hard Decisions And Remain Solvent, The Coming Chaos Is A Foregone Conclusion And They Are Prepared For That

Life on Planet Earth will NEVER be better than it is right here, right now, today.
Don’t believe me?  Keep reading.

It’s not only about the slow-death jab causing MITOCHONDRIAL CANCER from spike protein cytokine storms and prions sucking up the last remaining molecules of oxygen from your lungs, heart and brain over an agonizing 5 [to max 10] year period from jab to grave.  

It’s not only about the mad cow prions which are going to turn quackccinated human beings into stark-raving mad lunatics on their journey through the Land of the Walking Dead Lepers, it’s quite a lot more than that…

The sabotage ransomware hack of the Colonial Pipeline is only a miniscule dress-rehearsal for what is coming.

“What’cha gonna do” when the trucks all stop delivering food to your local grocery store or Wal-Mart?

When gasoline prices are $100 a gallon because of hyper-inflation and there are no trucks to deliver the gas to your local service station even at $10,000 a gallon?

When you can’t get to your digital wallet to get to your Bitcoins or Dogecoins anywhere because the banks and brokerage houses are all shut down because of the [not-so] great reset?  

In this short VIDEO, I will unearth A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago

In the next crisis these lost skills will be more valuable than gold, food supplies and survival equipment combined. These skills have been tested and proven to work for centuries.

Here is just a small glimpse of what you’ll find in this massive 300-page sequel (in color) to The Lost Ways:

  • A lost super-food will bulletproof you against any food shortage or famine. It’s a food that vanished with the Incas over 6 centuries ago. This mysterious dish was just recently rediscovered by NASA who has been giving away rations of it to our brave men and women in their month-long space missions. The Incas stored it in pit holes for up to 10 years, ate it year-round, and actually used it to survive a 4 year long super-drought that wiped out their southern neighbors. So, if it managed to save the Incas centuries ago and it still works for our astronauts today, you can bet your last dollar it will keep you and your family well fed in any crisis. And the best part is that you probably already have the ingredients in your kitchen right now.

When your ATM machine starts laughing at you and giving you the finger?  

When EVERYONE is unemployed whether they have been given the death jab or however many dozens of masks you are wearing on your oxygen-deprived face because there are no jobs or money to pay you with?

What are you going to do when you no longer have electricity or gas in your home, and you are freezing to death in winter or roasting in summer? [That’s why I like Southern California suburbs even though we have had idiots running the state].

How are you going to wash your face or take a shower when the water has stopped running through your pipes months ago?  You might have started to stink by now.  A lot.

What are you going to do when the electrical grid is a fading memory, and 5G becomes radioactive?  When you can’t use your cell phone to call anyone but Ghostbusters?

Where are you going to throw out your garbage because the sanitation department hasn’t picked it up in four months and you finally just ran out of trash bags?

What are you going to wipe your ass with when you used up the very last issue of the Washington Post, since you ran out of toilet paper several seasons ago?

Tell me what happens when your neighbors break into your home at gunpoint to steal that last can of Campbell’s soup you have been hoarding under your bed for the last six months?

Are you prepared to fend off roaming gangs of Walking Dead Quackccinated Maniacs who have succeeded in cannibalizing your neighbors’ children after raping them?

Sadly, you can’t call the police or dial 911 because none of your phones work, and the police not only were all defunded, but they are the part of the same angry mob you are complaining about!

Where is your local government going to stack all the dead bodies? Oh, that’s right – there IS no local government, or any government at all.  That’s nothing more than wishful thinking while you try to survive a nightmare of life-after-COVID.

Are you that much of a progressive liberal woke-tard that honestly believes that the future is looking brighter right now?  Really?

Okay, I must admit it.  There is a bright spot on the horizon.  It isn’t all doom and gloom.

The Chinese Communist Party is very patient.  It is in their DNA.  They can easily wait 10 years.  Did any of you ever ask what percentage of the 1,330,440,000 people living there have been “vaccinated”?  Is it 40%?  30%? 20%?  Wait for it …

It’s less than 1%!  And those were the guinea pigs and lab rats experimented on by Dr. Fauci’s Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China!  [And rumor has it that they have all been “pleasantly” euthanized by now to prevent a Quackccination Outbreak there!]


I am sure Bill Gates, George Soros, Tony Fauci, and the CEOs of Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and Astra-Zeneca will all be enjoying their underground bunkers in Antarctica with a lifetime of food and security forces to cook penguin stew.  But if you are not one of them, then you might consider this:

If you are planning to miraculously able to survive the coming cataclysmic planned zombie apocalypse, let me give you some heartfelt advice:

Buy at least five years’ worth of deuterium-depleted water;
Buy at least three years’ worth of toilet paper and use it sparingly;
Buy lots of canned fish and vegetables and find a place to hide or bury them;
Buy flashlights, batteries, candles and matches;
Learn the art of bartering or at least read a book on it;
[Unlike me], learn how to use an automatic weapon to protect your loved ones and your property; and:

So sorry if my post ruined your day, but as they used to tell me in the Cub Scouts [before I was molested], “BE PREPARED !”

If you’re interested in learning more old remedies, you should read The Lost Book Of Remedies.

Lost Book of Remedies pages

The physical book has 300 pages, with 3 colored pictures for every plant and for every medicine.It was written by Claude Davis, whose grandfather was one of the greatest healers in America. Claude took his grandfather’s lifelong plant journal, which he used to treat thousands of people, and adapted it into this book.

Lost Book of Remedies cover

Learn More…

16 thoughts on “The American Standard of Living Will Collapse Soon: For Those That Have Made The Hard Decisions And Remain Solvent, The Coming Chaos Is A Foregone Conclusion And They Are Prepared For That

  1. You bass turds are capitalizing on it all selling ur book. Whenever i take a look at one of ur articles,i can tell right away that it’s the sellers of The Lost Ways Book people.


    1. No, Candace. I have no book to sell. Just predicting what I already know is happening slowly but surely. It is like the frog in the pot of boiling water. Once it reaches a point of no return, it is too late. Water is getting warmer…


  2. STFU, the authors petty little diatribe isn’t helping anyone, odds are society won’t go full Mad Max however, Socialism and stupid people such as the author will be a definite liability that will need to be dealt with.


    1. You obviously are not acquainted with the plans of Klaus Schwab and Bill Gates for Global Genocide. During the “Great Reset.” all commerce, banking, and transportation of goods will cease. You can call me stupid all you want, but I am prepared for this scenario and I suggest you do the same. I abhor socialism as much as you do. But that has nothing to do with political systems, only the puppet-masters who are pulling all the strings.


  3. Stop using TWO spaces between sentences!!! And it’s “Walmart”, not “Wal-Mart” – do you ever even shop there? I do like “quackccinated”, that’s cute; I think I’ll be using it (thanks!), ‘cuz I’m tired of “shmaxxed”. And you’re correct – it will not get better. They love their new-found dictatorial powers & won’t let go.


    1. I was always taught to separate sentences with two spaces. I had very good teachers back in the day when they never even heard of critical race theory. Everybody was equal back then.


  4. Steve , good article. We are headed in the same direction. I finally got tired of being the town crier and being called doom and gloom… so I will kikk back and watch the world turn, and you and I know how it will turn..

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I have a house that I stay in for about half the year in Mexico. It is in a pretty desolate place except for the other people who live there along with family. I am just one of five other Americans. We sometimes have no light for up to six weeks, and we are all able to live like the old days. We keep the beer cold during the day by putting water in the coolers with the beer during the night. The coolers keep everything cold during the hot day even the meat and other perishables we want to keep cold. We have solar and a small ice machine that we use sparingly when we have no light. It’s nice to not have phones or television to keep us from interacting with each other and getting acquainted with extended family who sometimes drop by unannounced. It is actually refreshing. It is nice to have electricity when we have it too! But every one here knows that you cannot rely on it too heavily. So everyone knows how to charge up on everything and where to go to find electricity when you do need it. Also almost everyone here makes a living from the land and we help them because, first it is the right thing to do and also because we know that the day will come when we need help and we will get it. And it has happened like this before. Also the immigrants coming from the south know better than to come through these areas because they are not welcomed and will only be a hindrance to us. Those that have mistakenly thought that everyone in Mexico is disarmed and will not defend themselves, well those were the last thoughts they had. The wilderness here is very thick and very deep and one could disappear forever especially when they thought they could rape some local girls on their merry way to the states. They are not in America, we took care of them before they got there. God Bless America and Mexico. Just hope America can be free again, and if not well I will stay in Mexico until it is. Also we have no 5g or 4g or 3g we have no internet connections. We have cb radio and also have to drive to a certain location to make phone calls. It’s okay to not have any of that crap too! Didn’t need it in the last 50 years don’t really need it now.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. While I don’t like to be the bearer of bad news, I cannot live like an ostrich with my head in the sand while the world collapses all around us.


  7. While this is going to be a bit racy, consider: those with their head in the sand leave their butt up in the air where bad things will happen to it


  8. Hi Mr. Fishman,
    I agree with almost all that you wrote. I’d like to tell you I read every word & the ones that upset me the most were, “… the Cub Scouts. . “ This World is NOT under the control of Jesus Christ yet. I am praying for your healing, you are not alone although it feels like that sometimes.


  9. Thanks for reminding me of the urgency. I forgot about canned fish and to stock up so when I get fried and buried the survivors will eat my irradiated food in as my revenge. 😉


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